TV Review: The Vote



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God knows why in the very week before the GCSB Bill is being discussed, the most controversial legislation the county has seen, the largest erosion of civil liberties since ’51 Waterfront and what does dull as cardboard Producer & beige Pundit blogger Tim Watkin decide for The Vote?

Auckland vs blah blah.

The only thing that bores me more than the usual Auckland vs the rest of the country yawnfest is should NZ dump the Monarchy. Lo and behold that was last months debate.

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I want to like The Vote, I really do. Duncan Garner and even Colin Espiner (who schooled dear old Selwyn Pellet on Twitter this week) have grown on me, but the topics are just so dull.

So terribly, terribly, sleep inducingly dull. Please TV3, don’t let Tim Watkin produce the election coverage for next year.

The Vote have become smarter at the panel selection, but Christ, these tiresome topics must be toxic gas to ratings.

How about:
What is better for NZ, left or right wing politics?
Is Global warming happening and is it caused by human pollution?
Is it time to force bosses to pay a living wage?
Is NZ soft on criminals?

Would write more, but am too sleepy.


  1. I agree with the topics TV3 have chosen.
    But I am not sure the suggestions you have made are much better.
    The truly remarkable thing that TV3 have done, quite radical really, is to put The Vote on the telly when there is even the slightest chance it might be seen by anyone under 45.

  2. Regional Development maybe a boring topic to some but that is why it is a topic. Our regions are suffering and the media pay no attention to Local Body Politics. A lot of policies that have come out of the Beehive this year are focused around Auckland and have gained a lot of media attention. Perhaps if the regions got just as much attention as Auckland it would not be such an issue. What you seem to be arguing for is a media even more concerned with entertainment rather than facts (happy to be proven wrong) which I can not support.

  3. my review was somewhat shorter..

    “..ed:..a mindless topic – covered mindlessly… .

    – .with the big question of the night really being.. ..

    ..’does watching the vote – suck the will to live out of you..?’..”

    phillip ure..

  4. Or: What is better for NZ? Left or Stasiland politics?
    Is global warming happening and is it caused by Fonterra?
    Is it time to force politicians to be paid the same wage as beneficiaries?
    Is NZ too hard on criminals by handing out life sentences of 10 years?

  5. Seriously I am so sick and tired of seeing Oliver Driver, I don’t find him amusing or funny. Just egotisitical really.

  6. “Auckland should introduce free public transport.”
    “We should renationalise the banks.”
    “NZ should recover its sovereignty”
    “Capitalism has failed.”
    “The New Zealand media now serves corporate interests.”

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