Speculating on what Kim Dotcom has on John Key



So what could Kim Dotcom have that proves Key knew about him before 19 January 2012 and why is Key so confident that Dotcom doesn’t?

On Campbell Live last week, John asked Kim about Edward Snowden. Kim replied that he didn’t know Snowden personally and that he’d rather leave it at that with a large wry smile.

I think if Kim has the evidence he wants to drop that as close as possible to next years election while generating maximum media leverage during his extradition case.

So what could Kim have? What if Kim has evidence via Snowden that Key was briefed by an American intelligence agency using means that were not legal before 19th January 2012 and Key’s confidence comes from his belief that such dialogue would be strictly top secret?

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Someone is lying and the stakes could cost John Key his position as Prime Minister or Kim Dotcom his freedom.


  1. The court room is the best place for Kim Dotcom to reveal whatever it is that he has got. The judiciary is the one part of society that remains relatively independent of government and where evidence can’t just be shrugged off.

  2. Forget Snowden. I suspect what Dotcom has got it the stub for the cheque he wrote out of Key’s election campaign. Corruption is when politicians take your bribes and then don’t deliver.

  3. It’s easy to root for Dotcom because he is a maverick, who has managed to leave visible marks on ‘teflon John’, and wipe the smile off the face of the ‘smiling assassin’. It’s just as easy to decide that Dotcom is just another rich man, who funds political hobbyhorses like Banks/ACT, and that the circus he is ringmaster of is meant to distract us from something more important. These are thriller novel caricatures, and reality is always more complex.

    I don’t know what to think about Kim Dotcom. One thing I do know is that his new Mega project involves Vikram Kumar, until recently head of InternetNZ, and a man for whom I have great respect. His decision to work with Dotcom on Mega is definitely an endorsement that makes me think twice about writing him off.

  4. […] Today Bomber Bradbury highlighted a comment by Kim Dotcom in the last week, andspeculated that it may indicate Dotcom had been in contact with Snowden.  Bomber suggested that this was Dotcom’s source for the (alleged) evidence that Key had lied about having prior knowledge about Dotcom before the raid on his mansion.  Bradbury pointed out: […]

  5. My contempt for NAct supporters is such that, unless what Dot Com has legally demands Key’s resignation, they’ll still accept him. Tories are not like the rest of us; they can’t imagine anything that doesn’t have a financial bottom line. Stuff like honour, loyalty, and community are too abstract for them.

  6. Certainly Key has something to hide, he is desperately fighting a rear guard action for the GCSB to cover up something that could be discovered about himself.

    I hope Dunne has enough moral integrity to hold out against whatever blandishments/threats National bring to bear on him.

    Actually Dunne has nothing to lose after 30 years as a MP, his career has careered to a messy train wreck.

    By holding out against Key he could walk away with his head held high as he treads the moral high ground.

    He would still be his own man.

  7. Anyone see CampbeLive tonght?

    Brilliant coverage and expose on or about July 2011.

    Basically broke it down over 15 minutes, yes 15 minutes on primetime, no wonder mediaworks is in receivership, anyway Johnny explained how Sharkey is housed deeply in Eric Holders back orifice, and Finalyson is his rectal warmer so Sergeant Schultz was the target and ironically it’s Sharkey saying `I know nussing’ but Johhny Boy’s power point presentation tells a different story people.

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