With all due respect to ‘Si & Gazza’ in the morning…


This is the investigative journalism team Key decides to reveal terrorists in NZ to.

Key terror claims under fire
The Government intensified its sales job on the GCSB Bill yesterday, with the Prime Minister claiming some New Zealand citizens have had al-Qaeda training in Yemen.

With all due respect to ‘Si & Gazza’, the More FM Breakfast crew aren’t really equipped to negate terrorist allegations are they? Repeat it on RNZ or Radio Live Mr Key.

What’s after MoreFM terrorist revelations? Security chat with Veitchy on Sports Talk & mass surveillance with Dopey, Sleepy & Doc on Seven Sharp?

Key is making ridiculous scaremongering claims about terrorists via soft media to bypass critical media to try and convince middle NZ that the GCSB Bill isn’t the vast erosion of our rights and beginning of mass surveillance it really is.

This is media manipulation at its very best. Key is being so laid back and casual about this all he may as well do these interviews on his back and refer to the GCSB as ‘Got Caught Spying Bro’. It’s not the beginning of mass surveillance, oh no, it’s about terrorists and people smugglers.

Has he succeeded? Well according to the latest Roy Morgan Poll, National have a staggering 51% support. It’s like the more Key rips up our civil liberties, the more the sleepy hobbits love him – we are a nation of political sado-masochists. There seems to be a dark streak of anti-intellectualism in our Shaky Isles that embraces Key’s nonchalant ignorance with the passion of a junkie to their dealer.

This is NZ 2013, and the book burners have taken over the library.

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  1. John Key is a MANIAC! Are the polls rigged? Seem like a great propaganda toll, are they ringing farmers wives with landlines all around the country to get these polls, sounds fishy to me… Sad a lot of people listen to the junk radio stations all day, dumbing down society and the power tripping lunatic can rip it up….sad. Key deliberately keeps away from or slurs the intelligent people that see through him.

  2. There is only one thing more concerning than Key’s thinly disguised rush to adopt US inspired corporate-driven fascism . . . and that’s the public reaction to it. Alliance with the USA is the greatest terrorist threat to NZ . . . not a bunch of sandal wearers swinging from wooden jungle-gyms. The USA’s estimation . . . that we make the perfect test-case for spreading their particularly nasty brand of neo-liberalism . . . ignorant, malleable and politically naïve, is an estimation we seem determined to prove correct.

  3. “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’”

    ― Isaac Asimov

  4. If “Playschool” had still be on air, Key would’ve announced the terrorist bogeymen plot with Manu, Jemimah, Big Ted, Little Ted, and Humpty.

    (Mind you, with a name like “Jemimah”, she’s probably an Al Qaeda operative.)

  5. Key just loves getting on the More FM programme because it is one of the few widely listened to stations that doesn’t challenge his comments. Si and Gary, disappointingly, let Key go on about all sorts of fanciful nonsense and lies. He cheerfully prattles away ’till the porkies come home. I switch to another station when Key is on. It’s just too painful.

  6. Let’s remember that the whole privacy breach of the Dunne/Vance emails was part of John Key’s petty little witch-hunt into who stole his thunder by leaking a report he was going to release the following week anyway! Imagine what the GCSB might do if they imagined they had a whiff of terrorism.

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