5AA Australia: NZ Passes Controversial GCSB Electronic Spy Law

5AA's Peter Godfrey and Selwyn Manning.

In this week’s Across The Ditch bulletin Selwyn Manning and Peter Godfrey discuss how the National-led Government have managed to pass controversial electronic spy legislation into law, by only a slim majority of two votes.

The new GCSB law will enable the New Zealand Government to legally spy on its own people: citizens, permanent residents, tourists, businesses, NGOs, everyone can now legally be placed under the spy agency’s surveillance.


  1. But why ! ? Why spy with their little i ? On you and I ? It has nothing at all to do with , as jonky-stien squeaked , any threat to NZ citizens . Only those in the grips a rabid attack of paranoia would think some Al Qaeda operative etc would come to NZ and bomb Auckland Airport . To suggest that is as dumb as turning up to Parliament with two dead fish to make a point in the feeble way of the dull minded child .

    The reason behind the entire GCSB coup is domestic . The kleptocrats are freaking out at the prospect that some uppity bastard’s going to pop the lid off the can or worms that is the Great NZ institutionalized Lie .

    The awesome and unstoppable power of the Internet will be keeping those Good Old Boys awake . They’ll be writhing in their stinking nests . No wonder they trotted out the new GCSB laws because trust me , there are those out there who are far more connected and affected by the machinations of roger douglas et al than I ever was and they’re coming . There’s no better fuel for revenge than the callous ruination of ones lifes work .

    To try to sell the idea that our little country has any effect on Global affairs is absurd . Stand in the middle of New York or Bangkok and look around ? Ten million souls each , give or take .

    In the immortal words of the Dalai Lama . Yeah , nah .

    The GCSB law changes are related to historical domestic issues bubbling up . No doubt about that at all .

  2. Unbelievable a Maori Party MP didn’t make it to the voting chamber !!! One point lead bad enough but 2 vote lead !
    Not much is being said re it is the PM who issues the warrants with oversight by a Commissioner of Security Warrants – appointed by the PM. As is the Governor General so he won’t want to call a snap election for the government by-passing the Bill of Rights. This is a PM who now has dictatorial powers, a wee Hitler look-a-like. Something very rotten in the New Stasi State of New Zealand don’t you think?
    By the way, who is the Commissioner of Security Warrants? Does he have a published job description? Does his brief allow him to deny warrants if he so sees fit ? Or just a rubber stamper ?

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