The Dunne & Vance Theory 1


Peter-Dunne-5bThe following blog is speculation.

What if there is far more going on behind the Dunne/Vance relationship than we are seeing?

What if Peter Dunne didn’t in fact leak the GCSB report?

What if someone else was the initial leak to Vance?

What if Andrea Vance used Dunne to confirm what she had been told and the multiple emails each day aren’t flirtations, they are Vance peppering Dunne with yes/no confirmations of what she already knows?

Who else would leak and why?

Tomorrow: Who are the ‘Blue Patriots’?

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  1. All good questions, and Dunne’s press conference added more questions than they answered…

    And ione has to ask, what was the reference that Dunne made to “having done something stupid”?

    It’s ironic that the media – the Dominion Post in this case – has not answered these questions. It’s almost like we need a Media to investigate the Media, when questions they create are not answered. (I guess that is what Blogs are for.)

    In simple terms; WTF is going on?

  2. What I’ve been asking myself is:

    Why would Dunne intentionally leak against the GCSB when he was committed to voting for a bill that expanded its powers?

  3. for awhile i have been wondering if the self-censoring of emails wasn’t about leaks..

    ..but more dunne covering up his ‘old-fool’ thang…

    ..he was so repeatedly emphatic that he didn’t leak..

    ..and that coupled with his undefined mea culpa/embarrassment has led me to that conclusion..

    ..a theory which of course still leaves hanging the questions:..

    ..who did leak..?..and perhaps more importantly..why..?..

    phillip ure..

  4. I’ve always believed Dunn isn’t the leaker. It just doesn’t fit with his character. The only thing that came out of the press interview was that he knew more than he was willing to let on. I’m not convinced that he quit his roles out of principle in having considered committing a crime (but not actually committing it). He decided that resigning and keeping the secret(s) to himself was preferable to revealing them. This government has moved so far away from any commitment to truth that the waters it is swimming in are becoming murkier and murkier. Dunn stepped into some quicksand and the best he could do was to sink with as much dignity as he could manage, Aaron Gilmore (a lesser pawn) stepped into some before him. Whose next?

    • Sorry sir, the “subject stated” doesn’t literally record the subject header, but rather whether or not a subject is stated.

      For example “Re: Access to my briefcase in exchange for access to your underwear drawer” would be subject stated: yes, whereas “(no subject)” would be subject stated: no.

    • Thanks, BoT.

      Interesting document from Henry.

      Reading Henry’s report – where it relates to Dunne – I had the feeling that at the Press Conference Dunne held, where he seemed to be apologising… I think in his mind he was apologising through the media to one person only, his wife.

      That’s why he wasn’t making sense to us. His apology wasn’t meant for anyone except his own partner…

      Just guessing…

  5. Check out Dunnes bio on Wikipedia . He was in the thick of things from the ’70’s on . That bugger’s been dipped in secrets . He’ll have so many secrets he’ll be confused about what year it is much less about most recent events .
    Dunne reminds me of the Hans Brinker story … Trouble is , Dunnes running out of fingers and the dam just want stop leaking .
    The Truth’s a comin’ , and about bloody time .

  6. An interesting perspective.

    What I tire of is the media’s sensational coverage on behaviour based on conjecture; Dunne infatuated with Vance – this type of pathetic coverage just diverges away from any real in-depth analysis. Similar situation found with the Gilmore case.

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