It’s time: Free Teina Pora



Many others have, but I am not going to congratulate Police Cheerleader Greg O’Connor for his public calls to investigate the abomination of justice the Teina Pora case represents.

The only reason it has surprised anyone is because Greg’s usual answer to any question is ‘Arm the Police’.

What else could O’Connor do when the evidence that the police force he so breathlessly champions have been caught out framing a young brown teenager? Because that’s what this case is all about, the NZ Police bullying a dumb kid into a murder rape he could NEVER have actually committed.

Beyond the fact that all evidence points to serial rapist Malcolm Rewa, beyond the fact that the interrogation process bordered on Police State, beyond the fact that paid evidence was used to convict, beyond the fact that Pora couldn’t actually identify the house, beyond the fact that Rewa would NEVER take a member of an opposite gang along for a shared rape experience – beyond all that is the physical evidence that the amount of force and violence required to kill Susan Burdett was well beyond the capacity of a 17 year teenager.

The Police framed a young kid to take the fall and what we now see represents the worst miscarriage of justice ever in NZ history.

20 years inside for a rape murder he never committed, and all because he was young and brown.

The NZ Police have a lot to answer for here and that O’Connor has come out so late in the piece wanting to smoother those questions should be a flashing warning signal that the cops know they are in trouble on this.

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How many more Teina Pora’s are there in our jails? How many other young brown teenagers have had the exact same strategies applied to them by a Police force drunk on its now power and total lack of scrutiny?

The time is now to free this man and have a long hard look at our culture of Police worship and media inspired crime fetish.

To listen to Judith Collins shrug and say that her hands are tied in light of how involved she has become over the Bain compensation case is a joke looking for a punch line.

Justice requires leadership when it has got it wrong, no one wants to admit that they got this wrong because the admission would open a large can of worms. How often have the NZ Police pulled these tactics, how many innocent people do we have in prison and why have we allowed the voices of anger and fear to dominate crime and punishment to the level where we don’t actually give a damn if the not guilty are locked up with the guilty.

This terrible case shows how blighted by racism our justice system really is.

This young man has served 2 decades for our thirst of vengeance, at what point do we admit we got it wrong?

Congratulations to 3rd Degree and Paula Penfold for having the courage to keep this issue alive.


  1. The coppers fitted up Pora as a look at their own videos and basic understanding of the facts, some of which Bomber outlines above reveal. Teina did not help himself much with youthful misplaced staunchness and inexperience but so what. It is a familiar pattern–racism and unprofessionalism from the biggest gang in the country–the NZ Police.

    Free him now enquire later!

  2. If you need to stamp out minions you must first start by stamping out their masters .

    What , in the name of God , is Judith Collins doing as police Minister ? Just who voted for her / it ? Because she seems to me like a female human body , and not a very flash one at that , looking for a soul .

    And of course lets not forget … ( Seriously , I have a problem even writing her name , I loath her so much ) paula bennett . She’s designed policies to not only literally create sociopaths but appears to enjoy her terrible work .

    And so in unison these two monsters , no longer content to skulk under ones bed have braved the light of day to go forth and wreak havoc in our already fragile communities .

    Collateral damage like Teina will become common place as the Zombie Hoards stuff private prisons and it’s getting very much worse day by day .

    Even more chilling is the prospect that the Police Force will itself undergo a transformation ( Has undergone ? ) and good cops who gave a fuck will be replaced by thugs from the dark side who know that if you want to bully and intimidate for the Hell of it , become a cop and get paid too .

    That was a good Post Bomber but like most Posts here , I just feel all wound up now and powerless to do much but hammer at my laptop key pad .

    Although I was disappointed at the GCSB protestor malaise , in Christchurch anyway , I should have given thanks for those people who turned out at least . That’s what we need . More protests and the more we protest against these awful bastards , the more empowered we’ll become . Then one day , we’ll be a force to be reckoned with I know it . This Neoliberal freak show has to be stopped . Otherwise more innocent brown kids will rot in jail in the name of brainless vengeance for the crimes judith and paulas sociopaths will have committed .

    And isn’t it just dreadful that when reportage of such injustices are covered by the feeble minded Media , they sell advertising throughout . Is it just me or is that about the most ghastly , vulgar , vulture-like injustice of all ? And we’ve become so desensitized that it barely warrants a comment . That someone thinks it’s ok to sell stuff during an expose` of someone elses Hell .

    We may have iphones and ipads and ibooks and and think we’re quite fancy what with our cafe`s and our holidays in Spain but really , we Westerner Style Setters are little more than cave dwellers feeding off each other .

  3. Let him out and begin an inquiry into every cop involved in the case. Then go over every case those cops have been involved in, with a fine tooth comb. Filth and dishonesty of this magnitude doesn’t just appear now and then, as if by accident. It’s part of the orchestrated litany of lies that prosecutors and detectives spew forth five days of the week, every week. The good cops we hear so much about deserve to have these scumbags excised from their midst, because like the proverbial apples, it’s rot that spreads, not honesty.

  4. What gets me with this whole case is that even a cursory look at the evidence throws up red flags……but not to the police it seems. I guess to be a detective you must first prove how few operating brain cells one has.

    • Intelligence, while frowned on, is allowed. Ethics aren’t. Ross Meurant wrote some good stuff on the police mindset.

  5. As a man who has been in prison and had a fair bit to do with police over the years I have to say with sadness that this is not an isolated case , there are many people rotting away in our prisons who DO NOT deserve to be there. Our police force is full of corrupt cops and those who’ll keep the boat steady during “rough weather”whilst our “beat cops” seem to be intrinsically racist on the streets it is also a well known fact amongst those who have had dealings with the “upper echelon” of police ranks that a culture of make it match is well covered….we all know about the Aurthur Allen Thomas saga the Mark Lundys, Scott Watson…the list goes on and even with all the media attention these high profile cases get THEY WILL NEVER GET A FAIR TRIAL…why because some flash cops have fitted them up and can’t be seen to be rorting the system.society places much trust and responsibility in a police force that in many many ways operates both as a GANG and above the law or reproach. from the thousands upon thousands of unnecessary bashing’s of cuffed unarmed “criminals” by angry constables who seem to relish the chance to beat the crap outta one guy in a cell handcuffed…this is usually done en mass ….check with the guys at the complaints authority haha that’s a joke , right up to the senior brass who deal drugs in our major cities, gang rape , drug rape and use the law as a front to further business interests in nefarious ways Teina did nothing wrong apart from not having the greatest start in life but once you get fitted up by the police thats it cos if the truth comes out DETECTIVES ARE SEEN TO HAVE BEEN LYING ….Judith seems to be quite close to the “old boys club” and reluctant to hang her mates out to dry and this poor guys stuck in on of the worst places in Aotearoa without even so much as a sorry. the saddest thing is ….that coulda been me or any of my mates at the time …..shame

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