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The 100% Pure hypocrisy of Peter Dunne

By   /  August 22, 2013  /  6 Comments

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The 100% Pure hypocrisy of Peter Dunne

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  1. fambo says:

    In Peter Dunne’s mind – Doesn’t want to be spied on but happy for others to be spied on

  2. blue says:

    ‘Jeez, how do you get the accent thing to go over the e?’ (hold option key and e, then e) gotcha….. Dunné
    ‘How do you get a copyright symbol?’ (press alt/option, type g) ok, so….©
    Next question…..’how is copyright possible alongside total surveillance?’
    (ask Mr G)….no answer, how strange.

  3. *Dunne needs the scumbag steve cap in this one.

  4. Steve says:

    100% Pure hypocrisy…. Collecting metadata on users, while complaining about the possibility that the GCSB may do the same.


  5. […] of the GCSB bill, and their poll shows three-quarters of us are worried about it. PPS: With one-seat majorities for such important legislation, the election definitely wasn’t a […]

  6. Jen Longshaw says:

    I hope he managed to get a good job lined up from Key for when his constituents chuck him out next election. Personally I think his hair did the voting for him. That thing seems to have a life of its own.

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