Does the NSA subsidize the GCSB or not?



Russel Norman’s increasing confidence in Parliament yesterday wasn’t the caffeine sugar high of the latest Roy Morgan Poll showing a large drop for National and a large jump for Labour and the Greens, it was the slow burn of a politician who is now reaching his zenith as a Alpha political predator. His question in the House yesterday asking if the NSA subsidize the GCSB as they do in Britain with the GCHQ was met by a stony ‘neither deny nor confirm’ from the Prime Minister.

That means that the NSA probably does subsidize the GCSB.

I think we are seeing a new kind of control system being exported by the United States. Propping up a dictator with paramilitary death squads is very 1970s and damages the tourism brand, so a new product is being tested out. This model sees America equip and empower domestic intelligence agencies and directly influence how that agency operates and what it targets.

The fear generated by the War on Terror has given every intelligence agency the justifications they need to grow.

Over the last decade, funding for the SIS increased by 250% to $41 million in 2012. It now employs 232 full time staff. Over the same period of time, the GCSB increased its funding by 174% to $63m in 2012, and now has 294 staff.

And what about the intelligence agencies you’ve probably never even heard of?

The Organised Crime Intelligence Unit, Financial Intelligence Unit, Strategic Intelligence Unit, National Bureau of Criminal Intelligence, Identity Intelligence Unit, Threat Assessment Unit, Police Terrorism Investigation and Intelligence Group and the Special Investigation Group. They’ve all been given vast new surveillance powers despite very few prosecutions in NZ for any of the things these agencies are supposed to guard against.

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We have seen a mass ramping up of agencies that can spy on their citizens so when Russel Norman asks if the NSA is subsidizing the GCSB to spy upon it’s own population, Key’s neither confirm nor deny answer simply isn’t good enough.

Who do our intelligence agencies work for? Wellington or Washington?


  1. It is looking abundantly clear that little out of the way NZ is firmly in US control. Many of our new public servants have US accents and lets remember the spying began long before electronic surveillance became possible.

    In light of the rumour that John Key was sent here to nail down the coffin, the Key govt is in reality a puppet of the US and Britain. After all, who does our army serve?

    Lets hope real journalism can survive and that the people may one day wake up and decide if they want freedom.

    Recovering our sovereignty requires that everyone wake up and at least put aside their disbelief to review the evidence and to stop the machine, we need to vote out Key, work to keep our politicians patriotic and boycott the criminal corporations.

    We need to remember we are dealing with a fascist movement where the criminals who clip the ticket every time we move, eat or drink. One intriguing point is that under a benevolent government, would we be invaded by the US or would our own military and police allow a return to sovereignty?

  2. Some of the less substantive information I’ve read over the years is rapidly gaining credibility. It seems we’re in the midst of a “soft invasion” – a commercial, economic, political, intelligence and propaganda driven appropriation of resources. No shots fired, but the outcome is the same. Reversing this will not be easy.

  3. It was always full spectrum dominance. ‘HUMINT’ just part of that spectrum. Waihopai IS NSA. You can bet the law change wasn’t just johnnies bright idea. This is to do with interoperability.

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