Labour down in latest Poll – why Shearer may be the best option


Now I have some idea who was behind the destabilization text campaign against Shearer, I’m thinking Shearer as leader may be the best option.

The ABCs, driven insane by the realization Shearer can’t do it are the ones plotting his overthrow with a new candidate that will block Cunliffe.

It’s like the Red Wedding from Game of Thrown’s moment, that sudden horrifying realization that it’s all going to go horribly wrong.

If it was a Cunliffe or Robertson attempt at leadership, I’d be cheering from the sidelines, but the ABCs trying to install another flawed choice to protect their cushy positions is a political sado-masochistic self mutilation too far for me.

The problem seems to be that Grant Robertson (and I say this as someone who really likes Grant) doesn’t have the killer instinct to take power and is so cautious that he’ll wait till Labour collapses at the 2014 election to make his move.

The problem with David Cunliffe is that he is simply too decent a person. The much hyped manufactured leadership challenge at the last conference never happened because Cunliffe was too loyal to the Party and he wouldn’t say how he would vote in a secret ballot 3 months from when the conference was held. The shock the out-of-loop msm had that Labour activists wanted to make the Party more democratic was misinterpreted by them as a leadership challenge. A misinterpretation the ABCs were more than happy to manipulate.

With such factional deadlock Shearer, may be the best option, anything is better than allowing the ABCs to run the show again. That said, I don’t know if the left can win the next election if Shearer is the leader of the Labour Party, I just fear he will get ripped to pieces in the debates with Key next year and voters will walk away from such a mauling with little faith.

I hope I’m wrong because this Government is destroying NZ.

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  1. A Grassroots rebellion in Labour is needed. If a concerted campaign was run to take the party back from the caucus, you would have a democratic Labour Party.

  2. That said, I don’t know if the left can win the next election if Shearer is the leader of the Labour Party,

    Oh, it can – just need another party to step forward with the policies that Labour won’t do.

  3. Keep Shearer?? what are you smoking? He is the biggest millstone that has been hung around the neck of Labour since Goff.

  4. “The problem with David Cunliffe is that he is simply too decent a person.”

    It is amazing that the ego of his opponents combined with their envy has cost David Cunliffe leadership of Labour. These same opponents have spread their lies to their followers who have supported them in their campaign against David Cunliffe.

    Things are predictably unravelling for them, lets hope it is not too late for 2014…I suspect it is.

  5. Something which the left should consider; notice how the Greens do not engage in factional infighting?!

    One could say that’s because the Greens are too small to have factions?

    Not so. ACT managed it quite well on just five seats.

    And Green rank and file members elect their co-leaders directly. Hence factionalism becomes irrelevant in that context.

    Something the Labour Party might consider.

    • Yes I totally agree Frank they are beautifully civilised. I also agree with Bomber that everyone who wants to get rid of John Key should get behind Shearer and focus on ideas instead of bickering.

  6. Bomber – you’re saying the ABCs are now trying to install another flawed choice as Labour leader. Why don’t you spit the dummy and let us know who you think it is? Is it Jones or Little ? or is it Cosgrove? Is the flaw the lack of an electorate seat, or something like porn ?

  7. “All We Are Saying…Give Shearer A Chance” nee ‘Peace’. I’m sure John Lennon and Yoko Ono would agree.

    Labour in-fighting might be good for Beehive politics, but its a pain for the rest of NZ, trying to oust this National led crowd….While this goes on and the Maori Party hangs on, there is little chance of an early election 2013…”Bigger” (TV Ad of Toyota)

    Opposition against Sky Casino / Sake of Assets and Waitangi breaches are weakened when Labour fools around like this.

    In Solidarity and Keep Smiling
    Disabled Liberation Aotearoa NZ (DLANZ)

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