Citizen A with Colin Craig & Dr Wayne Hope


Citizen A with Colin Craig & Dr Wayne Hope: Is Key the new Muldoon? What’s worse for education – Novopay or Charter Schools & why is Winston attacking Dunne?


  1. What nobody seems to mention in the debate over Charter Schools is that we already have a system for setting up “Special Character” schools, which currently includes both Kura Kaupapa and democratic schools like Discovery1 and Unlimited in Ōtautahi. What’s different about Charter Schools is not that they allow experiments with different styles of education, but that they can do so without having to employ registered teachers, or teach the NZ Curriculum.

    The NZ Curriculum has been attacked by NatACT supporters as if it were a prescriptive, and dictatorial propoganda tool, but in fact it’s extremely flexible. I have friends who homeschool, and even they have no problem teaching the Curriculum in the style of their choosing. All it does is lay out what sorts of skills should be taught in each of the standard subject areas (literacy, maths, science, social studies, health etc), at each age level.

    It’s both hilarious and frustrating to watch the doublethink involved in simultanously attacking the Curriculum as despotic state control of education, and defending the imposition of highly prescriptive national standards. Here’s a question, will Charter Schools have to conform to national standards?

  2. This episode of CITIZEN A worked well. When there’s a voice from the right (Matthew Hooton or Claudia Hauiti), it adds an extra perspective into the mix.

    I may not agree with Colin Craig, but listening to his points gave me more to think about.

    I hope he’s invited back.

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