Meanwhile, back at Bellamys




Meanwhile, at Bellamys

Waiter: Good afternoon Prime Minister, can I take your order now?
PM: Let me ssssee. For sstarterss I’ll try that Chinese imbroglio
Waiter: Hot or cold, Sir?
PM: Red hot if you’ve got it.
Waiter: No problem Sir. And for the main?
PM: Yesssssssssss. I’d like a fresh sscandal please.
Waiter: Excellent choice, Sir. Would you like some saga on the side?
PM: O yessssssssssssss, that would be lovely.
Waiter: And anything for dessert?
PM: Hmmmmm. Just dessertssss…..let me ssee….that fiasco soundss good.
Waiter: It does look very nice Sir.
PM: I’m torn between that or the debacle. What would you recommend?
Waiter: Why not both, Sir?
PM: Why not? I’ve been a good boy.
Waiter: Right you are Sir. So that’s a red hot Chinese imbroglio, followed by a fresh scandal with a side order of saga followed by a plate of fiasco and debacle.
PM: Now I think of it, can I have little cock-up with that sscandal?
Waiter: Of course, Sir. A great combination if I may say so myself. Will that be all?
PM: Sssssoundsssss like me.
Waiter: And anything to drink today Sir?
PM: A Karicare latte
Waiter: Delicious and nutrious choice Sir. I’ll be right back.
PM: No hurry. I’ve got sssome tapessssss to lisssten to.