Need to distract NZers from mass surveillance legislation? Announce some meaningless bullshit to divert attention like ‘change the nz flag’


The National Party conference has become total farce.

Key is so desperate to avoid scrutiny of the GCSB mass surveillance Bill, he’s throwing up as many smokescreens as he can to divert attention.

First he is going on and on and on about the fish catch. I wish NZers cared about their civil rights as much as they cared about their bloody recreational fishing rights, I’m waiting for Key to announce an Orewa speech ‘one fishing law for all’ to overshadow GCSB legislation.

We’ve seen this tactic a thousand times, National announce some crazy policy that is to the right of Caligula and lo and behold National pull it back just a little so it looks like they’ve listened.

Remember mining on Great Barrier when they were never going to actually mine on Great Barrier?

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The other bullshit nonsense that Key is suddenly demanding we avert our attention to, is of all things, the questionable need to change our flag?

If Key is looking for inspiration, how about this suggestion to commemorate the manufactured crisis at the Hobbit where we sold out our labour laws for a corporation…


…of course if Key does ram the GCSB legislation through, our flag will end up being this one…


…I appreciate that the sleepy hobbits of NZ are pretty sleepy, but I just can’t believe they can’t see through this sudden need to change the flag, reduce fishing catches and the desire for John Key to announce national security threats on MoreFM.

The final chance to fight this GCSB mass surveillance Bill is Monday 19th, 7pm @ the Auckland Town Hall, streamed live here for free on The Daily Blog.

Let’s show this clown that we are not all so easily led.


  1. Nathan Guy ‘This hasn’t gone wrong at all’ Paula and the crew chiming in about their love of fishing, it’s all a perfectly staged political pantomime.

    Sickening these greedy fools run the country.

    • Well that was bizarre Tim. I think there is a lot you need to learn about Operation 8, not least the frightening events that innocent men, women and children endured at the hands of Police at Ruatoki on the day of the raid. You don’t like Key and don’t like the GCSB bill but you think that it in retrospect it would have useful in that it could have put Tame Iti in jail for 20 years!? WTF?!

      Don’t apologise for linking your blog but do get out and so some reading. There’s a DVD doco available about the raids as well.

  2. Yep, and he gets away with it, John Key the Don Key of New Zealand. Sadly it is a fact, that the media only delivered some mostly superficial information and coverage on the GCSB law reforms, and that any in depth debate has not happened. Only certain other activist and lobby groups took it onto themselves to raise issues, and Martyn Bradbury must be respected and commended for his efforts.

    So the wider public know too little, do not understand the threats, thing that if they do not raise concern they will be just fine, so they just shrug shoulders and think, it is all OK, it won’t affect me.

    That though is a rather ill informed view.

    New Zealand society is amongst the most manipulated I have found as a widely travelled person, and what we have here is total dominance of certain commercially powerful business groups that inundate and manipulate people en masse. New Zealanders are condemned, under the system we have, to be allowed to choose between commercially propagated products and services, but little else. Even elections are manipulated, as the mostly privately owned, corporate run media has proved, with the bias that was especially evident in the 2008 and also 2011 election campaigns. Poor reporting and focus on trivial or selected few topics make or break elections.

    New Zealanders are not informed enough, do not in wider context even understand what daily politics is about, and they are simply told to work, to work harder, to make more efforts, to be mindful of the costs to society (benefit “bludgers”, health costs, “social costs”, crime and so forth), to shut their brain to anything that is not self serving, and vote accordingly.

    It is a country short of even empathy, that is what even a white migrant from South Africa told me not so long ago.

    In view of all this, where is the awareness, consciousness, conscience, moral and ethical position, and honesty and integrity of New Zealanders nowadays? I challenge all to seriously consider this, as we are about to have a law passed that will enable the government and ruling elite, to control this society even more, to run it like a virtual, manipulated society, yes something like a dictatorship.

    So all those concerned in Auckland, head to the town hall in the early evening on 19 August, to take a damned bloody stand against this madness planned under the GCSB bill.

    Having a discussion about the flag is idiotic given the serious challenges to privacy, democracy and freedom in New Zealand.

  3. Thanks for saying it bomber! Thats what I thought straight away when I heard amongst the muttering sound bites from don key on TV3 – “switch to the snapper – talk about the quota. Bullshit bullshit bullshit – all distracting bullshit. Aaaaaaaaaaaaarggggh how the fark do they poll so high???!
    Sleepy hobbits – bloody unconscious I say.

    On a side note perhaps we could be the first nation with no fucking flag. Personally I wont fly any flag of colour anymore as they have been denigrated to drapery for coffins of the dead soldiers and phoney nationalism. How much shit is caused by flags (and extremists of all types)

  4. The ol’ distraction trick again. I do wish Johnny would stop reading Dictatorships For Dummies.

  5. (Creepy but true: if you sign up to comment on Uk Daily Mail, and then want to comment on NZ Stuff. Co …you’re already linked .
    Surveillance. You’re being monitored. We are in the NWO)

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