Beware of unstable government!



John Key - Peter Dunne - John Banks


In case anyone has missed it, Dear Leader and his Ministers have been consistantly spreading the message,  warning us about the potential perils of a Labour-Green-Mana(-NZ First?) coalition government.


Only National can provide a strong stable Government that keeps debt down and delivers on jobs. The alternative is big spending, big borrowing, and huge uncertainty.  Any way you look at it – a Labour-led Government would owe our future.” – Steven Joyce, 22 November 2011


If anyone thinks Labour and the Greens are going to deliver stable government, they’d better think again.” – John Key, 19 July 2012


The sharemarket value of Contact Energy, Trust Power and Infratil shares alone fell by more than NZ$300 million yesterday afternoon. That value was taken out of the pockets of hard-working KiwiSavers, the New Zealand Super Fund and small shareholders across New Zealand. If Labour and the Greens could do that in just a few hours, imagine what they would do if they ever got near being in government.” – Steven Joyce, 19 April 2013


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There is not going to be a difference between centre left and centre right; it’s going to be a Labour government dominated by the Greens.

This would be the issue of 2014 and voters needed to be aware of the differences.

All of those differences between Labour and the Greens will need to be reconciled by Election Day.

If there is to be no Transmission Gully if a Labour/Green’s Government gets in then we need to understand that; they won’t be able to fudge that.” – John Key, May, 2013


Normally, elections are fought between the centre left and the centre right. That is not what’s going to take place next year. David Shearer has cut his cloth and it is wrapped around Russel Norman … that now becomes an election between the centre right and the far left.” – John Key, 28 May 2013


Well, we’ve seen “unstability” since November 2011.

One of National’s coalition Ministers was investigated by the Police for electoral fraud,  is now before the courts facing a private prosecution, charged with filing a false electoral return.

Another coalition Minister has just resigned his portfolios after allegations that he leaked document(s) to a journalist.

And National’s other coalition partner, the  Maori Party, seems unsure how many co-leaders it has;


Three co-leaders of the Maori Party


I think from now on, Key and his ministerial cronies may lie low a bit and keep comments of “unstable government” to themselves.

Instability? We’re seeing it now, in spades.

This blogger is picking an early general election – this year.

After that, this country can settle down to a coalition government of stability. One that doesn’t include Key, Banks, Dunne, et al.

About bloody time.


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  1. Here’s an interesting, albeit scary scenario whereby the Nats and NZF could go into coalition.

    Over the weekend Winnie said asset sales are a deal breaker in terms of going into coalition with the Nats.

    John and his cronies would never go back on their asset sales policy, their egos wouldn’t allow it, right?

    What if the CIR goes ahead and the electorate votes resoundingly against asset sales.

    Teflon John could then say “we no longer have a mandate” (not that they ever had one) “and it’s because the Greens and Labour have stuffed things up”

    He could then back down on asset sales while saving face and open the door to a coalition with NZF.

    Just saying 😉

    Also, what are the odds of the Nats calling an early election? Doubtful I’d say but a confidence vote?

  2. Key says that an election race between National and Labour/Greens would be:
    “an election between the centre right and the far left”

    I wish. Only in Key’s twisted PR-driven universe could the NatACT coalition call itself “centre right”, even within the narrow confines of the parliamentary spectrum. Since when were fire sales of public property, public funding for totally unregulated schools, ruthless beneficiary-bashing, massive increasing in police state etc etc centre right?

    Barring some major shenanigans, the next election is really a race between Labour (centre right) and the Greens (centre left), between those who want a Clark-style, slightly gentler, neoliberal continuation of Nat’s neoconservative policy direction, and those who want to break with “business as usual” and reinvent this country as a pluralistic, community-driven democracy. Between those who see business as an end in itself, and those who see business as a means to an end (providing for the needs of people within real environmental limitations).

    Even among Labour MPs, I know there are those who desire the latter. If the Greens have a large enough slice of any potential coalition pie, they will finally get to take the party back from the neoliberals. Can you hear that Mr Shearer? It’s the sound of democracy, it’s the sound of your ideological death…

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