PM thinks ‘Hey you’ is Maori Party candidates name



PM on Maori Party’s byelection candidate: Ha or Na?
Prime Minister John Key has put in a pitch for the Maori Party’s candidate in Ikaroa-Rawhiti – just don’t ask him what the candidate’s name is.

Asked who he wanted to win the by-election, Mr Key said the Maori Party candidate because of the Maori Party’s support agreement with National. “I hear very good things about him and he’s working hard on the ground.”

However, asked what the Maori Party’s candidate’s name was, he answered “Ha, isn’t it?” before correcting himself to “Na. Na, it’s Na.”

There’s no greater endorsement of the Maori Party than the Prime Minister not even remembering their candidates name in the current by-election. What has all those swallowed rats and sitting at the table earned the Maori Party?


If Na comes 3rd in Ikaroa-Rawhiti, it will be the death rattle for the Maori Party.

How many potential coalition partners can John Key burn off before 2014?

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