Why you must as New Zealanders march today at 2pm



Over this week I have argued why should march if you are a Unionist, an environmentalist or Maori – but what if you don’t fall into the immediate target list of people the GCSB will start spying on – why should you march today at 2pm?

Because sooner or later my dear fellow New Zealander, you will be on this target list because the end point of the new GCSB Bill is the mass surveillance of every New Zealander, no matter how innocuous your actions.

To paraphrase Dame Anne Salmond – ‘if you vote for this Bill, don’t turn up at ANZAC Day’. We have spilled blood on foreign shores to stop Governments having this level of power over their citizens, yet we are about to allow the greatest erosion of our civil liberties since the ’51 lockout all because our vacant aspiration multi-millionaire leader slurs, “I’m comfortable with that’.

Well I’m not bloody comfortable with it John. When Key appears on the 6pm News tonight telling the country that this Bill has expanded protections and is well balanced he is either lying or he has no comprehension of the vast changes it actually represents.

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When citizens with the high standing of Dame Anne Salmond refer to this bill as ‘electronic McCarthyism’, you know we must be concerned. When someone with the mana of Dr Rodney Harrison describes this Bill as a ‘threat to our democracy’ we must listen and when a recent migrant like Kim Dotcom points to himself as a direct example of what will happen under this Bill, it is time to fight back.

Under this legislation, we are all Kim Dotcoms.

This Bill represents the mass surveillance state, where the lidless Eye of Mordor will gaze unblinkingly upon all that we do and send every second of that to the American intelligence agencies.

The stakes could never be higher in terms of the kind of power we should give the State, and this Bill demolishes the rights of the individual.

Shame on David Farrar for his ridiculous apologist position on all of this and for falling in line with the Government, shame on Peter Dunne for demanding privacy for his emails while legislating away ours, shame on Nikki Kaye for betraying the liberals of Auckland Central, shame on ACT for betraying every principle they have ever had to support this abomination and shame on this whole damn Government for ramming this law through.

I will be MCing the Auckland protest, the speakers include Professor Jane Kelsey, Dr Rodney Harrison, Gareth Hughes from the Greens, David Shearer (or Phil Tyford) from Labour and Hone Harawira from MANA. Gather today at 2pm at Aotea Square.

I urge those who have never been on a March to come to the protest today at 2pm – this one matters to every single one of us.



  1. Went on the Wellington march today, good turnout:)

    Liked the wee solo street theatre performance that greeted us at the front gates of the power house. There he was a mock Dunny with his robes of office on, clutching his ministerial strong box encased in steel chain with a sticker on the front that read,`You’re not reading my emails’ whilst giving the fngers to everyone who walked past. So street theatre protest not quite dead yet eh?

    Valerie Morse had memorised every single act passed under urgency since Sharkey’s been pulling the chain that contains some kind of guaranteed protection of state power, it’s a big list to memorise, a veritable toilet roll so far.

    Russell Norman urged everyone in the crowd to put in an OIA request to the GCSB stating the actual numbers that turned up to protest, I reckon we should all just email pics of the content of our undies direct to NSA HQ and be done with it.

    One of the guys that ripped the plastic off the Waihopai dome urged everyone to get down to Waihopai now and disarm the plastic, bet that got the guys doing the Saturday shift at the 5 eyes post get busy with red flags eh?

    Well after all that excitement I’m off to the `Perverts Guide to Ideology, at the film festival tonight:)

  2. Around 100+ at TGA protest . . . small numbers but passionate . . . and remember that thi is SAFE Natzional electorate. Marched to Simon (I’m wearing my big boy) Britches office. Good to see some young’uns there.

  3. At Saturday’s Auckland rally the chairman got quite carried away at the presence of one of the speakers and cried out, “We are all Kim Dotcom!” No we’re not. Some of us live in small houses. Others are members of entertainment unions like Equity and the Writers’ Guild whose members depend for some of their income on royalties from recorded DVDs and television progammes. Kim Dotcom was applauded for what he described as his crusade against Hollywood fat-cats. At least with Hollywood fat-cats you can negotiate a contract with residuals.

    • I wasn’t carried away at all Dean, under this Bill we are all Kim Dotcom. We can all be subject to this level of odious surveillance, we can all be treated as shoddily as Dotcom and we can all have our civil liberties trampled over exactly like Kim Dotcom. If you want to side with corporate Holywood over adapting to the new realities of the internet, fine and good, but please don’t put words into my mouth.

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