5AA Australia: Selwyn Manning & Peter Godfrey On Whether GCSB Spied On Aussies

5AA's Peter Godfrey and Selwyn Manning.

– Selwyn Manning and Peter Godfrey’s Across The Ditch was Recorded LIVE on 13/06/13.

This week Selwyn and Peter discuss whether New Zealand’s intelligence agency, the GCSB, has been spying on Aussies.

In the wake of revelations that the United States has been trawling the globe with a huge data net called PRISM, New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key was asked whether the GCSB has been engaging in reciprocol intelligence operations with member countries of the Five Eyes intelligence network.

First, the Prime Minister John Key is refusing to say if New Zealand’s spy agency the GCSB has been used to spy on the citizens of other countries.

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The questions sharpened in focus this week after news broke of the USA’s PRISM scandal.

Key was questioned on whether reciprocal data collection has been occurring.

Specifically, he refused to rule out that the NZ GCSB has been collecting data on citizens of other countries, including members of the Five Eyes network, and then passing that data on to that

He also refused to rule out whether New Zealand’s spy agencies receives data acquired on Kiwis from its Five-Eyes counterpart agencies.

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, and the USA are the members of the Five Eyes spy network.

It is the latest angle in a long saga of the smoke and mirrors genre…

Second, you may remember how last week we talked about a war among the centrist political parties New Zealand First and United Future – and How NZ First leader Winston Peters was accusing United’s leader Peter Dunne of leaking a Government report into New Zealand’s GCSB spy agency.

Well, the week ended with Peter Dunne resigning as Minister of Revenue, admitting that he had exchanged around 80 emails with the journalist in the days prior to her publishing details of the then secret report.

Dunne holds onto his 30 year political career by a thread, he insists he did not leak the report but accepts he was stupid.

But even if he did leak the report, were his actions any worse than other faceless Kiwi bureaucrats who have got away with handing over secret and classified Cabinet papers to foreign embassies?

For more on these issues, see: For Honour, For Principle or Personal-Professional Gain – Will New Zealand’s Real Leakers and Moles Step Forward?

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