Citizen A This Week With Martyn Bradbury, Marama Davidson & Simon Prast


On Citizen A this week Martyn Bradbury, Marama Davidson and Simon Prast discuss the following issues:

  • How is the supposed ‘man ban’ a bigger issue than the GCSB legislation?
  • What’s all this about the Pakeha Party?
  • What should Auckland do about begging on the city streets?

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  1. Marama:
    “I can’t decide whether he’s a snotty lacky….. OR if he has an agenda himself.”

    Firstly, let me assure you – it’s the latter – he ekshly hez en agenda.

    He might be popular (just as many used car salesmen/smiling assassins/ average Kiwi blokes/Waitakere men/ poor starving – once were sons of bennies doing it tuff – the self-made man made good in spite of DIRE circumstance/the Krussy Rank; the prederghastly nursing uniformed temptress …..etc. etc., and despite the fact the guy is not exactly the brains of Britain) – John Key has an ideologically driven agenda.
    The guy is ekshly too thick to understand the basic principles of De-Mockrisy, but is rilly rilly in tune with any principle of nihilistic sef worth and an understanding of communal benefit.
    Superficial as a Populuxe on a ‘radically left-wing’ (note inverted commas) blog (The Standard), fundamentally dishonest, ideologically driven and without the capacity to determine any nuances, BUT…..
    as (like many a used car salesmen) equipped with as much capacity as a shit house rat about to face the onslaught, or even a pathetic questioning of an ideology he subscribes to and that has provided his riches.
    No Marama – it’s the latter.
    Re John Key ….
    There’ll be a heap of Neshnool supporters rolling in their graves – and if still alive – asking how the Hell did it come to this,.
    There’ll also be a few recently collected white shirt and blue tie egotistically-driven ‘wannabeez’ who (some having had ‘done it tuff,and eagre to display THEIR self made success stories). Geez Mada – I made it: Please please be proud of me Sam’s (the Sam Owens)

    There’ll even be Kruss Finlayson’s – desperately trying to reconcile their ‘minority’ status’ with the Dear (philistine) Leader’s approach.
    Pull ya head in aye Kruss – not a good look when ‘bitter ole Queen’ status is the only thing that beckons.

    Could go on Marama – but let me assure you – it’e the latter
    (thankfully you’ve not provided any opportunity to comment on the discrepancies with all that Nenny State BS).
    Brains of Britainless, equipped with pollie and corp-speak, aided and abetted by corporate media (and characters of similar ilk – in so far as therf “Fundamental dishonesty” – with apologies to the Judiciary in future divorce courts).
    The guy is an ideologically LEARNED and driven psychopathic/sociopathic liar – with popular support – propped up by any and all the qualities that people think will sustain their loifstoiles – right up until the time it all turns to shit.

    Roll the Dice aye Skoi Siddy!

  2. “political herpes”….lol nice description. I particularly enjoyed this weeks episode.

    Just a comment about making begging a criminal offense. Possible sequence might look like this:

    1) arrested for begging
    2) warrant for arrest for failing to appear (no fixed address so not able to know time and date of hearing!)
    3) benefit sanctioned = even less money : (

    Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

  3. Brilliant show brother, get those guests back and your final word as always merits repeating and highlighting.
    Many thanks man, keep it up.

  4. Good on Simon Prast for saying it how it is with John Key and the GCSB. Marama you’re on the ball too. There also needs to be dialogue with integrity with respect to Maori and disinfranchised Pakeha who are in need of a voice. Most Pakeha do have a voice, keep that in mind.

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