Last chance to Stop GCSB Bill urgent public meeting @ Auckland Townhall



Brothers & Sisters – this is it!

This is the last chance to stop the GCSB Bill – Monday 19th urgent public meeting 7pm @ the Auckland Townhall. For those who can’t make it or who are outside Auckland, the meeting will be streamed live here on

We have a who’s who of speakers and that line up will be announced Monday.

Tell your children you were there to fight the mass surveillance state.

Kia kaha, now spread the word.


  1. well done !!
    someone has to do something to uphold NZ’s position in the world stage as ‘the super power of morality’. we love independence…..

  2. What do you do at the meeting. How is my attendance required… Know what I mean? Do I sign a petition or just listen to people talk about how dumb the bill is.

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