BREAKING: Labour Party Coup Watch warning upgrade


Team Shearer (12)
David Shearer, Phil Goff, Annette King, Trevor Mallard, David Parker, Clayton Cosgrove, Damien O’Connor, Darien Fenton, Kris Fa’afoi, Ross Robertson, Maryan Street, Ruth Dyson.

The Young and The Restless (8)
Grant Robertson, Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, Phil Twyford, Clare Curran, Megan Woods, Ian Lees-Galloway, David Clark.

Cunliffe’s People (10)
David Cunliffe, Lianne Dalziel, Moana Mackey, Nanaia Mahuta, Louisa Wall, Sue Moroney, Rajen Prasad, Rino Tirikatene, Su’a William Sio, Raymond Huo,

Team Wavering (3)
Shane Jones, Carol Beaumont, Andrew Little


The intention had been to downgrade the Labour Party coup watch from High to Elevated post the Labour Party win in Ikaroa-Rawhiti, but the horrific political mismanagement of the farcical ‘man-ban’ and continuing internal polls suggesting a rupturing of support lead to the following conclusion: TDB will hold the high chance of a coup and is warning that a severe colour coded warning could occur within a moments notice.

The Labour Party need a leader who can articulate a vision that NZers will rally around and who isn’t cheer-led by David Farrar, Cameron Slater, Fran O’Sullivan and the NZ Herald editorial team. Labour need a Finance spokesperson who can provide a true left wing economic vision and a Deputy who can deal to the old guard faction who are holding Labour back.

There is much flux within Labour’s factions right now and my guess is that if there is a challenge towards Shearer, it will be more likely in the dead of Winter than the birth of Spring.

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The Labour Party is like Game of Thrones but with far more violence and incest.

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  1. Unfortunately David’s charisma is more like a sheep than a shearer and he’s so far to the right that he should be left behind.

  2. TDB “is” now warning – not “are” now warning. It’s a singular entity even though it comprises lots of bloggers

    eg New Zealanders are vs New Zealand is

  3. Labour is almost entirely filled with dead wood, a bunch of no-hopers who continuously promote dysfunction, so it will make no difference who leads. Indeed, anyone who thinks Labour has any relevance isn’t paying attention.

    Ditto Nation, the Greens, United No Future etc.

    The global financial system is full of speculative bubbles which are about to burst; ZIRP has failed; bail-outs have failed, the ice is melting; frantically pumping water from ancient aquifers makes everything worse, frantically fracking and drilling make everything worse, speculatively constructing concrete and steel monstrosities makes everything worse……

    Unfortunately, they’ll just keep doing it till they can’t. That is the nature of maniacs.

  4. NEWS just out – from Radio NZ National:

    Either David Shearer is already in panic mode, or he has heeded the public backlash, generated largely by hyped up media reports, stirred up initially by bloggers Whaleoil and Farrar:

    The remit to debate at the conference in November the idea of giving preference to female Labour electorate candidates, if electorates may so decide, has been canned.

    That is what Shearer announced!

  5. I notice the dim-witted ones who went to Sky City’s corporate box are all from Team Shearer, they need pruning out and, as gardeners know, winter is the best time to cut out the dead wood.

  6. Really, Labour has nothing to lose by taking a punt on another leader. At present the only certain voter support it has is amongst its core voting base. It won’t lose this by having a new leader. Any real gains in support has come from disatisfaction with National. The present thinking is that if Labour keeps Shearer it has a chance of just scraping in. But it is just as likely that Labour won’t quite make it. It really is time to find the courage to take a gamble. They’ve got everything to win and not a lot to lose.

    And as Elvis Presley sang, – It’s now or never

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