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Transcript: PQT Commentary Thursday June 27 With David Cunliffe & Martyn Bradbury

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Source: TDBLive Transcripts – Transcript of Live Event:

Headline: Transcript: PQT Commentary Thursday June 27 With David Cunliffe & Martyn Bradbury

At 2pm Thursday PQT host Martyn Bradbury was joined by MP David Cunliffe: (direct from the debating chamber) to take part in TDB Live’s Parliamentary Question Time feature PQT.

TDB Live
June 27, 2013

1:39 PM Martyn Bradbury: It’s a cool 10degrees in Wellington

1:40 PM Martyn Bradbury: 77% humidity

1:40 PM Martyn Bradbury: winds a brisk 13km/h

1:41 PM Martyn Bradbury: David Cunliffe joining us in the debating chamber commerntary box at 2pm

2:00 PM Martyn Bradbury: Speaker walking to the chair

2:01 PM Martyn Bradbury: David running late

2:01 PM Martyn Bradbury: Johnathan Coleman laying out the agenda for next week

2:01 PM Martyn Bradbury: no petitions

2:01 PM Martyn Bradbury: Ministers have delivered papers

2:02 PM Martyn Bradbury: Questin

1: MAGGIE BARRY to the Minister of Finance: How has the Government’s economic plan helped New Zealand families to get ahead since the recession five years ago?

2:02 PM Martyn Bradbury: Never ever warmed to her on TV

2:03 PM Martyn Bradbury: less so now sh’es on Parlaiment TV for the Nats

2:03 PM Martyn Bradbury: Joyce explaining how the little National do manges to pass public scratch and sniff test

2:03 PM Martyn Bradbury: Maggie wants progress examples

2:03 PM David Cunliffe: HI On line now folks

2:04 PM David Cunliffe: Dock my pay for the late start

2:04 PM Martyn Bradbury: Welcome to commentary session Mr David Cunliffe

2:05 PM David Cunliffe: Steven Joyce trying to pretend wage growth up to snuff – uses post tax average, building in the widening gap and tax cuts for the rich. (Median wage growth is below the rate of inflation)

2:05 PM Martyn Bradbury: Joyce explaining how our geo-economic luck with Australia and china has managed to keep NZ out of the depths of meltdown

2:06 PM David Cunliffe: David Parker will shoot back soon…

2:06 PM Martyn Bradbury: Winston waving news story around citing that inequality is soaring

2:07 PM David Cunliffe: Joyce and Peters splitting haris on whether Bernard Hickey is a journo or an economist…

2:08 PM Martyn Bradbury: It’s not easy to hide the inequality that is tearing the egalitarian dream to bits, but Joyce does a pretty good job of it

2:09 PM David Cunliffe: JOyce puts down economists Hichkey and Oram… Parker questions whether OECD believes income inequality high in NZ… and getting worse …Joyce pressured, says it is about growing jobs …

2:09 PM David Cunliffe: Methinks Mr Joyce should read The Spirit Level

2:11 PM David Cunliffe: Russell Norman slips in a supp on the pushback from the ICT majors against the GCSB Bil, Joyce reads an irrelevant list of extractive job projects…unedifying.

2:12 PM Martyn Bradbury: Steven doing a great comedy routine, pity about the answers

2:12 PM David Cunliffe: He doesnt like numbers, which is remarkable for a numbers guy…

2:12 PM Martyn Bradbury: Russel not stopping from pointing out how much smoke and mirrors have been used in the last budget

2:14 PM Martyn Bradbury: It’s amazng how OECD is wrong, and Hickey is wrong and Oram is wrong – everyone is wrong excpet Steven Joyce.

2:15 PM Martyn Bradbury: PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister of Transport: Why is the Government planning to fund the City Rail Link from 2020 and not 2016 as proposed by the Auckland Council?

2:15 PM David Cunliffe: Phil Twyford seeks leave to hold his question over for Gerry Brownlee who is away today – denied – Woodhouse gets the hospital pass on why National delayed the City Link Rail project by 3 years

2:15 PM Martyn Bradbury: Did National greenlight the loop after SkyCity pushed for it?

2:15 PM David Cunliffe: PT drills in on traffic modelling – Curia research (David Farrar’s subsidy lifeline) is qulaoted…

2:15 PM Martyn Bradbury: why would there be a stop under a casino?

2:16 PM David Cunliffe: ..SKy City hall?

2:16 PM Martyn Bradbury: they may as well put pokie machines directly on the trains

2:17 PM Martyn Bradbury: it smells more like crony capitalism than civic vision

2:17 PM David Cunliffe: PT repeats question on reason for delay, Woodhouse answers with a self serving comliment – PT takes a point of order -Speaker baks the Minister (how unusual)

2:17 PM Martyn Bradbury: It’s delayed so the convention centre can be built first

2:17 PM David Cunliffe: Martyn could pokie machines be the meaning of “integrated ticketing” ?

2:18 PM David Cunliffe: PT: Only 18% of surveyed Aucklanders believe the Govt ( surprised it is that high – they lack vision and leadership)

2:19 PM Martyn Bradbury: National Party squirming at being forced to u-turn on loop

2:19 PM Martyn Bradbury: IAN McKELVIE to the Minister for Primary Industries: What announcements has he made on boosting productivity and environmental outcomes in the primary sector?

2:20 PM Martyn Bradbury: Ian looks chuffed at getting to ask a question

2:20 PM David Cunliffe: MB: yes but it innoculates a running sore and (wrongly) provides and excuse for asset sales…

2:21 PM David Cunliffe: Nathan Guy puts on his best farmer voice to talk dirty about fertiliser

2:21 PM Martyn Bradbury: Nathan Guy always manages to underwhlem, it never matters what he does

2:22 PM David Cunliffe: IHe even underwhelms and underwhelming

2:22 PM David Cunliffe: at not and

2:22 PM Martyn Bradbury: Damien O’Conner taking a swing

2:23 PM David Cunliffe: Damien O’Connor seeks detail on the Primary Growth (subsidies for farmers) Partnership

2:24 PM Martyn Bradbury: Dr DAVID CLARK to the Minister for Economic Development: Why has the number of small business start-ups declined from an average of 8,000 a year under the previous Government to fewer than 5,500 under

2:24 PM David Cunliffe: David Clark notes the decline in number o small businesses over recent years, Joyce smarms that it is his first ED question, gets a ticking off …

2:25 PM David Cunliffe: JOyce then tries to shift the stats to 2008 – its always Labour’ss fault… and the GFC’s … and the weather… and Tony Ryall’s ties…

2:26 PM Martyn Bradbury: How often can Joyce blame the global financial crisis where National’s neoliberal policy philosophy fell off the side of a cliff

2:26 PM David Cunliffe: D Clark notes teh rising compliance cost of filing fees for small businesses – Joyce has no idea.

2:26 PM Martyn Bradbury: Someone woke the Troll, John Banks is asking a question

2:27 PM David Cunliffe: John Banks rises from the crypt to ask a patsy

2:29 PM Martyn Bradbury: National Party acting like an actual pack of bullies in a school yard

2:29 PM David Cunliffe: David Clark calls the charges a cross subsidy from small to large businesses. Joyce cant answer,

2:30 PM Martyn Bradbury: David Clark making a valient stand by pointing out National’s support of small business is just lip service

2:30 PM David Cunliffe: Joyce tries to answer a different question. DCl raises a oint of order. Speaker defends Minister. Surpising (not)

2:31 PM David Cunliffe: JOyce covering for Banks on “standards” for small businesses (and large greman billionaires)

2:31 PM David Cunliffe: German…

2:33 PM David Cunliffe: Point of order from trevor mallard. Speaker gives blanket ruling that “political questions” open up any answer…

2:33 PM Martyn Bradbury: Mallard and Joyce having an arm wrestle

2:33 PM David Cunliffe: And Cosgrove and Banks follow on.

2:33 PM Martyn Bradbury: JULIE ANNE GENTER to the Minister of Transport: Does he agree with Auckland business leaders Michael Barnett and Kim Campbell that the Auckland City Rail Link is a “game-changing project …

2:33 PM Martyn Bradbury: which is ready to go”; if so, will he prioritise the project so that it can be up and running by 2021?

2:35 PM Martyn Bradbury: Genter pointing out that if the loop is right thing to do, why not start it now?

2:35 PM David Cunliffe: JAG searching for reasons for Govt u turn on City Rail Link..

2:36 PM David Cunliffe: JAG notes the CRL can move more people than 12 lanes of motorway- sowhy delay it?

2:36 PM David Cunliffe: Woodhouse answers a differnet quesstion – the one he had wished was asked.

2:38 PM Martyn Bradbury: Busses will be over capacity by 2021 – Woodhouse has nothing t counter

2:39 PM David Cunliffe: JAG – vehicle trips are down and public transport trips are up, so why not advnace the CRL funding?

2:40 PM Martyn Bradbury: won’t allow the graph that shows how out of whack National’s public transport spending is to be tabled

2:40 PM David Cunliffe: The Government has had no vision for transport, and is a follower not a leader in transport issues

2:41 PM Martyn Bradbury: National has all the politocal vision of a blind cyclops when it comes to public transport

2:41 PM David Cunliffe: Jonathan the Younger – what reports blah blah blah ?

2:41 PM Martyn Bradbury: Question 6 JONATHAN YOUNG to the Minister of Tourism: What recent reports has he received on the number of tourists coming to New Zealand?

2:42 PM David Cunliffe: Chris tremain: looks like he is on steroids “GREAT NEWS” about what?

2:42 PM David Cunliffe: Tremain is taking body language lessons It isnt working.

2:43 PM Martyn Bradbury: Not sure how wanting to drill more and mine more in NZ to make us as polluted as the places these tourists are holidaying away from is very strategic

2:43 PM David Cunliffe: I have to say, for the benefit of readers – thatThursday QT is sometimes hilarious, sometimes ragged, and sometimes as tidy as early season club rugby…

2:44 PM David Cunliffe: Today is just ragged.

2:44 PM Martyn Bradbury: Question 7 DENIS O’ROURKE to the Prime Minister: Has he read the open letter to him dated 25 June 2013 written on behalf of the quake families who lost 185 of their loved ones in the collapse of the

2:44 PM
Martyn Bradbury: CTV building in the February 2011 earthquake?

2:44 PM David Cunliffe: Oh no not Steven Joyce again… National must have no condfidence in its middle bench. DREARY

2:45 PM David Cunliffe: O’Rouke (NZF) highlights real deficincies in the CTV building collapse engineering reports…

2:45 PM Martyn Bradbury: It seems a bit rude not to have a letter from the families of the grieving

2:46 PM David Cunliffe: ONceagan, national misses the opportunity to show real ledership on this, leaving the quake families hanging despite and explicit promise from the PM that they would receive from govt..

2:47 PM David Cunliffe: … fro legal fees

2:47 PM David Cunliffe: .. to prosecute the alleged neglience inlight of the Royal Commission findings. Joyce hides behind police process..

2:48 PM Martyn Bradbury: People of Christchurch deserve better leadership than that

2:48 PM Martyn Bradbury: SUE MORONEY to the Minister of Women’s Affairs: Has she requested or received any briefings from Ministry officials on the Equal Pay Act case, which commenced this week in the Employment Court?

2:48 PM David Cunliffe: Sue Moroney on the Equal Pay Act…

2:48 PM David Cunliffe: BUt Jo Goodhew has not bothered to get a briefing on it….

2:49 PM David Cunliffe: Maestro Coleman to the rescue – question is beofre the courts. Speker notes difference between in order and sub judice.

2:51 PM David Cunliffe: Why did govt not appear as an intervener in teh Christine Bartlett equal pay case? Minister f Womens Affairs has not seen it r accepted responsibility for it…

2:51 PM David Cunliffe: Winston on the case – teases out the sub judice rule…

2:51 PM Martyn Bradbury: If the Minister of Women’s affairs doesn’t think equal pay is something she should be concerned about – what does she think the Ministry should be involved in?

2:52 PM David Cunliffe: Once again, zero leadership from this directionless National Govt.

2:53 PM David Cunliffe: Simpson toBUrrows on changes tocriminal proceedure ..

2:54 PM Martyn Bradbury: question 9 SCOTT SIMPSON to the Minister for Courts: What progress is being made on preparing for changes to criminal procedure next week?

2:54 PM Martyn Bradbury: I don’t think Chester is being very honest – most lawyers are screaming over the reforms

2:54 PM David Cunliffe: BOrrows: changes “Speed up unnecessary court events”… like access to justice…

2:55 PM Martyn Bradbury: removing jury trials for sentences of less than 2 years seems pretty draconian

2:55 PM David Cunliffe: ….part of the creeping, steady, insidious erosion of civil liberties…that is currently being snuck past NZers by stealth…

2:56 PM Martyn Bradbury: DARIEN FENTON to the Minister of Labour: Does he stand by his statement to the Safeguard conference that the Ministry’s programme includes an increase in the number of health and safety inspectors fro

2:56 PM Martyn Bradbury: from the current 139 to 158, all with increased capability; if so, will all 158 inspectors be in place by 1 July 2013?

2:57 PM David Cunliffe: Coiunting headds on mine inspectors…. necessary but not exciting…

2:58 PM David Cunliffe: Bridges: “I am such a busy minister that….”

2:58 PM David Cunliffe: DF: Good line: “from changing the game to shifting the blame”

2:58 PM Martyn Bradbury: “I am such a busy Minister that…’ isn’t far from ‘do you know who i am’

2:59 PM Martyn Bradbury: TE URUROA FLAVELL to the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment: What feedback, if any, has he received about the impact that the new restrictions in student allowance eligibility for

2:59 PM Martyn Bradbury: those aged 40 and over will have on the goal to increase the number of Māori students enjoying success at higher qualification levels, particularly the significant numbers of Māori who have accessed

2:59 PM David Cunliffe: Uruoa Flavell not talking about gambling…wonder why..?

2:59 PM Martyn Bradbury: second chance education opportunities?

3:00 PM Martyn Bradbury: very long question – seems like a bit of a gamble

3:00 PM Martyn Bradbury: oh, you beat me to the gambling gag

3:00 PM David Cunliffe: JOyce recites increases in maori participation in tertiary eucation…

3:01 PM Martyn Bradbury: If his gambling bill is any record of the ground Flavell has to get away to get anything on te agenda, Maori students may be praying for him to stop talking about them

3:01 PM David Cunliffe: MB its emblematic of the slow decline of the Maori party I am afraid…

3:02 PM Martyn Bradbury: IAIN LEES-GALLOWAY to the Associate Minister of Transport: When was he or his predecessor first made aware of concerns about the installation and operation of security cameras used in taxis and the re

3:02 PM David Cunliffe: JOyce cites regions where student numbers have grown, but in 8 regions the number of places has dropped – despite the recession…

3:02 PM Martyn Bradbury: regular failure of some cameras to deliver images that Police could use to investigate allegations of violent crimes?

3:04 PM David Cunliffe: ILG : Why has it taken the minister 8 months to achieve nothing, drop the ball on these malfunctioning cameras….

3:05 PM David Cunliffe: …,up to 50% of cameras currently installed not working …..

3:05 PM David Cunliffe: Ut wait – there are more bonus questions to come…

3:05 PM Martyn Bradbury: I’m not sure shrugging and hoping the free market will work it all out is much of a response

3:06 PM Martyn Bradbury: Questions to members

3:06 PM Martyn Bradbury: Dr MEGAN WOODS to the Chairperson of the Education and Science Committee: When will he present the report on the 2013/14 Estimates Review for Vote Education to the House?

3:06 PM David Cunliffe: Woods to Chair of Science Committee –

3:07 PM Martyn Bradbury: Dr MEGAN WOODS to the Chairperson of the Education and Science Committee: Was he contacted by the Minister of Education, her staff or her officials following her appearance at the hearing of evidence

3:07 PM Martyn Bradbury: on the 2013/14 Estimates Review for Vote Education yesterday concerning her readiness to return to the Committee at a later date to answer questions around the responses to 2013/14 Estimates Review fo

3:07 PM David Cunliffe: Speaker rules second question out….

3:08 PM Martyn Bradbury: for Vote Education questions received by the Committee; if so, what was the nature of any discussion?

3:08 PM David Cunliffe: Chairman Calder answers the third questsion… gotcha…

3:08 PM Martyn Bradbury: Dr MEGAN WOODS to the Chairperson of the Education and Science Committee: Did he invite the Minister of Education to return to the Committee for further questioning on the 2013/14 Estimates Review for

3:09 PM Martyn Bradbury: Vote Education?

3:09 PM David Cunliffe: Noisy nat backbench, joyous Megan Woods repeasts question…

3:10 PM David Cunliffe: Trevor is on a point of order to keep the question line going – it chews house time…

3:11 PM David Cunliffe: woods gets another chance…

3:11 PM David Cunliffe: ….although questions to members are only allowed to be on proceedural matters…

3:12 PM Martyn Bradbury: at pains to defend the Minister

3:12 PM Martyn Bradbury: and it is painful

3:12 PM Martyn Bradbury: Dr MEGAN WOODS to the Chairperson of the Education and Science Committee: On which date and time did he receive the Minister of Education’s written responses to the 2013/14 Estimates Review for Vote E

3:12 PM Martyn Bradbury: ducation?

3:13 PM David Cunliffe: back on line after brief drop out…

3:13 PM Martyn Bradbury: You are not missing much, it’s Cam Calder

3:14 PM Martyn Bradbury: Dr MEGAN WOODS to the Chairperson of the Education and Science Committee: Did he agree to an extension of the due date and time set by the Committee for the Minister of Education’s written responses

3:14 PM Martyn Bradbury: to the 2013/14 Estimates Review for Vote Education?

3:14 PM David Cunliffe: Megan Woods gets a 5th question to Calder. The House waits with baited breath for the reply….

3:15 PM Martyn Bradbury: admission of confusion

3:15 PM Martyn Bradbury: round of apllause

3:16 PM Martyn Bradbury: and that is the week from he debating chamber

3:16 PM Martyn Bradbury: thank you David Cunliffe for being our first guest commentator

3:16 PM David Cunliffe: and thats all folks – I will will leave you as I am speaking in first replyy on the next bill – the Car Park Tax Bill

3:16 PM Martyn Bradbury: have a great weekend

3:16 PM David Cunliffe: Great being with you all Hope you keep it going…

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