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Transcript: PQT Commentary Thursday July 11 With @ClareCurranMP & @CitizenBomber

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At 2pm Thursday PQT host Martyn Bradbury was joined by MP Clare Curran: (direct from the debating chamber) to take part in TDB Live’s Parliamentary Question Time feature PQT.

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Headline: Transcript: PQT Commentary Thursday July 11 With @ClareCurranMP & @CitizenBomber

TDB-Parl-Live-Coming-Up!3-CC-ThursdayAt 2pm Thursday PQT host Martyn Bradbury was joined by MP Clare Curran: (direct from the debating chamber) to take part in TDB Live’s Parliamentary Question Time feature PQT.

The following is a transcript of the commentary:

2:16 PM Martyn Bradbury: Totally vindicated doesn’t mean as dodgy as hell

2:16 PM Clare Curran: A gambling centre built on the backs of problem gamblers

2:17 PM Clare Curran: Bill English refuses to answer questions about the tendering process and the number of meetings had by his govt

2:18 PM Clare Curran: Bill English of course can’t confirm the detail because he knows what we say is true.

2:18 PM Clare Curran: Diversionary tactics. It’s all Labour’s fault. Or the GFC or the Chch earthquakes. And Labour’s fault

2:18 PM Martyn Bradbury: Just because brown paper bags full of cash weren’t swapped in SkyCity deal doesn’t mean how it was proceeded with was ethical

2:19 PM Clare Curran: Bill English says Campbell Roberts is wrong

2:19 PM Clare Curran: Bill English says there will be no personal votes by National MPs on the Sky City Bill

2:20 PM Martyn Bradbury: National aren’t being allowed to vote with their conscience – because they don’t have one?

2:20 PM Clare Curran: Is being consistent with the National Party manifesto not a matter of conscience asks Trevor

2:21 PM Clare Curran: I wonder how many Nats want to vote against this bill

2:22 PM Martyn Bradbury: Since when did the National Party Manifesto replace an individuals conscience?

2:22 PM Martyn Bradbury: ANDREW WILLIAMS to the Minister for Building and Construction: Has he received any reports of substandard buildings being built as part of the Christchurch rebuild; if so, how many buildings are known

2:22 PM Clare Curran: Will anyone cross the floor? What about Claudette Hauiti?

2:22 PM Martyn Bradbury: to be substandard?

2:22 PM Clare Curran: What about Nikki Kaye?

2:23 PM Martyn Bradbury: It’s teling how smelly the SkyCity deal is that National are forcing all their MPs to vote for it

2:24 PM Clare Curran: Mr Scary sounds interesting. Is that like Mr Silly and Mr grumpy?

2:24 PM Martyn Bradbury: Very concerning that Chch rebuild is being handled so poorly

2:25 PM Clare Curran: Yes. Don’t mean to be flippant

2:25 PM Clare Curran: It appears Maurice hasn’t read the report

2:26 PM Martyn Bradbury: Irony that the Minister of leaky buildings is lecturing on buildings poorly built

2:26 PM Clare Curran: Oh now Maurice is passing the buck to officials. I hate the way this govt does that

2:28 PM Clare Curran: Maurice is digging himself into a hole I think

2:28 PM Martyn Bradbury: He is floundering isn’t he?

2:29 PM Clare Curran: If the Speaker allows the letter to be tabled, but not the transcript of the radio interview

2:29 PM Clare Curran: I think Maurice just put his credibility on the line

2:29 PM Martyn Bradbury: CLAUDETTE HAUITI to the Minister for the Environment: What recent announcements has the Government made to improve New Zealand’s freshwater management?

2:31 PM Martyn Bradbury: When National are so connected to the Farming industry, can we take their commitment to fresh water seriously?

2:31 PM Clare Curran: Why is the Minister limiting the rights of appeal asks Maryan Street

2:32 PM Clare Curran: Amy Adams talks about the right incentives. According to whom?

2:33 PM Clare Curran: When Amy Adams doesn’t know the answer she talks gobbldegook

2:33 PM Martyn Bradbury: METIRIA TUREI to the Minister for Economic Development: When will he release all of the advice he has received on the social harms from the SkyCity deal, given his statement yesterday that it is his

2:33 PM Martyn Bradbury: “understanding” that only “most” of the advice has been released?

2:34 PM Clare Curran: He won’t release the important information because he no doubt has things to hide

2:34 PM Martyn Bradbury: Metiria pressing Joyce on how much information he has released on SkyCity harm

2:35 PM Clare Curran: Steven Joyce wants to talk about jobs not about the increased number of people who will harmed by problem gambling

2:35 PM Clare Curran: be harmed

2:36 PM Clare Curran: I wonder whether Steven Joyce thought about problem gambling for even a moment

2:36 PM Martyn Bradbury: We both know he didn’t

2:37 PM Martyn Bradbury: You get the awful sense National would be v comfortable if SkyCity became a defact creche, they’d use it as an excuse to force more solo mothers back to work

2:37 PM Clare Curran: Has he sought advice on theft from Auckland chairites. No

2:38 PM Clare Curran: He then said he could probably say no to the rest of Metiria’s questions. Arrogant

2:40 PM Clare Curran: Metiria correctly points out that Joyce has done no work on what the adverse effects are of more pokie machines in a gambling centre in Auckland

2:40 PM Clare Curran: And Steven Joyce attacks the Greens in response. Can’t stand up his argument

2:40 PM Martyn Bradbury: This line that Labour & Greens are hypocrites for the original deal to build sky city is a sham

2:41 PM Clare Curran: DP having more fun with Bill

2:41 PM Martyn Bradbury: We accept regulated gambling with the same reluctance of sex offenders being released back into community

2:42 PM Martyn Bradbury: The issue is regulating gambling and not allowing it to expand

2:42 PM Martyn Bradbury: National have thrown that regulation out the window and allowed it to expand

2:43 PM Martyn Bradbury: Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister of Finance: Does he take responsibility for the composition of Budget 2013?

2:43 PM Clare Curran: Was the $100m appropriation for Solid Energy a big mistake or was it deliberate askes David Parker

2:44 PM Clare Curran: Bill English is running for cover because his shifty money laundering activities have been exposed

2:45 PM Martyn Bradbury: have yet to hear one answer from Bill English on this $100m that sounds convincing

2:45 PM Clare Curran: Parker has the document which proves it. Bill English ‘s govt objects to it being tabled. Cover-up

2:45 PM Clare Curran: Bill English now sitting there looking worried

2:46 PM Martyn Bradbury: JACINDA ARDERN to the Minister for Social Development: Does she stand by the statement made on her behalf in the House yesterday that “there will always be times when resources are stretched, but I

2:47 PM Martyn Bradbury: believe we do have sufficient resources to care for the needs of vulnerable children”?

2:47 PM Clare Curran: Did Steven Joyce have anything new to say in that question or was he just re-announcing things?

2:47 PM Martyn Bradbury: nothing, that’s I skipped it

2:47 PM Clare Curran: Psst Bomber you missed a question. But I don’t think it mattered

2:47 PM Clare Curran: True

2:48 PM Clare Curran: Jacinda is raising such an impotant issue about the resources of CYDs to deal with increased notifications for vulnerable children

2:49 PM Clare Curran: Midlands and Central regions have less permanent staff than five years ago despite increased notifications

2:49 PM Clare Curran: Crisis in CYFs. It’s terrible in Dunedin

2:49 PM Clare Curran: Chester Burrows is a patehtic apologist on this issue

2:49 PM Martyn Bradbury: Very difficult for those working in CYFs right now

2:49 PM Clare Curran: pathetic

2:50 PM Martyn Bradbury: Chester is better than this

2:50 PM Clare Curran: Their workload is unsustainable. The issues they deal with are very tough. These are the most vulnerable kids

2:51 PM Clare Curran: Oh Paula has gone to Malta to sign a pension fund agreement instead of dealing with this issue

2:51 PM Clare Curran: Chester very uncomfortable

2:52 PM Martyn Bradbury: a pension deal that only impacts 5 NZers???

2:52 PM Martyn Bradbury: Junket much?

2:52 PM Clare Curran: yep. She has set her priorities!

2:52 PM Clare Curran: Probably on a cruise somewhere. Why don’t Duncan Garner and Paddy Gower do that story?

2:53 PM Martyn Bradbury: That’s ridiculous

2:53 PM Martyn Bradbury: Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM to the Minister for Climate Change Issues: How did he meet his obligations under the Climate Change Response Act 2002 to maintain the proper functioning of the ETS when he directed

2:53 PM Martyn Bradbury: the issuing of 30 million additional New Zealand Units?

2:54 PM Martyn Bradbury: Is it just me or has Simon Bridges become more patronizing?

2:55 PM Martyn Bradbury: How is that possible?

2:55 PM Clare Curran: Not just you. Moana Mackay called him the Justin Bieber of politics yesterday

2:56 PM Martyn Bradbury: PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister of Housing: How many homes does he believe will be built as a result of the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Bill, and what percentage of those homes will be

2:56 PM Martyn Bradbury: affordable?

2:56 PM Clare Curran: Oh no doubt he’ll say they’re all wrong Phil

2:56 PM Martyn Bradbury: that’s very unfair to Justin Bieber, Simon Bridges uses far more hair product

2:57 PM Clare Curran: Nick Smith making it up again

2:57 PM Martyn Bradbury: Phil Twyford a good man doing good things

2:57 PM Martyn Bradbury: Trying to force the issue of affordable housing with Nick Smith

2:57 PM Clare Curran: Nick Smith won’t be able to deliver

2:58 PM Clare Curran: But he won’t say whether or not he’ll resign if he can’t meet his policy targets

2:59 PM Clare Curran: The Speakers lets him get away with not answering, even though the Prime Minsiter has said he will resign if the cost of super goes up

3:00 PM Martyn Bradbury: If Nick Smith thinks what he is doing to Auckland Council is ‘working effectively’ he’d describe a car crash as a chance for regrowth

3:02 PM Clare Curran: Trevor defends Brendon Horan

3:02 PM Clare Curran: Nick Smith delivers a load of blather

3:05 PM Clare Curran: I used to think Jo Goodhew was a solid performer. But ever since she cut Computers in Homes budget by 44% becasue of her incompetence I have changed my mind

3:07 PM Clare Curran: They had to scrabble around and find the money in the Education Budget.

3:07 PM Clare Curran: Now Simon Bridges tries to justify his lack of action on health and safety in the forestry sector

3:08 PM Clare Curran: Simon Bridges will have
blood on his hands from his lack of action

3:09 PM Clare Curran: Simon Bridges wont support a govt inquiry. Won’t take responsibility

3:10 PM Clare Curran: Damien asks will he make Pike River directors responsible for compensation. Bridges wont answer

3:11 PM Clare Curran: Thanks Bomber for the opportunity this week to do Live Chat. It’s been great.

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