Will Maori Party/ACT & United Future meltdowns open door for cup of tea with Colin Craig in Rodney?


Nats look to 2014 governing options
Prime Minister John Key is mulling his options to form a Government after 2014 following this morning’s spill in the Maori Party, including claiming the largest party would have the “moral mandate” to govern.

What the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election showed most was that the Maori Party peak vote has passed and that as a political force, their relationship with National has ended them.

For National, their relationship with the Maori Party was always political camouflage, it helped them look more moderate than they really were. The Maori Party’s demise however won’t just hurt National cosmetically, it hurts them in their ability to form a Government post 2014.

With ACT and United Future both on life support, and the Maori Party in meltdown, National have run out of mates. NZ First is now maneuvering to be National’s only possible coalition option, and National Party strategists can’t be happy with that.

So when does John Key decide to have a cup of tea with Colin Craig in Rodney as a nod and a wink to voters in that electorate to vote Colin in? With Conservative Party and NZ First as the two parties Key could play off against each other depending on the issue, Key could get his 3rd term and the means with which to serve it out.

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I think 2014 will be down to the wire close as in it will either be Labour+Greens+MANA by a majority of one or it will be National+ACT+NZ First/Conservative Party by a majority of one.

The mass inequality that is tearing NZ apart now has created gated cultures who feel none of the pain the masses ground into poverty experience. Such extremes mean there is no political middle ground, the demise of United Future is symbolic of this and it will be the ends of the political spectrum that will decide the 2014 election.


  1. What a bizarre set of wishful predictions. Neither Maori nor Mana will exist come the election, but Mana Maori will. ACT scarcely exists now and will be gone entirely when Banks is convicted. And if it wasn’t enough with Colin Craig being a woman-hating weirdo on his own, once the skeletons start coming out of the closet full of religious nutjobs, far-right extremists… who make up his Party, the wheels will come off that crazy wagon as well.

  2. Hi MB, interesting call on the 2014 election. You seem to be one of the few journalists mentioning the conservatives at all, and so was after your opinion. Would you class them as left or right? I’ve had a bit of a look and no tax on first $25k seems quite left, whereas socially they are obviously very conservative. What’s your take?

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