Why is Labour attacking Peter Dunne for being a whistleblower?



Labour lodges complaint over Dunne statement
Labour has lodged a Privileges complaint with the Speaker regarding Peter Dunne’s statement to the Finance and Expenditure Committee that he did not leak the Kitteridge report into the GCSB.

Labour leader David Shearer said Mr Dunne had denied leaking the report into the GCSB.

“Yet the outcome of the David Henry inquiry shows suspicion falls on Mr Dunne, who refuses to cooperate with the inquiry,” Mr Shearer said.

Why is Labour attacking Peter Dunne for being a whistleblower? Are they embarrassed by how effective Winston has been & are playing catchup? Shouldn’t Labour be more concerned by what was revealed as opposed to how it’s revealed? Over 80 NZers illegally spied on, be angry at that rather than getting sulky at how Winston has shown them up for the terribly lackluster opposition Party they are with his repositioning as National’s next coalition partner.

All Labour are doing with this is legitimize Peters position. Sell Dunne as a martyr who did what was right by the country in making sure the illegal spying on NZers reached the light of day. Instead of any focus on the illegal actions of the GCSB we have law experts on discussing the finer points of leaking to the media.

We are so easily led and Labour once again manage to make themselves utterly irrelevant to the debate. Would the NZ Labour Party also call for Edward Snowden to be arrested for whistleblowing on the NSA?

The GCSB must be laughing all the way to their spy base.

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  1. Dunne denied leaking the report. If that was an out-and-out lie by a Member of Parliament that fact needs to be established and the consequences borne.

    Dunne denied leaking the report. If that was true it leaves open the question of who did leak it, and as importantly, why.

    The current highly unsatisfactory position is that we don’t know if an MP lied to Parliament, or can be sure who the leaker was.

    The only person able to satisfactorily resolve the issue is Dunne, by establishing his guilt or innocence. Hence pressure must be brought to bear on him to do so.

  2. @Tiresias

    Talk about missing the point. The implications of a massive espionage and surveillance system being turned on the public of Aotearoa is much more important than the implications of a Minister of the Crown breaking the law. Much more.

    Yes, if Dunne did leak the report, he may well have broken the law. Many of us have broken the law, in various forms of civil disobedience, because we believe the law is wrong. This is actually part of the cut-and-thrust of the democratic process. Dunne may have broken the law, and he may not, but he has resigned his post until the matter is settled, which shows him to be more honourable that dozens of National ministers who should have fallen on their swords over issues like Novapay, and the shocking housing situation people are still putting up with in post-quake East Christchurch. Never though I’d be speaking in defence of the old goat for any reason, but these are interesting times…

  3. I luv watching as we inch towards a dictatorship. Public service is under funded, discredited and discounted. Government is becoming a side show for the real players – the corporate sector. It’s appallingly clear – our society has been commercialised. Thatcher won. The market WILL provide for the haves. The poor? Go to jail, do not pass go or collect $200. Or migrate to Oz, If you are allowed. Watch this space.

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