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Standing at “World War Z” I noticed only 1 in 20 kids were using the stairs, generally these were the fit ones. Strange thing is no one appeared to see using the escalator as abnormal fitness behavior. Then on more reflection those using the stairs appeared for the most part to be using them because they were in a hurry or there was a cue for the escalator. The steps in question only numbered 12. The 12 step program – a new fitness craze powered through my little mind! Odd if it was an infomercial we would pay for it, when its free we avoid it. Fitness tip for the day “no escalators when there are perfectly fine steps to tighten that ass, abs and thighs”. Stepping burns calories tightens abs and bums and increases lung and heart capacity. Standing still on an escalator helps varicose veins

This month’s blog is from Thailand. Travel, is that magical elixir that frees the mind. I believe being on my own clears my head. What is life purpose as I move into a new phase? How does it look? Am I living for me or working for others? Whilst working for me am I actually wasting breathe. Like am running up 12 steps or using the escalator? I have the same response to that question I’ve had for years. The answer “sit back and breathe”, even though initially relaxation takes time, the breathing seems to let me chill and see perspective. Things that pop into my mind like “does what I wear really matter, I’m on holiday”. (I’m a clothes horse – love em, love design, textures, I’ll wear Zambesi and Lela Jacobs to a flea market! Love clothes… I think tourists and the country they are touring have a love hate relationship, especially when there is a “them and us” scenario when it comes to the ‘cultural exchange’. We want something, they want something. The thing is who is ever really satisfied? Is it the tourist who gets a bargain, a thrill, an adventure with the locals, or is the host country? It’s an interesting question with thankfully a zillion correct answers. I breath again “Om” have you ever done the “I don’t want to shop. There’s enough crap in the world. Why keep polluting it.” Only to find “OMG my sister would love that plastic Mickey Mouse teaspoon set”

A child laughs uncontrollably. It’s music to the universe. Everyone, well almost everyone laughs because a child laughs. So could it be that children are the reincarnated of the Buddha, the Jesus, the Mahuika and all those other godly forms. Perhaps that spirit stays with until puberty awakens them towards their innate purpose which is to breed more innocents into the universe.

Another wet humid sticky day. In a taxi going nowhere special for no special reason. Just going. Looking outside. I might as well be on mars. Everything is the same. But nothing the same at all. People moving like people do. In groups and clusters bonded at the hip. Packs roaming with their imitation Prada bags and sandals. Our innate need to be with someone, to be loved, to find love, to live, in the here and now. To be alive to share it all with someone. So why do some travel alone. I wrote all this at the same red traffic light I’ve been sitting at for almost 20 minutes. Just as well I’m going nowhere special, for no real reason. I can even feel my other logic self-wanting to ask can we go faster? Even when I find myself going nowhere special nowhere fast.

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