Did Key Spy on Dunne?


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David Henry made a decision on who was guilty without reading Dunne’s emails? There’s a Tui advert in there somewhere.

Did Key use any intelligence agency to unlock Dunne’s emails or was it just a nod and a wink to Parliamentary Services?

Prime Ministers aren’t given the power to just spy on politicians emails for a reason. This isn’t a good look for democracy or due process.

If Key knows what is in the emails, he will know that Vance was using Dunne to verify facts she already knew. Those who were the original leak to Vance will be concerned how much further Key wants to go.


  1. This is starting to remind me of Watergate. One thread is sticking out, start pulling it and see what happens.

    “In the pages of history we have learned
    Nero he boogied while his Rome it burned
    When you do the boogie it feels real great
    They will even boogie at PeterDunnegate”

    (Apologies to James Cotton Blues Band)

    • I can’t help thinking that there’s something missing. The seppos had the Senate, the lower house, and the Supreme Court in a framework which could actually pressure Nixon and investigate the dirty deeds. We have a parliament where a majority of one gives it absolute power, courts which won’t undertake any sort of investigation, intelligence agencies which are the Praetorian guard of the PM, and a bought and paid for Governor General. In practice we have no protection from a leader who develops a Napoleon complex. What would he have to do before any safeguards became apparent?

  2. The time is now for Dunne to do something right in his political career. It may not erase the fact that he is the lapdog for any sitting government no matter what side they are on, but if he votes against this GCSB bill he will have won back some dignity. In my eyes at least.

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