The GCSB Bill has passed – if you refuse to accept that, here’s what I think we should do next



The shadow those Spy Domes have cast upon Aotearoa with the passing of GCSB mass surveillance Bill makes us Land of the Long Dark iCloud.

The shallowness of National’s GCSB defense in Parliament tonight should shame us all. The intellectually bankrupt sophistry offered up by the Government as their flimsy legal protections to our civil rights are made all the more facetious when you consider the loop-holes within the legislation are so large the GCSB could fly a thousand drone strikes on hospitals through them and still Key would claim it was legal.

This is how Democracy dies, with thunderous guffaws.

Chris Finlayson let himself down with his vile attack on Dame Anne Salmond and Dr Rodney Harrison, that bitterness to defend mass surveillance is ugly.

With the passing of this dreadful Bill, we should lower the flag to half-mast because we have paid a terrible price for our apathy. Let’s be honest, we disengaged, we looked the other way, we didn’t challenge things when we should have.

So what are we going to do?

If you as a New Zealander are horrified by what has happened, if you see this as a step towards a NZ you don’t recognize, if the ability of the State to spy upon us all and share it with America breaches the values of independence you believe our country should stand for, then here’s what I suggest.

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A 3 pronged approach.

1: Repeal the Bill at the 2014 election:
Call upon every opposition MP to signal before the 2014 election if they will vote to repeal the legislation. Every week until the election the Blogs will post up the names of all those opposition MPs who will repeal the legislation and all those who won’t. We will advise people not to vote for those opposition MPs who will not repeal the Bill. Take the public Town Hall speaking tour around the main cities and provinces in the lead up to the election culminating in Auckland in the week of the election.

2: Close the Waihopai Spy Base – America out of NZ
The pressure to spy on us domestically is being driven by Washington, not Wellington. With Key’s refusal to confirm or deny if the NSA is subsidizing the GCSB and with the Snowden revelations growing and not diminishing, it is time to tell the Americans they can stick their spy base the same place they stuck their nuclear ships.

How would we close it down?

What do we do better than anything else in NZ? We do casual. What if this Summer in January a vast tent city of NZers converged upon Waihopai and set up a massive ring of tents around the entire Base and just occupied it? Show America they are no longer welcome here and they can have their 5th eye back thanks. Social media could convey their voices, the media attention during Summer would be intense and the Summer action could lead into the Autumn Public Town Hall speaking tour. Logistics would have to be sorted out, but a mass tent city protesting against the Spy Base would send a clear signal and shift the focus in the election year.

It is immoral to continue using this Spy Base for questionable American interests. David Lange showed us what a powerful vision an independent nation can produce by being nuclear free, let’s resurrect that and be American spy base free.

We don’t want your nukes and we don’t want your bloody surveillance state either thanks America Inc.

3: The creation of a cyber Bill of Rights
We desperately need a cyber Bill of Rights to protect our interests, our privacy and our online civil liberties. We need to demand telcos join in on defending and promoting these cyber Bill of Rights and we demand Government entrenches it within the NZ Bill of Rights and that the Human Rights Commission receive extra funding to promote and stand up for those cyber civil liberties.

We have some of the brightest techies and legal minds to grapple with and generate a cyber Bill of Rights that we could all be proud of as NZers. Women fought and gained universal suffrage, workers fought and gained the 40 hour week and baby boomers fought and kept us nuclear free.

It is our responsibility now to make a stand and use this terrible step towards a mass surveillance state as momentum to shape our future in a manner befitting the egalitarian and social justice values our democracy should champion.

-freedom of online expression
-freedom of online peaceful assembly
-freedom of online association
-freedom of online thought, conscience, religion and belief.
-freedom from mass surveillance
-right to privacy
-right to free community high speed access to internet via all schools, libraries, community centers and Maraes.

Once the cyber Bill of Rights is decided upon, write the new GCSB Bill around those protections first and enshrine them rather than rely on the Prime Ministers verbal assurances.

I refuse to accept this GCSB Law being allowed to stand and I know there are many fellow NZers who feel the same way.

Do we want to fight back or do we want to accept this?

If you support this – share it with all your friends and whanau, because only a grass roots keyboard campaign will generate the kind of mass momentum we would need to win.



    • its hard what to know what to think about this Gcsb bill yeah sure its a breach of our privacy and all that but we are being spyed apon by the NSA regardless of this bill the question is do we want our government to have to bribe america with our tax money to spill the beans on internal “threats” or do we want them to have the power to do it for free

      • You are assuming there are threats. To the degree that the UK/USA (pronounced Yukuza) and their allies are under threat of terrorism (and it’s hard to know how seriously to take their claims about that, especially in the face of the flood of fake images from the Boston Bombing), it’s mainly because of their own foreign policy. You have to do something *really* bad to someone’s country before they get angry enough to go to your country, and kill themselves, in order to hurt you.

        The number of “War of Terrorism” related attacks NZ has is *zero*. There’s no reason to think we’ll ever have any if we runs an independent foreign policy, criticize the UK/USA for their war crimes (the Nazis were convicted for invading another sovereign nation in peacetime), accepts pro-democracy assylum seekers, and cultivates a healthy internal democracy where people feel free to express themselves and criticize governments or businesses without fear of being spied on, or harrassed. Let’s be the Switzerland of the South Pacific, not the runt henchmen of the UK/USA.

          • And wasn’t it nice that our wonderful American and British allies tipped us off that the sabotage team was on its way here?

          • By a country that is a supposed allie. This act of terrorism was not stopped nor was it by a NZ citizen.

          • @ Sam: the Rainbow Warrior bombing blindsided the security agencies here. There was no warning that it was going to happen. And when it came to nabbing the French agents, the security services were missing in action; those agents were caught by the police, in part with information supplied by observant locals.

            This egregious act was carried out by a polity which was supposed to be an ally of this country. No other of our supposed allies came to our defence, despite the fact that they’d certainly had intelligence on it.

            And finally we were done in the eye by France over the detention of the agents; trade – a threatened embargo, to be specific – was used as a weapon to get the agents out of jail here and back to France hotfoot.

            When it comes to the crunch, we cannot depend on the “5 eyes” nations for protection. It’s time we decoupled our security services from that system, and become what many of us would like New Zealand to be: independent.

      • We as New Zealanders shouldn’t have to look over our shoulders or even have to watch wat we say jst coz the freaking government want intell from the very country tht fuks over everyone. Good Going JOHN KEY you have really Fuked over our country and your not even a KIWI.

    • I came to New Zealand from th UK in 2002. I came to what was NZ. Now I realise I signed up to live in one of the USA,s offshore states.

      I would never CHOOSE to live in the US. But I feel that I do right now.
      Lets see now – perhaps Iceland next for me and my family. Too small for the US to bother with. (????)

    • As a 62 year old who fought during the south african tour of 1981.

      Also the nuclear Free protests, i am amazed that there has not been blood spilt on the streets over this bill.

      I am disgusted with how this piece of legislation
      has been passed.

      This generation has been asleep at the wheel.

  1. Total agreement on Findlaysons embarrassing and abusive rant. And this guy is supposed to safeguard the NZ Bill of Rights.?! What a Disgraceful display of spleen. He couldn’t even rein in his ill temper and we are expected to respect the man. Immature and ill informed. The farce plays on, and on….

  2. I agree. This should be a National day of mourning. I think a general strike right now, until that bill is re written to enshrine our freedom from surveillance and American bullying. Everyone can now see whose puppet John Key is.

    • Personally I think the answer is a lot more simple than some sort of “civil disobedience” campaign, if the Greens and Labour are to be trusted (and I am not convinced of it but for the sake of argument lets say they can) then the answer is removing Dunne and Banks from Parliament.

      Focus on removing those two who are in extremely marginal seats and replacing them with candidates that will back the repeal of the bill, problem solved.

      • Wretched and craven parliamentarians viz Peter Dunne. No surprises with the childish and emotionally deprived John Banks. No surprises with Peter Dunne. It is not only the depths of loss of personal freedom and the childish assurance that the PM will protect the rights of the citizens, it is our failure to pretend that New Zealand is not dangerous. We’re not dangerous. Fonterra is, present government is, but remember David Lange, remember our strength to refuse nuclear warships. Remember we care about our human and political rights. Remember that we can speak freely on any subject without being arrested. I love NZ and am disgusted by this new Law.

        • I wrote to Dunne last night. Told him he is an empty suit and should hang his head in shame. Surely he has to be toast with his electorate after this? Please, O Flying Spaghetti Monster, let his noodle wilt even more!

  3. Good idea for a cyber bill of rights. Online discussion has to be free and open. Likely that Nats will see the error of their ways soon enough, so maybe also offer them a way to save face. I don’t want to make enemies, just think this law is shit.

  4. I fear it is too late. Martyn has already been captured by the US.The two examples of American spelling, including, ironically enough in a section on ‘America out of NZ’ have shown the extent of the problem.

  5. The cyber bill of rights is essential. Crimes and “terms and conditions” have been created for online activity before rights were even thought about. It’s the T&Cs that let the government bypass the “Norton Antivirus” with ease because we’ve already shared all our activity with third parties.

  6. A sad day for democracy. Michael Savage and the New Zealanders of the 1940s ..avert your eyes.
    Your country has been stolen.

  7. Why don’t we now turn out attention to the Telecommunications Interception Capability and Security Bill (TICS) which is at the select committee stage?
    The Minister in charge of this is the lovely Amy Adams.

    Also, I wish there were a cyber equivalent of CND. I wish someone would come up with a way we could use civil disobedience against the government. I’ve put up this blog but no-one visits it: Harmless stories written in explosive language to get the attention of Xkeyscore.

    • If a Governer General has ever had cause to exercise reserve powers, the time is now. Sir Jerry Mataparae, as a military man should be seeking to protect the consitutional rights of citizens which our forefathers (as Dame Anne Salmond so rightly pointed out) fought and died for. This is what the Governor General can do…
      “Other reserve powers are to dismiss a Prime Minister, to force a dissolution of Parliament and call new elections, to refuse a Prime Minister’s request for an election, and to refuse assent to legislation.”

      • Interesting point about Jerry Mataparae defending NZer’s constitutional rights. Considering he is the only person with the power to dismiss the PM, he must have no qualms with this bill or question the legalities surrounding it.
        Have a read of the following fealty oaths for New Zealand’s Parliment & all armed forces, notice how all of them swear allegiance to the crown & not one mention of its citizens.

        So who do they really serve?

        In this day & age would it hurt us on a global scale if we became an independent nation to protect our own rights?
        Also to jump on the John Key Bashing Bandwagon I think his character is pretty much summed up by this quote by Plato:
        The measure of a man is what he does with power.

      • Yeah I agree whats Mataparae doing on behalf of the people of NZ, I am sure everyone is disgusted with the passing of This bldy Bill, Yet I have to wonder how a NON-MP Dunne could have dunne such a dirty deal with a dirty Government, as for creepy
        John Banksie, I which he would go to a Bank vault never to be opened ever again…. and swim in all that dirty money they are creaming off from NZers for the US of Arse

  8. I’m with you Bomber. Occupy the GCSB, and then Occupy Parliament Grounds.

    >> Also, I wish there were a cyber equivalent of CND. <<

    There are numerous digital equivalents of the CND. International groups like the Free Software Foundation,, the Electronic Frontiers Foundation, and local groups like TechLiberty, and InternetNZ, who host the annual NetHui. Also, don't forget Anonymous, globally and in Aotearoa. They don't forgive, or forget 😉

  9. This was a Dunne deal from the start. Disgraceful but true.

    And what’s really sad, is that you can’t count on inept and woeful Labour to do anything about it. Shearer has not once, banged the table and said the bill would be a dead duck if they got elected. Instead he holds up dead fish and talks about evaluations and possible amendments to the bill.

    Oh for the record, who allowed the spy base in the first place?

    ‘The new station on 30 hectares of stony ground was authorised by the Prime Minister David Lange and Finance Minister Roger Douglas in 1987.’ – Wiki

    • Yes, the nuclear free legislation introduced by Lange was just a crowd pleasing piece of distraction from Roger Douglas’s contribution. It was a deal that has been well detailed in documents that are now available.

  10. Sad to say, but NZers will do nothing but jump up and down for a bit then get bored and move on. And the Govt knows that. Look at previous examples, Oil prices, paying international prices for dairy products, I could go on but I think you get the picture. We as a nation are sc*****ed by our apathy.

    • Unfortunately this is more than likely correct but I think it is a symptom of the rather woeful state of the opposition in this country.

      It seems to me that Labour have given up, Shearer seems to think that if he does nothing he wont make a mistake and people will flock to him when in reality he is consigning the Labour Party to obscurity.

      The Greens have done a fine job with very limited resources but as someone that has always voted National it scares me that I am going to support a party that I have until now seen as “a bunch of hippies”.

      But it is up to the opposition parties to ensure these issues remain in public view constantly, it is there job to ensure that the government has to fight every step of the way through its terms in office and in doing so they will ensure that we get the legislation the majority wants.

  11. No surprises is it?, What about the other bullshit thats been going on in the last year, most of the population of NZ didn’t want. But it happened anyway….Spy centre being sitting down in Christchurch for years, If we know all of this WHAT are we going to do about it….Expect cheaper living, rents and a higher wage more jobs and no nuclear …. etc maybe if we ask the shadow society they might care. Maybe the US will start using our resources to benefit their own creating a third world NZ. Whoops our Government will a good job of it, People first…not the $

  12. I hope you’ll allow me (kiwiborn, US citizen when the US was the US still) to express my appreciation and that of many of my friends here, for this site and for all that you are doing – especially the Auckland Town Hall, where you warned us that this would probably happen. Please be aware how similar our situations are – we support you in these efforts – lead the way, New Zealand!

  13. As the GCSB bile passed I was installing Pretty Good Privacy, a public key/private key based encryption package. Say I want to send you something, I’ll first encrypt it using your public key that you can give to anyone. Having encrypted it, I can’t then decrypt it. Nobody in the world can, even if they have your public key. Only you can using the private key. cd.

      • Any idea how such a backdoor might work? There are many implementation of PGP, if you choose an open source one you’ll find no backdoors.
        The development process is pretty well managed so it’s hard to slip code into a project without it being noticed.

        If you’re really concerned, learn a programming language and write your own PGP implementation. Or you could take one of the open source ones and remove any suspect code from it.

        Or, if you know any programmers you can trust, ask them to check the source code for you.

        Where did you get your information about pgp backdoors?

  14. The outrage that burns, the contempt and disgust I hold for those who have betrayed us all… I can barely type.

    We want to fight alright.

    I can’t wait to vote these traitors out in 2014.

    I can’t wait to camp out against the US/Waihopai spy base through which we unwillingly participate in America’s obscene drive for dominance at any cost.

    I can’t wait to see our online rights enhanced, rather than being stripped away, Bill by stinking, sinister, Bill.

    What can we do in the meantime? I want to do something today, this week, every week, until we regain the rights and freedoms that National signed away so arrogantly yesterday.

  15. Really although this bill is not the brightest of ideas, simply because a lot of people don’t like it, it means little to actual privacy online. If you think your data is safe from the simplest kid hacker you are naive. YOU are the ones who give your rights away every time you agree the the “terms and conditions”. You even use Facebook etc to fight the this bill. Facebook. Google apple. That’s who you should be more worried about having your data. Those motivated by simple profit. Yet WE give them everything freely as we want the convenience of their free services. The gcsb bill will mean nothing from day to day. This is not apathy. This is pragmatism. Save your energy and get over it. Or simply stay off the Internet. That’s the only thing that will safeguard your data. But no one wants that so it’s an UN popular view.

  16. Yes, we have to be politically proactive and push into the tide of apathy.

    But if we don’t want the US influence here, we all must boycott US and other foreign criminal corporations.

  17. Even if one single Nat MP had crossed the floor the bill would have passed because the Maori Party only cast two of their three votes. One of them was not “in the precinct”.

    What a nice safeguard for National.

    Which member was away and why?

    • For a Maori through and through, I just can not believe how easily MPs any MP for that matter do not have the guts to stand up for people who voted them in there.

      After Tariana did her Walk RE: Foreshore.

      So easily seduced all of them sitting on our Green Leather Chairs looking not in the least concerned…makes me puke

  18. This is a good summary of what we should do next. The key thing is HOW do we do it? Martyn Bradbury is to be congratulated for his organisational nous in organising not yet another, usual suspect march but two town hall meetings that pulled big crowds and sent a powerful message to the establishment media about the depth of informed opposition to this bill that cannot be dismissed easily. Mr. Bradbury has re-discovered the key to real change, that demonstrations are the end and not the beginning point of activism. We can repeal these laws. Form committees and facebook groups in every town committed to the three simple principles above. Hold public meetings. Speak at every school, retirement home and Lions club meeting that will have you. Organise mass email and letter writing campaigns. Then, if the government still refuses to listen, you will get the tens of thousands out to march across the land. There is no shortcut to forcing structural change. Remember, the spies and informers and Quislings will never give up power. You have to take it from them.

    • John Minto & Mike Treen were the principle organisers of both the public meetings, not Bomber. Whilst watching it on line I even heard Winston thank ‘John Minto and others for organising the meeting ‘I nearly fell off my chair, I would never have trusted Winston not to do a deal if Dunne hadn’t come to the party. Winston is about Winston, few principles if any.

      • Watch what you say mate, Winston is the only MP right now who gave us the GOLD Card I can say also Superanuants (excuse the spelling) just love him.

        us oldies must watch out the Government will soon be putting us on a quota just to get another one up on Winston.

  19. Would love to know from all those who are having a voice on this issue, for or against, have you actually taken the time to read the legislation and the amendments?

    Ie: Link to the actual legislation Bill (before):
    Link to the Law Society submission opposing it:

    Or have you instead just read the media spin on it from the likes of The New Zealand herald, Campbell Live, Blogs, etc or listened to your mate Kim at the pub explain it after a few beers?

  20. I watched Back Benches last night, where the venue was, as usual, packed with fat, rabid, National supporters, skewing the audience opinion. Had to gag at the thinness of the attitude (not BMI, however much Tau Henare “works out” ) of the insidious, big-business, blue boys packing the seats.

  21. Ahem, since I came back from more “enlightened” years in Europe some time ago, I had to “self medicate” myself with downing at leas 10 cans of beer at least once a week, just to fight off insanity.

    Yes, it is dreadful and dreary, also bad for my physical health, but, hey my mental health is suffering, is in a bad state, and if I would not do that, I would have to do something else very drastic.

    It is a REAL shocker what goes on in New Zealand, and the biggest shockers is the apathy or indifference of the people, I just cannot understand it. If I would be raped, pillaged, punched in the face repeatedly over every day, which somehow, at least symbolically is happening every day to Kiwi, I would freak out, lash out or commit suicide. Nobody wants to do the latter, so I choose to drown my sorrow.

    It is something I never anticipated, I never wanted to stay here, as I had alternative goals, but now it is to late.

    I have little hope, low aspirations, expectations or else, just leave me alone, all I want is to retire in peace, at some time in the future. Sad it is, but we have all given up. No more power or strength.


    • Hi Marc. Please know that you are not alone in your feelings of distress, of disappointment in a life path having taken an unanticipated route and of the apathy and indifference NZer’s have shown to the damaging changes within their country. Today is in indeed a shameful, sad and bitter day.

      It’s an isolating and lonely experience when you bother to care and those around you, friends and family, carry on like nothing has changed. It’s also difficult when you find that you are “other”. Eg, unemployed, unwell (as I am) However I would ask this. Are there things that bring you happiness despite everything?

      Everyone is inspired by different things. For me those things are very simple. Music is one, the other is caring for animals and whatever small way possible. One is an elderly lovely SPCA cat, the other is a family of ducks lol.

      Drinking. I understand that, but it’s possible to stay safe too. Those 10 beers, spread out over 7 days still brings you within the safe amounts of units for men, which is 14 units per week. For women it is 10 units. (W.H.O guidelines) Just practical stuff to know, which you probably do already.

      Finally, I do see hope. I was impressed with the way NZer’s galvanised over the GCSB bill. It was the first time in a long time that we have witnessed collective action and Martyn’s suggestions to continue that momentum are worthy ones.

      Personally, with health permitting and improving I put my hand up to participate in efforts to boot Dunne out of the Ohariu electorate once and for all. We can’t forget his role in all this. Seeing him gone is something to feel hopeful for!

      Kia Kaha all. I have a song to offer, to remind us of our collective power. A classic, and an oldie but a goodie from Primal Scream

      • “Finally, I do see hope. I was impressed with the way NZer’s galvanised over the GCSB bill. It was the first time in a long time that we have witnessed collective action and Martyn’s suggestions to continue that momentum are worthy ones.”

        Rosie – thanks for your thoughts and that song.

        Yes, I went to the anti GCSB protest and meeting in Auckland, and it was giving me some hope. I have to admit though, it was mainly members who do anyway solidly support the parties and interest groups that had speakers there. The wider public has to this date not been well informed, given the lack of in-depth reporting by most media.

        Also do I hope that with a new leadership team in Labour we might finally get a bit more and intensive opposition and alternative policies, which may after all see to it that John Key and his Natzies get voted out next year.

        I do take time out doing different things, but am struggling at times keeping a balance. There are some people that I am assisting with advice and more, and the expectations can create stress too, not helping my own well-being.

        But I will continue to work on more of a “lifestyle balance”.

  22. You can guarantee if Labour was the government they would have done the same thing.
    The strings of government are being pulled by higher powers than you and I.
    Two things we must do.
    We all have to stop voting for National or Labour.
    We all have to put the words “bomb” or “how to make a bomb” or something similar in every e-mail we send. Run them ragged.

    • Lyall damn good idea!!!

      But hold on how much will at cost the taxpayer for some nerd to read all our emails, while our useless elected MPs are flitting around in Washington checking out you know who, OH hell I’ve forgotten her name!!!!

    • yes I think there is some truth in this. Labour are not to be trusted. During great economic times they left the poor in poverty. Is that really what the Labour Party is meant to stand for? Not the Labour party that I used to support back in the early eighties. Clark sat on her hands during all those economic ‘reforms’ in the eighties, a disaster for so many.

  23. I saw on BackBenches last night that NZ First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor reckoned she’d be repealing the bill pretty instantly were she in a position to do so.

    Asenati Lole-Taylor. Liberal Icon. 😀

    Politics makes strange bedfellows of us all 🙂

  24. Brilliant Post Martyn Bradbury . It brought tears to my eyes . I fully support everything you said and I fully support The Daily Bloggers and Tumeke-ites . A tent city around the giant bubbles of doom is a tremendous idea . Fornicate Corporate America ! A fiendish blight on your genitals ! May your testicles wither , may your vaginas go into early retirement . Any actual action . Any hard-ware movement is what we need to get our teeth into . NZ’rs are slowly but surely realizing that it’s OK to march in numbers and demand a better performance from politicians . The Auckland Town Hall will testify to that . They , those politicians are the ones who are apathetic actually . They are the ones who have a lackadaisical attitude to us NZ / Aotearoa citizens while casting an opportunistic eye over the wealth we create . And making off with it what’s more . Fornicate them , the lady gardens ! The illegitimate , cow anus kissing , grubby , lazy , festering boils on the hairy buttocks of our society ! Take that spam-bot !
    Again , well done Bomber Bradbury !

  25. @ Lyall Scheib . Excellent idea and it’s what I intend doing .

    @ Marc . What you write deeply saddens me but you must remember , you’re not alone .
    New Zealand used to be a warm and rich country with a distinct feeling of ‘ presence ‘ . After roger douglas monetized the ‘ human spirit ‘ by forcing a monetary value on the best and free things about human life in NZ , NZ itself took on a different ‘ feeling ‘ . Pardon ? Is that eye rolling I hear ?

    Anyway . Moving along . The only advise I’d dare give someone so clearly distressed , and rightfully so too , is to create your own microcosm . Where you feel most comfortable and entertained . Gather your friends , and family around you and express the very best that is you and keep Them out . And rescue a dog from the pound . That worked for me .
    I personally find this community , The Daily Bloggers and Tumeke of great comfort to me and I see a very proactive commitment coming from here determined to initiate a new movement away from the greed based , winner/loser mentality that infects our hearts and minds like brain herpes . This current neoliberal system has to go ( But MOST IMPORTANTLY ! THEY MUST BE MADE TO ATONE FOR WHAT THEY’VE DONE TO US ) Chaos would be better in fact . Living with passion and flair . Not this . This awful , suffocating , obscene lusting for numbers equating to power in turn equating to mental Lady Garden . ( Money )

    At least we live in a safe and relatively peaceful country . Where you will only get shot by the police . At least , if you desire , you can go and live in a caravan on some beautiful beach . And we still have a benefit if you really get stuck . And you can go to a hospital at 1.30 am and get tremendous health care by highly trained people and free of charge .

    What’s got us all on high alert is that we can smell trouble . We can see a threat to our lifestyles , almost instinctually .
    I always , always listen to my instincts .

    Don’t fret too much Marc . You’re not alone and we are pretty lucky . So far , so good .

    • COUNTRYBOY – thanks for your comments and supportive suggestions. I have some pretty bad days, and the day I made the above comment on 22 August was one such dreadful one.

      I have gathered a bit more hope now that Labour may finally get an effective leadership, which is the least many voters expect.

      As for creating an own microcosm, it is not so easy when the stuff dealt out by certain government agencies constantly reminds one of the challenges that exist, and that make life increasingly stressful and frightening.

      But yes, I am certainly not alone, and we will keep on raising issues that need being raised, and to support the progressive forces that offer better solutions. The GCSB bill can be amended by any future government, if that is what they will want. We will have to wait and see what a Labour led alternative government may look like and actually do then.

  26. Thanks so much for this Martyn. Good ideas, all three. I reckon there also needs to be something happening between now and summer to keep the momentum going. Ways that people can constructively engage.

  27. Have just emailed John Key to inform him I’m bccing all my email to his address awesome idea!! Oh yeah to all those talented hackers out there if”they ” can look at our on line activity surely it can go both ways?

  28. It’s essential that the illegal corruption by the government and the GCSB needs to be stopped ASAP. If this comes to be accepted, future generations will be none the more wiser, and then the corruption will continue to grow to perhaps even greater proportions that we are faced with today. Everyone who believes in freedom and rights has to stand up now.

  29. A variation of copying emails to flood Jonkey’s inbox, is to forward all the spam emails and promotional emails you normally delete. .I think a big protest camp surrounding Waihopai this summer is a great idea, reminiscent of the surrounding of the pentagon in Vietnam war days, it was called an “exorcism” & the people chanted “out! demons out!”… Definitely a defining issue for NZAotearoa sovereignity. John Key refused to answer Dr Russel Normans question to him about the GCSB receiving money from the NSA. The despicable Nats voted for a foreign government to spy on us. That surely constitutes treason!

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