How stupid is Breakfast on TVNZ?


Seriously – why would educated people ever watch Breakfast on TVNZ when this is what passes as ‘debate’?


I don’t watch Breakfast – why would you when you have Firstline, but’The Daily Roast’ is Breakfast’s dumbest feature playing to the dumbest part of their audience. Somehow they manage to make Seven Sharp look sophisticated.

What’s next? ‘Is it ok for women to use their lungs to breath without express permission from their husbands and or fathers? A slap across the face of evolution or a an empowered decision?

Here were some of my favorites from twitter when I posted on it…

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 11.09.55 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 11.10.07 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 11.10.17 PM

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…it’s like Breakfast is stuck in the 1940s.



  1. Every day, I give thanks to the God of Broadcasting for Radio NZ. Without it, I would become one of the torpid, disconnected consumers in Bradbury’s Farenheit 451.

  2. Hi Martyn, in our discussion on air made it clear we don’t think it’s OK for a woman to be judged for her choice. The discussion stemmed from a Sunday story from our Australian affiliates, in which women say they feel judged for their active choice not to procreate.

    Here’s a link:

    Our tweet was a 140 character call for feedback; since these woman say they feel judged for their choice, we wanted to know if such a current of feeling either for or against their choice exists in New Zealand society. It was in no way an indication of how the show feels, and if anything, our on air discussion made it clear how against the attitude our presenters felt.

    Jonathan Williams
    Breakfast Producer

    • Good on you for fronting up to criticism on The Daily Blog. The present government wouldn’t even allow itself to be interviewed on an Insight Documentary on National Radio about its relationship with Auckland City Council. Being prepared to front up and argue your point of view always deserves respect.

    • Hi Jonathan. I think one of the points that you might be missing is that the tweeted question is framed in a negative way towards women. For me, who is child free by choice, I found it offensive that you refer to the choice not procreate as “a slap in the face of nature”. We are not mindless animals who breed simply because we have the biological ability to do so. Why did you find it necessary to use such inflammatory language that will only rark up the members of society who are stuck in 50’s ideals and expectations of womanhood? Secondly, it’s a decision. A considered decision that a person makes about their future. However I don’t understand what part of that decision defines it as an empowered one. When we made our decision all those years ago, neither of us felt “empowered”. Because you are making a decision that affects your life that society disproves of you are not in any way empowered. You are making that decision for yourself, not as a reaction to society.
      Good on you though, for submitting your thoughts on the Daily Blog – it’s helpful to get your perspective. Perhaps in future think about framing your debates about personal choice in a more sensitive and thoughtful manner.

      • Hi Rosie – agreed; the tweet wasn’t the best written thing we’ve ever thrown out into the interwebs. Please rest assured we never meant to insult or demean anyone. 🙂

    • ahh. An Australian affiliate farts, so we must discuss it. in typically wink-nod blokey tones.

      If you are stretched for things to discuss, I’m sure dailyblog readers can supply you with links to a wide range of genuine news. How about Syria: does the Sarin fairy leave dirty Assad fingerprints, or is the US repackaging its WMD BS to distract from sponging the entire world’s data?

  3. What’s there to expect? After all, this is a show which in the past hosted a bigoted fool’s venom. So inflated in his sense of importance thinking he’ll be a hit in Australia, they rapidly grew sick of him and out he went.

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