Last nights GCSB second reading – the trampling of NZ civil liberties



Last night, NZ Civil liberties were trampled into the ground under the heel of casual fascism  as National blitzkrieged the second reading of the GCSB mass surveillance Bill through Parliament.

That Key couldn’t even be fucked to turn up and defend this civil rights abomination speaks volumes. So much for the immediate need to gain these powers because of Al Keyeda terrorists living in NZ, if this was as urgent and justified they would at least turn up and bloody argue their position rather than rely on dirty deals with Dunne and John Banks.

Which reminds me, Dear ACT on Campus – now your leader has perverted every single philosophical principle you ever had by voting for the GCSB Bill, will you be disbanding?
Listening to Dunne criticize his emails being hacked while voting to have all our emails hacked requires a level of gag reflex control well beyond me. Was part of the willing seller willing buyer deal Dunne struck with National also for National to pay for all of Dunne’s staff whom he lost funding for when he was deregistered as a Party?
Dunne will say there is no connection between the GCSB Bill and what happened to him, nonsense. The very level of over reach extended to Dunne will be legalized once this Bill goes through, his desire to not see that is Fonterra like denial.
The most ridiculous claim made during what passed as the ‘debate’ was  Chris Finlayson’s unbelievable claims that   the Law Society are all wrong when it comes to their criticism of the GCSB Bill

Hashtag unfucking believable

The media management of this has been extraordinary. From bypassing critical media to spook the population on MoreFM with terrorist distractions to the  narrative that Vance’s emails were accidentally sent to the Henry Inquiry, Key has manipulated the media in a way Fonterra can only dream of. When you consider Key’s Chief of Staff demanded the content of Vance’s emails and it was only when they couldn’t open them that the checks & balances kicked in,  this is 1000% media spin scumbaggery.
Key’s media management of the GCSB erosion of our civil liberties is bread and circus’s with extra clowns
Cost of GCSB per year – $60m
Cost of SIS per year – $40m
Cost of getting caught out spying on Journalists when trying to pass mass surveillance? – Priceless
A little piece of NZ died last night with the ramming through of the mass surveillance GCSB Bill’s second reading. It is a dark day with a darker one on the horizon when this madness is passed straight into law. For every clown out there who claim we should have a 4 year term – we have the most powerful Parliament in the world and this is it behaving at its worst. 
There is a deep streak of anti-intellectualism in our Shaky Isles that embraces Key’s nonchalant ignorance with the passion of a junkie to their dealer. We are all poorer for our fellow citizens apathy.


  1. Your awesome Martyn, thank god for people like you who have the guts to say something. I am so embarrassed to be living in this country now. Seems like National Party are feral. I can’t believe the hypocrisy, it reminds me of a Judge Judy saying, ‘Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining’. Anyway Key is tourism minister and I was waiting for the shoe to drop with the N.Z 100% brand, I remember him saying the brand was like Mc Donald’s ‘Im loving it’, I can’t believe he put it in a junk food slogan category…I hope the next shoe drops on his head. Now the baby food is junk… Yuk.

  2. Why wont they listen??!!

    Im sorry about my amateur literature style, but I (as a normal new zealander) am getting really sick of the ignorance shown by Mr and Mrs Jones of New Zealand.
    All the information is at our fingertips, history tells us otherwise, yet we still believe it is ok for National to command their regime upon us. Is this not a dictatorship?? Im pretty sure, if Mr Key wanted to pass a law that all New Zealanders now have to wear GPS tracking Buttplugs, he would, as he does, get his insertion team right on to it, we will all be constipated until the next election!!!
    For the kids??

    • Well said to you all, I to am so appalled, we need to act now, as you say…for our children, this is not a democracy and unless we all stand up and act, they will continue to erode our rights. I have very strong views on violence and do in no way advocate it’s use in everyday life but I am beginning to believe that peaceful demonstration is simply not enough. Climate change, food and water shortages, extreme poverty are all upon us now, WE know how to stop it, why are We allowing the government and the 1% to manipulate us to work us to death and pay taxes out the wazoo for their extremely luxury lifestyles why so many can’t even put a roof over their heads or wholesome organic food in their childrens mouths. This government makes me want to yell scream and fight for its demise and TRUE democracy to prevail in the hands of the people.

  3. When you consider Key’s Chief of Staff demanded the content of Vance’s emails and it was only when they couldn’t open them that the checks & balances kicked in…

    If you believe that they kicked in at all then I’ve bridge to sell you.

  4. hahahha funny – funny that the NZzzzz public and what passes as NZzzz MP’s are all up in arms about this – the writing has been on the wall about how slack our politicians and their lacky’s the main stream media are … if they ever report anything half way threatening to the hand that gives them permission to publish …

    you should all know by now that NZzzz is going the way of the states, its happening all over the world – all the warning signs have been in place for decades but the NZzz population is so behind the 8 ball to punch drunk from watching rugby and shopping to notice or care until it so obvious all you can do is laugh

  5. An excellent article Martyn and I share your chargrin at how we have lowered to this level. The critical factor to me is the realisation that Key has no scruples when it comes to governance issues and will use Banks and Dunne on any basis. To use these two in the circumstances of the spying issues with Kim dotcom to boot will go down as the catalyst that will expunge Key from power. We are the laughing stock of the western world. I want our leaders to focus to be on creating businesses to enable work in areas where we have worldwide advantage and where with expenditure in development is a high priority. This crowd have no idea. Judith Collins take note.

  6. No, ACT on Campus will not be disbanding, speaking as its VP. Yes, the MP leading the party we pledged to support has voted in favour of someone else’s principles – but if we disband, then they win. We’ll continue to talk about liberty and dignity, and to defend it from those who would do injury to it. Thanks, though, for sparing a thought.

  7. The battle may be lost, but not the war. That may require a few elections. When finally, the opposition gets voted back in there should be no room for some wet middle ground. Like in rugby, give your opposition as hard back as they give you. One step back now, two steps forwards later.

  8. Totally agree Martin, It has largely occurred (other than corrupt politicians instigating hidden agendas) from a complicit mainstream media, promoting constantly many untruths until people ‘buy in’ to the lie.

    A sad day for democracy today I suspect.

  9. Another what can only be a logical conclusion; Is that mechanisms such as the GCSB,Patriot act etc are to gain leverage over individuals or groups. If they wanted Peters records which they would already have anyway, then the same would apply to Dunne, Dunne simply has been coerced/ compelled to comply. Dunne and the spineless rest of them would rather sell us all out to protect (a false belief hopefully come election) their own positions.

    In my view there should be a mass public bumming of all these sell outs, on the steps of parliament. However it appears through apathy and mainstream media collusion that it will be every NZ citizen’s rights and privacy that is being sodomised.

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