The Police need guns to protect themselves from us???



The latest excuse by the NZ Police as to why they need to be armed is difficult to swallow. Now the NZ Police claim it’s a saftey issue to protect them from us.

Seeing the high number of NZers the NZ Police kill each year from their dangerous pursuits policy, I’d suggest the NZ public have more to fear from being killed by cops than the other way around.

This latest justification as to why we need to arm the Police is in response to a study that one of their own has conducted into arming Police which shows that once cops have gun, they gain a false sense of power and superiority and rather than wait for back up tend to blunder into situations where they end up shooting people…

Hendy visited Norway, Sweden and Britain to speak to police and academics about the effect of officers carrying guns. Staff in England, Wales and Norway are not routinely armed but the Swedes are.

“In Sweden, the risk is … when they go into dangerous situations, they think, ‘I can deal with this because I have a firearm.’

“In Norway, they wait for more staff … In Sweden, they don’t wait, and find themselves in dangerous situations.

…and it will be the mentally ill and of course Maori offenders who get shot most. We’ve seen it with the Tasers and we will see it if we arm the cops. We know the deeply ingrained racism prevalent in sentencing young Maori offenders as opposed to their white offenders, so god only knows how high the kill ratio for young brown offenders will spiral if we give cops guns.

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As public servants, we must ensure the safety of Police, but at what cost to the public? we’ve seen Police Cheerleader Greg O’Conner religiously repeat his mantra to arm even when the situation isn’t justifiable.

In this example, two Police Officers entered a home on a random warentless search based on little else other than, ‘I can smells me some marijuana’ only to be ambushed by the paranoid stoner. In this case O’Conner’s ‘more guns now’ would have only worked if the Police had entered the house with guns drawn.

Think about that, do you really want to give undertrained Police the powers to conduct random warrentless searches in your house with guns drawn?

How the Christ is that going to make NZ a safer place? Bursting into peoples homes with warrantees searches with guns drawn in the hands of undertrained cops??????

Really? That’s the solution? Remember the Dargaville party?

The violence began after a nearby Brethren Church complained that members had been threatened by youths who yelled abuse and then smashed letterboxes and signs on Gordon St, around the corner from where the police were attacked.

A policeman tracked the youths to the house and when he tried to arrest one, party-goers became aggressive.

He called for help and was joined by a colleague, who helped subdue the crowd with pepper spray.

But a 9-year-old child was hit by the spray and the furious people began to beat and kick the officers.

…right. So the Exclusive Brethren who run Dargaville like the head scarfed mafia complain to the local constabulary that dem kids from across the tracks are playing up, leading to the Police going onto the private property of the party to arrest someone they claim has annoyed the Exclusive Brethren. The crowd turn nasty at this, in response to that, one officer pepper sprays the crowd hitting a 9 year old child and the incensed crowd kick the snot out of the Police.

So how exactly would handing out the glocks have helped that situation? Poorly trained cops swaggering into homes with guns on their hips are a recipe for funerals.

Let’s keep the guns out of Police hands, because despite O’Conner’s claim that the Police need protecting from us, it’s the us who will keep dying if he gets his way.



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