Clare CurranDavid Clark  | 
Wednesday, July 31, 2013 – 16:12

“Today’s announcement of 85 job cuts at Invermay is the direct result of the Government’s failure to properly fund innovation, Labour’s Economic Development spokesperson David Clark and Associate Economic Development spokesperson Clare Curran say.

“The job losses are devastating news for Otago. Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce’s fingerprints are all over this,” the Dunedin MPs say. “Squeeze, cut and gut is his mantra.  He epitomises a Government that knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.”

David Clark says the wider economy will be affected. “Commercial partnerships are under threat and this will have a flow-on effect to the farming sector.”

“Practical projects that grow on-farm performance are threatened. Huge projects in sheep breeding and cattle will be at risk.”

“This Government’s research and development record is woeful. The International Institute for Management Development recently pointed to that as a factor in New Zealand’s business competitiveness falling from 15th to 24th.”

Invermay’s research contributed towards a cleaner, greener, hi-tech New Zealand. “Now it has been gutted.”

Clare Curran says the positions being cut are high-paid, high skilled jobs. “No Government in their right mind should be cutting investment in this area.  These jobs are catalysts for growth in the regions.”

“The Invermay jobs cut and a further 180 roles being lost at Ruakura show the Government is out of touch with the regions.”

“Taking more skilled jobs out of the regions at a time of high unemployment shows just how arrogant this Government has become,” says Clare Curran.