John Key describes those protesting GCSB spy laws as ‘misinformed’



On Q&A this weekend, John Key called all those protesting against his despicable mass surveillance program ‘misinformed’.



So when NZer of the Year, Dame Anne Salmond described this Bill as ‘electronic McCarthyism’ she was ‘misinformed’?

When Dr Rodney Harrisin QC calls this Bill a threat to our Democracy, he is ‘misinformed’?

When Thomas Beagle from Tech Liberty calls this mass surveillance, he is ‘misinformed’?

When retired court of appeal judge Ted Thomas denounces this Bill, he is ‘misinformed’?

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When the Chief Human Rights Commissioner, Privacy Commissioner and Law Society all attack this Bill, they are also all ‘misinformed’ are they?

When Kim Dotcom points out first hand how draconian these powers are, he’s ‘misinformed’ is he? And I assume the over 5000 NZers who marched this weekend against this Bill are also all ‘misinformed’.

I love how everyone other than John Key, the GCSB & NSA are all ‘misinformed’ when it comes to expanding the powers of our spy networks.

Key is either lying or he is totally ignorant of how far reaching these changes really are. 10 years after building the Waihopai spy base, David Lange admitted in the forward to Nicky Hager’s book on the Echelon programme that he had no idea the scope of what he had agreed to. These laws will allow domestic spying for corporate interests and Key is either being deceptive about that or he is being totally incompetent in his role as our democratic oversight.

When Leighton Smith and I are on the same side against the GCSB Bill – you know John Key has done something horribly wrong.

If you have nothing to hide, you have the most to fear. More protests are being planned.


  1. I think one has to understand that John Key’s greatest weapon is the “put down.” He wins his arguments not by reason but a talent for humiliating his oponents by the offhand put down and also “scoffing”- two negative traits that a large number of New Zealanders relate to and actually admire. To them its the sign of a successful alpha male and great leadership.

    • Great comment FAMBO. This is no doubt why the USA views the NZ public as “politically naïve, poorly informed and easily manipulated.”

      Quote of the week?
      “I may be old and senile, but I thought the government was doing quite well. And I just love, love, love, John Key.”

      Unfortunately the yanks are spot-on on that score, and we should all be totally embarrassed. Key may be many things … but ignorant he is not.

  2. In March 2008 I had the opportunity to speak with the man who wrote THE book on the Federal Reserve of New York. The book is called the Creature from Jekyll Island and details the secretive history of deceit that spawned the privately owned “federal Reserve”. His name is G Edward Griffin and if you want to see his presentation on the subject here is a link to the video.

    I asked him what would happen if John Key won the election. He told me that John Key would sell this country to his banking mates and throw in his mother with the deal. So far I have seen nothing to contradict that statement.

    When I asked him if John Key had been groomed for this (He has served on the upon invitation only foreign exchange committee from the FRNY after his boss served on it together with another corrupt individual called Robert Rubin ) for the job he answered: “It wouldn’t be the first time.”

    • From Wikipedia

      [G Edward] Griffin has been a member and officer of the John Birch Society for much of his life

      Just so readers know the colour of the spots of the leopard you are recommending.

      • Well, maybe he has cause to. I don’t know much about them and do not associate with them but when I met him his story checked out and so far I see nothing that makes me think John Key is a nice guy who has our interests at heart, do you?

        In fact I come from a happy socialist Dutch background believe in Healthcare for all and equality in society and opportunities for all instead of the ruling elite alone.

        I saw his presentation on the Federal reserve and hadn’t heard from him before I met him so my impression wasn’t colored by preconceptions and prejudices and based solely on his presentation at the time and my opportunity to ask him questions. He came across as normal, above average intelligence and yes, later I found that he has a tendency to talk about communism like it is still a menacing threat but then millions of Americans do and to dismiss them on everything just because of that seems a tad extreme.

        For those of you who don’t know about the Federal Reserve it might be worth your time to watch the video I linked to and hear it for yourself.

        His premiss that the FRNY is a privately owned monopolistic banking entity and not a Federal entity at all is corroborated by a court ruling from 1985 and is also described in Ellen Browns book a Web of Debt

        For those of you wanting to know more about how money is created and the history of our modern banking system Here are two videos you might want to watch:

        Money as debt
        the Money Masters

        And lastly here is a crash course from Chris Martenson.

  3. A large portion of the problem is he’s right we are all misinformed! When large sections of the bill are *secret* or worded in language so vague as to point in the general direction of everything in existence. How on earth can we make a informed decision on the bill? We can however ask another question, is a government which uses secrecy and misleading language to pass a bill which will expand its ability to mislead and secret away, to be trusted? The answer to this circular logic false as all circular logic can only be NO!

  4. My local National MP responded to my email regarding opposition to the GCSB Bill, in part with the following.

    “the weight of opposition is in my opinion limited to a select group and is not representative of the majority of main stream New Zealanders.”

    So I’m to take from this, the list of groups and individuals in your posting Bomber, that are opposed to the Bill are part of this select non main stream group.??!!

    • Rod, they will keep saying black is white until the cows come home but until mainstream New Zealanders get off their bums assholes like your unnamed Local MP and mine too will get away with it.

    • “in my opinion..” John Key uses that line too, as well as “I think..”, it means nothing.

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