Video of the Stop The GCSB Bill Public Meeting – Auckland Town Hall


This video is courtesy of SlipStream.

Stop The GCSB Bill - Auckland Public Meeting - image by @KimDotcom.
Stop The GCSB Bill – Auckland Public Meeting – image by @KimDotcom.
The Auckland Town Hall was packed to capacity last night as thousands turned up to show their opposition to the Government’s GCSB legislation and to send the National-led Government, ACT, and United Future a stern message.

Tens of thousands more went online to The Daily Blog to watch and debate the issue. Here is video of the event.

IF YOU DID NOT MAKE IT to the Auckland Town Hall on Monday night you can watch the entire debate here on The Daily Blog.

The Coalition to Stop the GCSB Bill organised this public meeting at the Auckland Town Hall with a powerful line-up of speakers – each explains why this GCSB Bill is bad for our country.

The speakers were:

  • Dr Rodney Harrison QC (lawyer)
  • Kim Dotcom (the most high profile victim of illegal GCSB spying)
  • Jon Stephenson (journalist and war correspondent)
  • Seeby Woodhouse (Founder of Orcon ISP and 2004 NZ Young Entrepreneur of the Year)
  • Helen Kelly (CTU President)
  • Professor Jane Kelsey (Law Faculty Auckland University)
  • Marama Davidson (Maori activist and blogger)
  • David Shearer (Labour Party Leader)
  • Russel Norman (Green Party Leader)
  • Winston Peters (NZ First leader)
  • Hone Harawira (Mana Party Leader)
  • Nicky Hagar (investigative journalist).

Prime Minister John Key intends to rush these new spying powers through Parliament this week, relying on MP Peter Dunne and ACT’s John Banks to vote for it. This would give the National Party, ACT, and United Future MPS a one-vote majority.

Labour and New Zealand First say the legislation does not provide New Zealanders with important assurances that they will not needlessly be spied on.

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The Green Party wants a complete overhaul and reform of our spy agencies to make sure they operate in the interests of New Zealanders, as does the Mana Party which wants the GCSB shut down.

All parties say New Zealanders have not been given enough opportunity to debate these changes and have been shut out of the debate.

Unless one National Party MP votes against this Bill our country’s GCSB spies will be able to extend their powers to spying on New Zealanders, permanent residents, tourists, businesses, NGOs, even intercept discussions between lawyers and clients.

It is expected that all our communication, private or otherwise, will be uploaded to the United States via PRISM, Xkeyscore or other platforms we have yet to find out about.

All this will be made possible due to National MPS toeing the party line, and John Banks and Peter Dunne giving National their vote.


  1. Awesome to be able to watch, and feel part of, that meeting when it was impossible to be there in person. Huge thanks to all those involved in it’s organization.

  2. Nikki Kaye has a degree in law, therefore she can now prove how she has acted lawfully in the You Tube: ‘Nikki Kaye Queen’ or Nothing to fear, nothing to hide has been constantly stated by supporters during the GCSB Bill debate. What information has Nikki been handed that she hides from the Queen? If one National MP votes against the GCSB Bill it will end. Nikki has voted against party lines in the past, has she right to vote without PM Key endorsing all her justifications to deny the Queen delivered documents to Nikki’s electorate office days before Prince William carried out his first ever official duty on behalf of the Queen, opening the NZ Supreme Court.

  3. Russell Norman came across as a very credible leader of the opposition. Shearer was boring. Winnie is starting to have too many senior moments. Hone was a little more divisive than he needed to be. This could be the issue where Key and his handlers have misread us completely. I just hope the opposition is agile enough to seize the day.

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