Why you should march this Saturday against the GCSB laws if you are a Union or Union member


In the lead up to the mass demonstrations that will occur around NZ this Saturday at 2pm, I want to explain why certain groups in NZ should be marching, the first are Unions and every Union member.

Every member of the CTU, PPTA, EPMU, Unite, MUNZ, NZEI, RMTU, NZDWU, CANZ, NZNO, First Union, SFWU, Actors Equity and PSA should be at the protests because it will be Unions and Unionists that will have these spying powers turned upon them – just like they have always had the intelligence networks turned against them.

Put aside the long history of Governments spying on Unions, what is truly concerning is that the GCSBs role is moving to economic issues meaning disruptive Unions are on the frontline of surveillance.

Actors Equity could easily have become a target from GCSB spying over the manufactured crisis at The Hobbit, under these new laws any Union threatening industrial disruption could be a target.

We are not criminals and Unions and Unionists don’t need to be spied on.

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If you are a Union or a Union member – you should join us 2pm this Saturday.

PS – Don’t forget this Thursday in Auckland the urgent public debate on the GCSB laws with Kim Dotcom, Dame Anne Salmond, Dr Rodney Harrison and Thomas Beagle.


  1. I will be contacting the union I worked for, until recently, who is affiliated to the CTU by the way, to check that the members are aware of the rallies on Saturday.

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