Citizen A with Chris Trotter & Selwyn Manning


Citizen A with Chris Trotter & Selwyn Manning: Fonterra, GCSB & Teina Pora


  1. Fonterra; sloppyness and servitude to the profit motive arguments aside, 60% of diseases affecting humans come from animals and as for cows milk, it’s made for calves – not people. The alternative science goes as far as saying that milk actually causes osteoporosis – not prevents it.

    If NZ wants a good return on agriculture into the future, then we need to to move away from dairying and more into organic grains, fruits and vegetables that can provide a higher return and sustains our erroneous clean green image.

    GCSB: we don’t want it, we don’t need it and its a consolidation of US imperialism over NZ. As the act exists, it can’t be thown out – it needs to be re-written to block the NSA and actually protect our rights. But would the US allow this?

    Perhaps it’s time we took a trip back and reviewed what took place in Indonesia in 1968 when Suharto’s coming to power in 1965 was preceded by the CIA creating lists of over a million people who were executed during the coop.

    Crime: the great distraction that takes peoples minds off the real issues (like the GCSB) and helps spread fear.

    Vote for Julian and lets remember today’s Australians were the first boat people.

  2. It’s quite clear that the fiasco at Fonterra is a consequence either of the Directors and top management being paid insufficiently to care, or for the salary levels not being sufficient to attract competent people.

    So the obvious answer is to offer many hundreds of $K more in the hope of attracting a few of that incredibly rare breed of human being who have that special genius it is only too obvious is required to actually run a company competently, and who clearly can only do so in exchange for vast sums of money as an incentive.

  3. the media have gone way over the top on the Fonterra thing. it is ridiculous for the media to report china criticising our food safety standards with a straight face. do some googling on food safety and the us, or Nestle or Europe. Anyone for horsemeat?

    and the anti milk science is as shonky as the anti Vax science. I mean, what’s next – cabbages are for butterflies? We should stop eating honey? Beans are for reproduction, not pleasure? they’re okay if your married?

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