NZ needs Charter Schools & Novopay like it needs Seven Sharp


And so it comes to pass, Charter Schools brought into effect and finally acknowledgment that Christchurch will bear the brunt of this free market educational experiment.

How a far right fantasy from a Party that only attained 1% in the last election can be seriously foisted upon the entire education sector with almost zero buy in from most stake holders suggests an ideological stormtrooper approach as opposed to a good idea that all wish to embrace.

That Charter Schools will operate in near secrecy doesn’t help quell concerns that the Government want to hide any problems that might undermine the process.

When our Associate Minister of Education is on record saying…

“If we continue the bankrupt response of just paying young Polynesian, young Maori men in south Auckland the dole to sit in front of TV, smoke marijuana, watch pornography and plan more drug offending and more burglaries, then we’re going to have them coming through our windows”.

…I’m really not convinced this is the kind of person we want any where near education.

With the Education Ministry slated over their Novopay incompetence…

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Novopay: Education Ministry slammed in report
The Education Ministry has been slammed in a report on the implementation of Novopay, while three Cabinet Ministers who signed off on the flawed payroll system have escaped scrutiny.

Two senior staff at the ministry are under investigation over advice they gave to Cabinet ministers Hekia Parata, Bill English and Craig Foss recommending they approve Novopay.

The report found the readiness of Novopay was misrepresented in two ways – saying a rollout decision was supported by three members of the ministry’s information and communications technology council and it stated other key criteria had been met, which was false.

…the Government is losing credibility faster than karma can bite Hekia in the bum.

Why are we allowing our education sector to be so ruined? We have one of the best public education systems in the world, yes we have students on the bottom who are not getting the education they need, but that’s because of under funding, growing class sizes and manipulating the flawed national standards system into a performance pay measure that has nothing to do with making education better.

This is far right ideology replacing public policy and we are all responsible for its failure.

The people of Christchurch deserve our support, not far right disaster capitalism education experiments


  1. So to give the people of Christchurch our deserved support and to help with education the Minister will close schools there. Then she will let private Charter Schools start up in the schools she has closed! What?

    In the House she did not deny that. A slap in the face like that for Christchurch families will not be measurable on any Richter scale.

      • Why? Well the Pied Piper turned up here with all smiles and lots of talk , promises, we will stand by you Christchurch, blah blah, yadda yadda, etc etc. Did a right job on the populace, and they all went along to his merry tune. It is a perfect example of how Key operates. While shacking your hand he is preparing to steal your wallet with the other. All done with a smile of course.

  2. As reported on Radio NZ’s “Morning Report”, an incoming Labour-led government would ditch the programme,

    “No further charter school will be established under a NZ Labour Party government and legislation allowing for their establishment will be repealed. Let’s not make any mistake about what Labour’s position on these Charter Schools are; we do not agree with them. And we do not agree with them because they are not in the best interest of the children of our country.”

    Pretty unequivocal, I’d say. The only question remaining is what a Labour-led government will do with existing Charter Schools? Dis-establish them? Bring them under the Inegrated Schools systems? At the very least, brinf them under the auspices of the Ombudsman and OIA?

  3. Another example of a missed opportunity by Labour. If they had said they would re-nationalize any schools set up under the Charter Schools system, nobody would take the risk of investing in them, and NatACT’s legislation would be effectively defeated. Just the same as if they’d said they would renationalize our power companies with no compensation to those who bought shares in stolen property, nobody would have bought shares, and the “asset sales” would have been defeated. When is Labour going to show some backbone? Or the Greens for that matter? They have the luxury, like the Aliance in the early 90s, of saying they will do things like this if they become the government, with no chance of that happening in the forseeable future. Why are they singing from Labour’s softly, softly songbook?

  4. Latest polling in Christchurch has the Nats in steep decline and this will only help to further that decline

    • Coming to a charter school near you ….

      A taxpayer-funded Christian school has become embroiled in a controversy for using a textbook that claims the Loch Ness Monster is real, to prove that evolution does not exist.

      “True science will never contradict the Bible because God created both the universe and scripture. If a scientific theory contradicts the Bible, then the theory is wrong and must be discarded,” claims ACE.

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