The Daily Blog Launches Innovative LIVE! Platform

TDB-Live-top-right-logoAt 2pm today The Daily Blog will launch its realtime interactive platform TDB Live! Kicking off at 2pm MP David Cunliffe will be the first guest commentator to take part in TDB Live’s Parliamentary Question Time feature PQT. The Live platform will provide real-time political opinion and debate, an initiative that places the audience at the heart of The Daily Blog’s community…


At 2pm on Tuesday 25th June, David Cunliffe will be the first Parliamentary Question Time guest commentator to feature on The Daily Blog Live! – a new interactive online platform providing real-time political opinion to the blogging community.

The Daily Blog Live! (TDB Live!) is an associated site to the successful The Daily Blog and is co-launched by TDB editor Martyn Bradbury and TDB Live’s creator and editor, new media specialist, Selwyn Manning.

Manning says: “The Live! element is a significant evolution for blogs in New Zealand as it places the audience right at the heart of the blog. The site pulls together innovative online tools so audiences can interact with each other, discuss and debate the big issues, all in one place, in real-time, from wherever they may be.”

TDB-Open-Mic-Register-600aFrom 2pm Tuesday, guests and visitors will communicate with the Live! site via Live-Skype talkback, video interviews, Live-open mic (chat-back) and text commentary direct from the debating chamber.

TDB Recommends

Martyn Bradbury says TDB Live! has been inspired by online trends seen on international websites such as the Huffington Post and Al Jazeera.

“TDB Live! has examined the best of these trends and has created an interactive-hub containing relevant national content for Aotearoa-based New Zealanders and for Kiwis living abroad.” 

”The Live element is a large evolution for blogs in New Zealand and it will offer the blogging community a real time opinion feed. The Daily Blog continues to get over 200 000 page views per month despite only launching 4 months ago,” he says.

Martyn Bradbury will host the first Parliamentary Question Time commentary session with guest David Cunliffe on Tuesday 25th June at 2pm.

In addition to the launch of TDB Live!, The Daily Blog is pleased to welcome:
-Julie Anne Genter, Green Party MP and Transport spokesperson providing weekly blogs on national transport issues.
-Simon Prast, providing blogs on the Arts and Politics.
-CPAG (Child Poverty Action Group), blogging fortnightly on the issues surrounding children in poverty.

They join The Daily Blog’s current line up: Aaron Hawkins, Allan Alach, Amanda Kennedy, Charles Chauvel, Chris Flatt, Chris Trotter, Coley Tangerina, Dianne Khan, Dr Wayne Hope, Efeso Collins, Frank Macskasy, Gareth Renowden, James Dean, James Ritchie, Julie Fairey, John Minto, Keith Locke, Laila Harre, Latifa Daud, Lynn Prentice, Marama Davidson, Matt Robson, Michael Timmins, Mika, Mike Treen, Morgan Godfery, Penny Hulse, Phoebe Fletcher, Professor Jane Kelsey, Queen of Thorns, Steve Gray, Stuart Nash, Sue Bradford, The Jackal, The Liberal Agenda, The Nomad, Tim Selwyn & Wayne Butson. 


  1. via Live-Skype talkback

    You had me right up till that moment. I uninstalled Skype when MS bought it.

    • The Live-Skype talkback is just one way to interact. There is live text-chat (we are calling it Open Mic ChatBack). You can also go live connecting to the video/audio talkback with FaceTime or similar apps installed on Mac, Linux etc. All we need to do is capture from a desktop – and you are able to join in.

      • Gareth Hughes of the Green Party is hosting a live on-line debate about deep sea oil drilling this Wednesday, 26 June at 8:00pm. His email notification invited me to email questions in before the debate, wouldn’t it be a good idea if you guys did the same?
        If you do decide to go ahead with this idea here’s my question…
        Why do politicians keep pontificating about growing the economy when we know the whole capitalist system is broken? Wikipedia informs me that even a modest growth rate of 2.5% per annum leads to a doubling of the GDP within 29 years. We are rapidly running out of the resources to sustain any rate of growth and, if we continue to use the fossil fuels reserves that have already been discovered, our time on this planet is probably over.
        Here’s the question I emailed in to Gareth Hughes… If the already discovered fossil fuel reserves were used it would be “game over” for us on this planet. Why aren’t the Greens pushing this salient fact when attacking the government’s plans to find even more reserves?

    • @ DtB – as they do as ‘free marketeers’. Professing to love competition, ‘level playing fields’, good corporate citizenship, work-life balancing, and a heap of other buzz – they then spend their entire existences aiming for market dominance, monopoly positions, racketeering with politicians and anyone else they can bribe (either directly or indirectly), THEN try and impress us all with philanthropic endeavour.
      I de-skyped too!

      Now there might be a good subject for the first such ‘liveness’. NZ’s Commerce Commission – whether it’s as week as gnats piss, or whether it actually earns its keep. After all, they seem to be ‘comfortable’ with the duopoly, even the monopoly on occasion.

      Bloody good idea tho’ (TDB Live), and one can’t blame the ‘stakeholders’ (erk fckn erk!!!) for the environment in which they have to work.

  2. Innovative, interesting and definitely worth checking out. I prefer following question time over the radio or Parliament TV though, the TDB LIVE option may distract a bit from focusing on what is asked and how it is answered. I love to dissect and analyse the answers by ministers, and also watch their body language. It is often very telling.

    But we will see how it may work.

  3. “Martyn Bradbury will host the first Parliamentary Question Time commentary session with guest David Cunliffe on Tuesday 25th June at 2pm.”

    I see how that will work, yes, it will be a great addition and is pioneering, for sure. It will further marginalise the useless MSM.

  4. Oh My Dog! Great!!! But I need to get out of this chair sometime and exercise–I’m losing the muscles in my legs!

  5. This is a loser suggestion after all, I am thoroughly disappointed. It will not help TDB. The “left” is in danger of extermination, I am afraid, I see no hope and prospects, too many jumping ship.

    So wait for the NZ “Adolf” perhaps.

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