Dunne is done


DOUBLE PLANKED: Dunne planks while also managing to walk the plank.

Peter Dunne resigns from ministerial role
United Future leader Peter Dunne has resigned as a Minister after he was found to have withheld information from an inquiry into a leak of a GCSB report.

I think Peter Dunne needs to take the word Future out of the title of his political party or he could face issues with the advertising standards authority for false promises.

Dunne was right to point out the terrible blunders within the GCSB so we must all respect him for that, but Dunne’s fall is Winston’s rise.

Winston has repositioned as the main coalition option for Key.

A vote for Winston is a vote for John Key.

Dunne’s demise is a symbolic ending to the political center ground. The next election will be decided by the extremes of the political spectrum to reflect the vast level of inequality we now have in NZ.

    Click here to read the David Henry report into who leaked the GCSB Kitteridge Report to Fairfax journalist Andrea Vance.


  1. No Fuuuuuuutttttchaaaa! or Public Image!!!!!! bye bye PD

    The next year is indeed about distilling it down and ‘cutting the crap’ and getting organised. Unite union, Te Mana and others have shown how this can be done.

  2. Watch John key go off script at the TVNZ story titled this:

    Peter Dunne resigns over spying leak scandal (2:36)

    (I am unable to cut and paste the link)

  3. One thing we know for sure from this level of distraction, obfuscation, lies, and political sacrifice: expose either the 85 or the 86 and the Keyster is gone.

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