‘Everyone is wrong except me’ – we have a psychopath as a PM – Key vs Campbell TV review



Tonights final squaring off between John Campbell and John Key was fascinating on so many levels, you simply must watch it when it comes up on demand.

On the one hand, Key’s interview highlighted how his media training is perhaps slicker than any previous leader we have ever had and that Shearer is going to have to start injecting steroids straight into his brain stem if he has any hope in the debates next year.

On the other hand it showed how much of a God Complex our PM has. He understands he’s not an absolute monarch right?

“I’m right and everyone else is wrong”, is great for 5 years olds and Popes, not so great if it’s the Prime Minister of your country.

Do we really want someone with that level of self delusional infallibility to be signing off on warrants to be spied on?

Key’s quick footed denials and smile and wave laid back demeanor belies what this legislation really allows for. When Campbell challenged him on the numerous means the GCSB has to extend these powers into mass surveillance Key said “I don’t go into those ‘individual points’. By ‘individual points’ he meant all the methods that the GCSB could extend this legislation into mass surveillance.

Ludicrously Key claimed that the GCSB was really like Norton Antivirus. That’s right folks, it’s not a mass surveillance program feeding NSA directly through GCSB – it’s a Governmental electronic condom.

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Key kept insisting that what the GCSB would be doing was legal, but it’s only going to be legal because he’s about to make it legal!

Key then claimed that John Campbell was frightening people and that all Campbell did was spread lies and misinformation.

When Campbell challenged Key on this by pointing out that he had invited Key onto the show many times, Key claimed that he was too busy. That’s right, the Prime Minister doesn’t have enough time to be on Campbell Live to justify GCSB mass surveillance, but he does have time to be on MoreFM with Si & Gazza in the morning to announce AL Quaeda terrorists living in NZ.

Effectively Key’s message was that EVERYONE ELSE is wrong and that he is right. It was a psychopathic display of God complex proportions but it was also a terrifying reminder that Shearer has got to do something between now and the election to upgrade to a level of almost superhuman dimensions.

Nothing Key said on the show alleviated any fear I have regarding the civil liberty threats this legislation poses, watching Key’s slick pathological defense of it was the truly terrifying part.

The last chance to stop this vast expansion of state surveillance is Monday, 7.30pm at the Town Hall. Prove Key wrong when he says you care more about snapper.

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  1. Key’s god complex worries me far less than Shearer’s unbridled ego. If he doesn’t realise how badly we need to get rid of these country wrecking vandals, and doesn’t realise he’s their best hope for another 3 years, he badly needs a complete reality check. We expect Tories to be egotistical assholes – we don’t expect the opposition leader to be a narcissistic moron, nor can we afford it.

    • What unbridled ego does Shearer have Ovicula? that sounds very reminiscent of the tactic Don Brash used in his political campaign to undermine Helen Clark. The only unbridled ego that NZ has seen is from the narcissistic moron John key who has gone mad with power !!

      • Ovicula is exactly right. Shearer’s unbridled ego is obvious because Shearer actually thinks he has a chance against Key.
        Take another view of Key’s performance and picture Captain Stumble-Face against Key in a pre-election debate.

        Shearer is not only delusional and ignorant, but as Ovicula points out, Shearer has an ego of biblical proportions. How else can you explain why Shearer believes he won’t get eaten alive by our Dear Psychopath?
        Shearer needs to put NZ before his delusional fantasies by stepping down.
        One way ticket to Australia please. This country has nothing to offer us.

      • Shearer and his front bench undermine themselves. They hobble Cunliffe, who as far as I can see is the only Labour MP who could stand against Key. I can’t see any other reason for Shearer to hang around other than ego. If he doesn’t think he can win, what’s he doing there?

        Don Brash? That’s pretty weak. Sounds like ABC stuff.

        • “I can’t see any other reason for Shearer to hang around other than ego”. …. And I can’t see any more than ego behind that rather shallow statement….not to mention the obvious transference our tory “intellectuals” are so enamored with…

          If one is so limited in their ability to envisage the many reasons people do things, beyond their egos, then possibly it would be better to keep ones own council, and leave the real debate to those who do have that ability…

          A quick check into David Shearers background should give one the insight necessary for the task…

          Whether he has the right job in the labour party is another debate entirely…

    • Representive democracy becomes a bunch of sheep chosing between 2 wolves, why tolerate another Government led by Labour or National? Both have blamed eachother for so many incompetancies, toss the leading roll between eachother every decade or so and yet the Government grows stronger, stripping more of our human liberties away. Same thing has been happening in th U.S.A, Australia, Britain, France and Canada for scores. Don’t choose a default, the lesser of 2 evils is nonetheless still evil, it’s not that we can’t afford for the opposition leader to sharpen up or not, it’s just that no one can seem to grasp that this democracy is a fraudulous freak show, Mr. Key being the biggest twat of a clown yet.

      • Well, I agree current parties all seem unattractive with many similarities but what I can’t understand is that neither of the two main parties are standing firm against the sovereignty aspirations of the Maori Party, radicals and appeasers; quite the contrary, its being handed to them on a plate along with resources both physical and financial.

        It is a country changing scam yet we are getting bombarded with GSCB and snapper quota which are way lesser concerns.

        Maori have demonstrated their ethics, morals and deceit over the recent fishing debacle where they either wanted to be compensated not being able to use ‘slave labour’ if Government didn’t give them exemption from the requirement for fishermen to be paid the going rate …

        Originally the Sealord deal was meant to employ young Maori … but the dollars to be made w cheap labour were too attractive to Corporate Iwi leaders.
        It’s a return to pre-colonisation Maori ways – the chiefs get it all, the quality of others’ lives are inconsequential…

        We see this elsewhere yet we’re still handing power over to them. They will be the ones using the GCSB for their own ends if we continue to ignore what’s happening.

  2. I agree, that Key’s performance sends warning bells that Labour in particular need to note. I cannot see David Shearer being successful in stemming the flow of shallow rhetoric that drowns all attempts to have a genuine debate, partially because it will be necessary to roll over Key, in a way that John Campbell struggled to do. Nice guys won’t cut it. There was so much in Key’s diatribe that could and should have been challenged, but he provided very few openings. Countering this must be the prime focus for Labour and the Greens, or else doomsday will be ever closer.

    • He isn’t unstoppable, but Shearer’s team need to understand that the campaign debate showdowns will not be like a boxing match, but a jiu-jitsu style submission bout. There is no knockout blow out there waiting to be found, he will have to be whittled down bit by bit. Shearer is going to have to sweat it to win this one, but as long as he does it in a way which forces MugabKey to resort tothe smug, dismissive, nasty reality that lurks beneath his mask, the public will see the contrast. Shearer’s apparent guilelessness can yet become an asset.

    • Key is only unstoppable if we are too lazy to stop him. Remember there are more of us than HIM and his cronies.

  3. I lived through the 1951 waterfront strike, the Vietnam war, the Muldoon era, and I’ve never been so scared for my country as I am now.

    • So many kiwis out there feel the same way Lisel, the despot John key regime is unprecedented, that’s for sure. For a man who said in 2007 that we must all fight for our rights or else they will get eroded, its frighteningly ironic that its John key who is the one eroding and trampling over our rights and is very much the terrorist in every sense of the word.

  4. Well answer the question as put by the PM. The GSCB may be able to use all sorts of fancy tools, but they must only be used in assistance to another agency – the SIS, Defence or Police. So unless those agencies ask for mass spying the GSCB wont be interested in your “meta data”, to do so would be illegal and would be stopped at the first notion of it happening.

    • Not quite, according to Key’s twist the GCSB is not involved in mass spying of the population when collecting metadata. This is because the data is only available to associated agencies under what he calls strict criteria – warrants etc. Go figure. It’s pure doublespeak.

    • We drew a map, my political friends and I drew a map to totalitarianism in New Zealand. This was last year – we all agreed at the current trajectory, it would be ten years, then New Zealand would be a totalitarian state. This was agreed upon date after much haggling and argument. I argued the strongest that democratic principles (within the national party) would win through and push out 10 years toward 20 years – unless a fundamental change happened.

      Watching the PM tonight I go on record to my friends and people who read the dailyblog, I was wrong. The current government is totalitarian in ideology and is looking for the tools/excuse to become a totalitarian regime in effect.

    • “Answer the question as put by the PM.” Seriously? You want to allow the subject to rewrite the questions? There’s a name for that – Propaganda. The practice of addressing the subject within the answer while not specifically answering the question is acceptable in the debating chamber under parliamentary rules, but we the people are not the debating chamber. To avoid the questions as he did in that interview last night is simply unacceptable behaviour. Key said (paraphrasing here, not quoting exactly) that the GCSB would not be asking foreign partner agencies (NSA, GCHQ etc) to collect data on NZ citizens. So what? He never once addressed the possibility of those agencies collecting it of their own volition and subsequently handing it on. When I was a kid, about 5, we visited my grandfather’s house, and our father’s rule was, we weren’t allowed to ask for things, but merely accept what was offered. I pointed to a banana, and said “I’m quite partial to a banana now and then.” My grandfather asked if I’d like one, to which the answer was obviously “yes!” By allowing Key to script his questions and their responses, the question is never asked “What if the foreign agencies collect it and offer it to you?” Key needs only wait for the banana to be handed to him, and then he can say “I never asked for it.” As Richard Christie noted in his earlier response to your comment, it’s doublespeak.

  5. This word” sociopath” kept coming up for me as I was grasping to describe what is so disturbing about the personality of John Key displayed in this “interview” with John Campbell.
    so I looked up a definition and voila! the descriptors matched perfectly:

    A part definition of a sociopath: Source Wikileaks article on Psychopathy
    Facet 1 Interpersonal characteristics:
    Glibness/superficial charm
    Grandiose sense of self-worth
    Pathological lying
    Facet 2: Affective
    Lack of remorse or guilt
    Emotionally shallow
    Callous/lack of empathy
    Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
    The clearest evidence for a sociopath personality type is his belief that The Law Society, the Human Rights Commission, Dame Anne Salmond, Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Sir Bruce Fergussen are all “wrong”.
    John Campbell did a good job under trying circumstances to point out how all the power over issuing spy warrants will be concentrated around the Prime Minister and his appointees.

    • Yes, I’ve been saying for a while that he (and the government) exhibitic sociopathic tendencies – more than psychopathic. New Zealand needs a “McCarthy moment ” where that guy (I think he was from the US Army) stood up to the American senator in the 1950s during some Communist witchhunt hearings and McCarthy’s reputation went into free fall after that. Who New Zealand’s general will be, is hard to say at this moment.

  6. Down the Rabbit Hole:

    “…Mr Key’s superstitious habit of repeating “white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits”, on the first of each month. The early morning ritual is believed to bring luck, he said yesterday.”


    [This is from a comment on The Standard this weekend. For me, it nicely depicts just how detached from reality our Slime Minister really is. I’d say more sociopathic than psychopathic, but that is a minor quibble.]

    • Hi Denni. I receive change.org regularly in my in box, but haven’t seen this as yet. Is this really really really for real? Serious question.

      Does it have to reach 100 signature’s before change.org will put it out on their international mailing list or something?

      If this is for real, then this is a big step forward in formally saying “Key must go” and the entire planet should sign it.

  7. “Key kept insisting that what the GCSB would be doing was legal, but it’s only going to legal because he’s about to make it legal! ”

    Damn straight – he even admitted that the law was broken.
    John Campbell should have kept him there longer to get behind that dismissive grin.

  8. Why not unite the snapper and GCSB issues, instead of letting Key divide us?
    They are both about selling off our ancient freedoms to appease big commercial interests.

    Norton Antivirus has totally fucked up my computer and seems impossible to uninstall.
    Thanks for the heads up John.

    • There is a program you can get that will uninstall Norton – and it’s free………….

      I’ve been saying Key is a Psychopath for years – Sociopath/Psychopath – same basic thing – one is not any less destructive than the other and, for most people, are not generally detectable as such, until things get really bad. Even then, most people find it hard to believe.

      Lisel – apart from the waterfront strike (I was too young), I’m with you!

  9. He’s very fond of analogies so maybe he could add this one; A budding despot can be likened to a fresh dog-turd on the sidewalk … the majority carefully walk around it, and nobody seems to have the required shovel needed to scoop it up and put it where it belongs.

  10. Truly scary broadcast. This clown has to be discredited and stopped. His overweening arrogance is amazing especially given Beehive insiders say he does less work than any PM in 3+ decades. More time spent on media training than attending to cabinet matters. Crosbie Textor for President!!!

  11. There was legislation introduced in the 1970s that allowed a person to be committed for observation if three people declared the person mentally unstable.

    It was a dangerous law because of the potential abuse of it, but it would be very handy right now for clearing certain sociopaths from the House.

  12. The snapper quota remark registered pretty high on my bizarrometer – hopefully an indication that the pressure is getting to him.

  13. I suspect the face of labour or national won’t change anything as once they leave office, there is a revolving door open to them not the Key is in any hurry to leave. I feel he’s happy to keep on squeezing us until we’re so soft and floppy that it’s no longer fun.

    To be in the loop on all this, it’s helpful to recall the process from reaganomics-to-rogernomics http://harpercrusade.blogspot.co.nz/2010/03/from-reaganomics-to-rogernomics-new.html and the growth of fascism not only here, but around the world.

    But it’s happening, not because people don’t care, they’re all too comfortably numb. http://suanqu.co.nz/comfortably-numb/ having learned to shut up, not put up.

    May god defend New Zealand – hang on, what God? Ask Leo Strauss and understand your future.

  14. I have not yet seen the interview, but would just like to throw a couple of other, historic, events in to the mix.
    1. Once upon a time NZ had a two house electoral system, just like the US and UK. So there was a second opportunity to have bad laws thrown out.
    Why don’t we have that system anymore? Because it gave the people too much say perhaps?
    2. We also used to have a Governor General who had to sign all laws in to effect, or, if they considered a law to be very poor, refer it back to Parliament. The GG also had the power to dismiss a government. Now we have a GG who is purely a figurehead with no power.

    These are a couple, and I’m sure there are plenty more, of the baby steps along the road to a totalitarian government

    As for the debate sociopath vs psychopath? I think if you look up “politician” it will pretty much be the same as sociopath. ALL politicians are liars, rogues and thieves.

  15. The GCSB legislation is not the only problem. As I see it the TICS working with the Crown Minerals Amendment allows an enforcement officer appointed by a Crown Entity, say Solid Energy, to commandeer anyone they want who then has power to command telecoms companies to hand over data. Am I correct?

  16. Incredible to read all these lefties absolutely frothing at the mouth about the Key Campbell interview! Fact is Key was reasonable and Campbell blew it-end of story. Asking anyone a question and saying you can only answer it with a yes or no is really stupid. Any reasonable person would refuse to be told how to answer a question.
    Why aren’t all these people just as worried-even more so by the corporate iwi elite who are the real people planning to run the country? Now there is something that Key could really be nailed on – mind you so could Shearer and Norman and Harawira and………………

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