The 100% Pure hypocrisy of Peter Dunne



The 100% Pure hypocrisy of Peter Dunne


  1. ‘Jeez, how do you get the accent thing to go over the e?’ (hold option key and e, then e) gotcha….. Dunné
    ‘How do you get a copyright symbol?’ (press alt/option, type g) ok, so….©
    Next question…..’how is copyright possible alongside total surveillance?’
    (ask Mr G)….no answer, how strange.

  2. 100% Pure hypocrisy…. Collecting metadata on users, while complaining about the possibility that the GCSB may do the same.


  3. I hope he managed to get a good job lined up from Key for when his constituents chuck him out next election. Personally I think his hair did the voting for him. That thing seems to have a life of its own.

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