It’s time to protest against the GCSB Law



Brothers and sisters, it’s reached that point where we simply have to stand up and protest what John Key is trying to allow with the GCSB law.

Make no mistakes, allowing the GCSB to legally spy on NZers represents the largest erosion of civil liberties we have seen since the 1951 Waterfront lockout. In light of the Snowden revelations, we know this information will be passed to the Americans.

We are not criminals and we refuse to live under the lidless eye of Mordor in an Orwellian dystopia.

Now is the time to march and refuse the State these powers. This isn’t a left wing or right wing issue, this is a NZ issue. No Government should give themselves this kind of power.

-88 NZers have been illegally spied upon.

-Key’s response to this has shockingly been to just make the spying legal.

-This information seems to be going straight to America.

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-We are spending over $100m per year for the GCSB and SIS.

-Key has appointed his childhood school chum as the head of the GCSB.

-Private companies can contract the GCSB for information.

The checks and balances are smoke and mirrors, concentration of power like this is dangerous to a democracy.

This isn’t the New Zealand way, let’s remind the Government they are here to serve us, not spy on us.

Protests marches around the country are springing up for the 27th of July – make sure that if there is one protest march you go on this year, it’s this one.


  1. The American influence is also seen in this “white powder” bullshit over recent days. NZ’s first “false flag” event I believe … picked to occur about now, by several people weeks ago. Easily predictable if you’re up with the play. There is a kind of neo-liberal coup d’état taking place in this country, which if successful, will destroy Kiwi culture. If there’s one protest march you should go on in your life … it’s this one.

  2. Speaking as someone who has been on a few protest marches of late and collected KOA signatures, and mindful of not wanting to rain on anyone’s parade (ha ha), I think there are certain issues to be addressed in regards to protest marches and protests in general.

    This is a government that is wrong on so many levels that it is inspiring protest activity against all sorts of thigns such as spying, worker rights and the environment.The problem is that people aren’t in a position to give a lot of time and energy to these protests however much they support them. Those most vulnerable, don’t have the time or the money to contribute eg long work hours, low wages etc. People also need time to get on with other things that are important to them such as their personal relationships and passions outside of work.

    Secondly, the government is forcing the opposition to spread its limited resources even more thinly by forcing it to fight battles on so many fronts, the inevitable result is that protests only attract small numbers (eg asset sales march in Wellington), which while in no way representing the size of the opposition, gives the impression that the number of people against these moves are few, and the government has a mandate.

    For this reason, I think the limited resources of the opposition have to be carefully channelled for maximum effectiveness. Working as part of a collective, to me, seems the best way of doing this. In other words, contributing to a larger organisation. That’s why I put all my political energy into the Green Party – because it covers all the bases, voices concerns in the media and most importantly has votes in Parliament. Others may find another group their way of expressing their opposition, such as Mana, moving Labour to the left, or belonging to a union.

    While individual, spontaneous and semi-spontaneous forms of protest have their place (eg Tunisia) and marches can also be effective (eg mining in National Parks), they bring risks with them, and shouldn’t be called lightly.

  3. I am keen to protest, but as the marches are being organised by Wake Up NZ I am unlikely to. They are a catch-all conspiracy theorist organisation, anti-fluoride, anti-vaccinations, with a belief in the Illuminati (!). To have a march fronted by them will completely destroy any credibility the marchers may have, and I fear the whole event will be hijacked. I certainly recall this occurring when the first big asset sales protest happened – the speeches at the end were an embarrassing hodge-podge of lefty nonsense (and I say that as a lefty myself!). It’s frustrating, but I’ll be staying away. Your enemy’s enemy isn’t always your friend.

    • Hi Hannah,
      Yes we are anti fluoride, anti most vaccinations and believe in the New World Order. However we had nothing to do with the assets sales protests as we weren’t formed then. We will not be flying banners at the protest, only focusing on the GCSB and possibly TPPA. If you don’t want to join us then that’s fine but we didn’t see you organising protests so took some initiative. If you would like to be educated regarding fluoride, vaccinations and NWO feel free to drop a line on our page.


    • Hi Hannah,
      I am one of the organisers/leaders in the Wellington protest. I have just taken the initiative of my own free will as have the others. We are concerned and have decided to take steps for THIS issue. That is our focus and it will remain so on the day. I wish you well whatever path you choose from here.

      Kind regards

  4. Hannah, its a shame that you think that way. I am organising the Napier march, simply because i heard about it & volunteered. I also led the ANFS marches against asset sales for the same reason. I had never heard of Wake Up NZ until today, and now that i have, it makes no difference to me. This is simply people who have decided to pick up the ball & run with it because no-one else has or will. For that they deserve credit.
    These marches are run by volunteers, people who give up their time for a cause they see as important. & it doesnt get more important than this. There is no political party backing, no financial backing, nothing. Just citizens exercising their rights. To say that you wont join in simply because of who else is involved is exactly what this government wants. Divide & conquer. It is apparently working. If the speeches are not to your liking, get up & speak yourself!
    Anyone who says they wont participate because they dont see eye to eye with someone else who is involved is handing victory to the spies & spooks.

    • Mathew, when I wrote the piece above my understanding was that Wake Up NZ were running the protests, and that worried me as I didn’t want to be seen to support them. I’m sure you can understand not wanting to march under the banner of a group whose policies you completely oppose? Vaccinating kids is as important to me as not being spied on. I could not in all conscience march in a protest they headed.

      • Hannah:
        “Vaccinating kids is as important to me as not being spied on.”

        Then by all means, vaccinate any kids under your guardianship. Having a choice about whether my kids receive a given vaccination is more important to me than not being spied on. See my comment below.

        “I could not in all conscience march in a protest they headed.”

        Your conscience needs a lesson in basic human rights. See my comment below.

  5. In regards to who is organising the protest, the Stop the GCSB Bill FB page has set up the nationwide protest with volunteers in cities putting their hands up to help organise. Kyle is one of those volunteers amongst many and no organisation is helming the protest apart from a bunch of concerned individual Kiwis banding together to help NZ’ers protest against this travesty

      • I think you will find a date for the Auckland march has not been set, global peace and justice have called a meeting for tomorrow night at 6pm I think at Unite union, to get together a broad coalition and decide upon and date and strategy for the protest.

  6. John Key you`re an idiot,. You lie, you behave like that idiot John Banks in denying what you very well know what you`re aware off and if you don`t agree with the way things are going, you change legislation. I can see why you would want to make changes to the GCSB, you`re going to use them to dig the dirt up on opposition party members. Well I can see what you`re doing, hopefully more new zealanders will too.

  7. As the old Elvis Costello song goes, `Who’s watching the detectives?’ Or maybe the Police, `Every breath you take I’ll be watching you’

    Go to the protest, get your pic taken, go through facial recognition software and woo hoo, not a tax refund another kind of woo hoo all together, woo hoo you’re in their database yeah?

  8. Hannah

    >> They are a catch-all conspiracy theorist organisation, anti-fluoride, anti-vaccinations, with a belief in the Illuminati (!) <<

    I'm not sure of any organisation which is against fluoride. Being opposed to the existence of classes of chemicals tends not to be very politically effective. There are a number of groups which are against *fluoridation*, the addition of certain fluorides to people's drinking water. Regardless of the scientific findings regarding the safety and efficacy of fluoridation, which are in any case inconclusive, people have the basic human right not to be mass medicated without their consent. In the UK, the All Party Parliamentary Group Against Fluoridation puts it this way:

    “The right to refuse treatment is accepted as fundamental in a free society, and has been enshrined in human rights legislation, the Patient’s Charter and elsewhere. There is thus a moral imperative on a Government (whether or not it sees itself as legally bound) which can possibly be lifted only in cases of national emergency, and/or highly infectious and/or life-threatening epidemics.”

    The same medical ethics apply in the case of vaccination. Vaccination is not compulsory, and neither should it be. Each person must weight up the potential benefits and costs of each vaccination for themselves and their children.

    If opposing mass medication, in violation of medical ethics, makes one a "conspiracy theorist" (a meaningless term intended to write off other people's arguments without having to provide logical arguments or evidence), count me in.

    As for "a belief in the Illuminati", irrational beliefs have not stopped me from participating in protest marches organised by churches (Enough is Enough), Buddhists (Free Tibet), tangata whenua, or McGillicuddies (Bonnie Prince Geoffie) etc. In a free society, people have the right to believe whatever metaphysical theories they so choose. Refusing to join with them in defence of democracy makes you a bigot.

  9. Naomi Wolf
    Wolf’s New York Times bestseller, The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, is an impassioned call to return to the aspirations and beliefs of the Founders’ ideals of liberty. The New York Times called the documentary version “pointedly inflammatory.” Her latest book, Give Me Liberty: A Handbook For American Revolutionaries, includes effective tools for citizens to promote civic engagement and create sustainable democracy.
    Her international journalism includes the investigative report “Guantánamo Bay: The Inside Story” for The Times of London, and as a columnist for Project Syndicate her articles have been published in India, Philippines, Egypt, and Lebanon. She’s a frequent blogger on The Huffington Post and writes cultural commentary for The Guardian, The Washington Post, and Harper’s Bazaar. Her TV appearances include Larry King Live, Meet the Press, The Joyce Behar Show, and The Colbert Report.
    A graduate of Yale and a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, Wolf was a consultant to Al Gore during his presidential campaign on women’s issues and social policy. She is co-founder of The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, an organization that teaches leadership to young women, and The American Freedom Campaign, a grass roots democracy movement in the United States whose mission is the defence of the Constitution and the rule of law.
    Naomi discovered in researching Hitler’s textbook theory on how to gain dictatorship in 10 easy steps, that she could align them with what was happening in the American Govt. She introduced her discovery in her New York Times best seller, “The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot”. The 10 steps are as follows… (each step has an in depth analysis which may be read by following the link I’ve given below)
    1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.
    2. Create a gulag
    3. Develop a thug caste
    4. Set up an internal surveillance system
    5. Harass citizens’ groups
    6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
    7. Target key individuals
    8. Control the press
    9. Dissent equals treason
    10. Suspend the rule of law
    To read more about each of these steps in depth go to this link;
    These 10 steps were used by Hitler and Pinochet in their plight to power. Each step was carried out like you would if following directions from a Hand Book on how to put together a kit set piece of furniture. Except these directions show you how to destroy constitutional freedoms like Democracy, and build a Dictatorship Government. In Naomi’s bestseller she highlights how the American Government has followed the Text Book Directions, to a tee, exposing a mirror image of how all Dictatorships have and are founded.
    What is freaky is knowing how NZ Gov., grovels and aspires to the US and how we so easily signed up to be ‘partners’ and strong allies to them, you know when Hillary came over last year. What I find very interesting is Steps 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10. Talk about how seriously precise these steps are with what has been set in stone here in NZ over the last few months…. Scary.

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