It’s not the first time Whaleoil has killed the Truth



The Truth newspaper to stop publishing
On a day that saw Mediaworks call in receivers, it emerged that tabloid newspaper The Truth will cease publishing after more than 125 years.

TRUTH? You want the TRUTH? Cameron Slater couldn’t handle the Truth. Oh the laughs this all generates about killing the Truth, murdering the Truth, ending your association with the Truth etc etc etc.

Schadenfreude aside, the demise of the last great dame of NZ Newspapers is just another footnote on the path to the eventual death of the old news empires.

As far as I can ascertain, and as much as I would love to twist the knife, the Truth’s end has far more to do with the sudden departure of the Crowe Brothers than mismanagement by Cam (although there is some joy to be had in watching the two slash each other in the comments section of Cam’s post).

When Joe Lose employed me to write a column at The Truth, I had recommended Cam also write a column in the hope honest money would lesson Cam’s desperation to do dirty deeds cheaply. I felt that Joe was trying to turn the newspaper back to its blue collar roots and respected that, but Cam threw that offer back in Joe’s face and threatened to go over his head. A few months later he did just that and had Joe dumped as editor, I decided the day Cam was announced Editor to quit at that point.

As much as some may delight in Cam’s failure, I think a hurt and angry Whaleoil is far more dangerous than an employed one.

Expect his blog to plumb new depths of the sewer.

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  1. It seems to me he is permanently hurt and angry, that one. As well as a whole raft of other adjectives I will restrain myself from sharing…

  2. The comment section on Whaleoil has even worse “content” than that on YouTube. I totally regret clicking that link and wasting my time on worthless blabber. Looking at the Whaleoil comment section PROVES that moderating comments is about the smartest move there is. Do you get countless trolling cretins trying to post pointless drivel on this site Bomber e.g. “Hey ya dumb arse DOH! Cam has the #1 blog in NZ so he’s still kicking ya lefty nut job Gweens arse so piss off”, “Later looser”, “Good. Fuck Off C**ty.” etc? The noise to content ratio in the comments area there is seriously like 50:1, and makes the whole point of comments (i.e. to comment, critique and discuss) completely useless.

  3. I can be a bit ruff when I have a go at someone – both Stuart and Frank have felt my wrath – indeed I kick Gosman a bit as well – But they are all big boy’s, they argue back. But whaleoil is sick and twisted, I wouldn’t even think of passing a comment there – they would probably pass out my email address.

  4. Back on topic, meanwhile…

    I wonder if they hired Slater to be editor to bring the “popularity” of his blogsite over to Truth.

    If so, they miscalculated.

    Slater’s blogsite is free. Truth costs (excuse the pun). So transferring Slater’s blog readership over to Truth was never going to work.

  5. I notice it seems like it is common practice for sub-moderators on his blog to now post email addresses etc. of anyone who makes a critical comment?

  6. I read that as Media Works has gone into recievership and is now being sold back to virtually the same people again, it is going to weasel its way out of paying $22 million in tax it owes to the people of New Zealand

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