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Today’s Daily Blog Watch Round-Up of matters that have attracted the attention, assessments, and articulations of this country’s leading bloggers…

NZ Left Blogosphere

First up, that “moral shepherd of the Left”, Chris Trotter on Bowalley Road writes that Forewarned Is Forearmed when it comes to right wingers like Simon Lusk, and their plans for  plutocratic World Domination within our own borders.

Bryan Gould asks   Who’s Extreme on his blog, and also makes reference to the plottings of right wing extremists such as Lusk. As Bryan points out,

“So, while we must salute the public-spiritedness of the National party leaker who presumably recognised the danger of extreme views to both his party and the country, the danger is far from over.  Without our realising it, a government whose priority is to support big business interests  is still coming our way.”

No Right Turn’s Idiot Savant also comments on a Shorter Simon Lusk and Lusk’s obvious contempt for democracy and an independent civil service.

TDB Recommends

Danyl on The Dim Post post makes a very good point about National and The Greens firing broadsides at each other (though the Green’s phasers are permantly locked on “Warm Fuzzy Stun/Massage” rather than “Destroy the Fucking Bastards”, as the Nats’ weaponry is geared to do). Check out who suffers in the cross-fire in  Normanahotep.

Danyl also reposts this curious item about  Transitional problems.

On Frogblog,  Metiria Turei sez it’s  A good start for all Kiwi kids is a can do and whilst congratulating Kidscan, makes an impassioned argument for nurses stationed in all low decile schools. It makes sense really. (Which is why the  Nats won’t have a bar of it.)

RIP Margaret Shields, from Jan Logie, who writes,

As a Green party MP, I would like to acknowledge her [Margaret Shields] contribution to the New Zealand that has meant we have a policy of gender balance in our party and a commitment to progressing the still unresolved issues put on the table by women in the 70s as well as those being added now.

QoT gives us her  Random recommended Queen’s Birthday reading on Ideologically Impure, including Metiria Turei’s cry,  Does our country really hate us?

On Frankly Speaking, Frank Macskasy challenges an assertion from the Deputy Editor of The Press, who attempts to justify Nisbet’s racist cartoons by aligning it with WW2-era cartoonist,  David Low’s works. Instead, Frank  points out The mark of a true cartoonist.

Also on the subject, and commenting on New Zealand’s attitude to poverty, check out  The rich man’s crumbs on Bat, Bean, Beam.  Some interesting thoughts being expressed, including this,

“This was New Zealand last week [the Nisbet cartoons], but I’m tempted to say: this is New Zealand, always. A country that generally accepts that it cannot get rid of poverty. A country that knows, because it can count – however begrudgingly – that poverty skews brown (and female, and young). In another time, we might have regarded this as a sign of systemic, institutional discrimination. But no longer. Nowadays we can bundle our most troubling social statistics – around gambling, around addiction, around criminality – give them a brown face and portray them as the causes of poverty, as opposed to their consequences. “

The next Doctor must be Imperator Fish, writes Imperator Fish. As some of you may be aware, The Doctor will change at the end of this year. Yes, the MSM once again has under-reported an event of Earth shattering – nay! Cosmic Shattering import!!! – Matt Smith will be replaced as our favourite Time Lord (ok, ok, our only Time Lord) by December.

As Scott The-Doctor-In-Waiting writes,

Imagine a Doctor who, instead of saving the Earth from a Dalek invasion yet again, devotes an action-packed 42 minute episode to rescuing his front lawn from the choking horror of overgrown grass. Imagine a character who, far from doing amazing and almost impossible things to save lives in the nick of time, misses an appointment with his accountant because he’s stuck in traffic.

I can also do intense drama, if that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for. In Genesis of the Daleks, Tom Baker’s character was tormented by the terrible decision he had to make: did he have the moral right to destroy the entire Dalek race? Compare that to the terrible decision I have to make at some point in the next couple of days: do I admit to my wife that it was me (and not the kids) who broke the trampoline?

Dammit, BBC! Make it so! (Ooops, wrong Universe.)

C.L.I.T.festing on The Hand Mirror – a recent Conference in Wellington regarding indiginous women, Pasifika, LGBT issues and problems, etc. Worth a look to gain further insights. Definitely not something that the MSM would have the intestinal fortitude to cover and report.

If you haven’t checked out Josie Pagani’s bit of spotted dick goes a long way on The Pundit – have a read. It’s worth the time you take to understand why feeding our children is a no-brainer.

On Red Alert, David Cunliffe points out what should be bleedin’ obvious to Right Wing Wackos;    We wouldn’t have unqualified doctors in hospitals – why allow unqualified teachers in charter schools? 

Also on Red Alert, Phil Twyford reminds us – Anyway it is not even her real birthday, and asks,

“Can someone remind me again why we are celebrating the Queen’s Birthday this weekend?

I like a good long weekend as much as the next person. But it seems slightly odd (in fact a bit North Korean) that the country has a holiday to celebrate the birthday of the head of state. And very odd that our head of state lives on the other side of the world, and only visits here very occasionally.”

I guess it is a bit odd… but, hey, if I can get a day off, I’ll celebrate the birthday of the King of Tonga! Happy birthday, mate!

Talking about Queen’s Birthday, The Civilian reports that the  Queen was disappointed after receiving a toaster for birthday.


Fightback continues to support McDonalds workers – read the whys and wherefores here on Fightback’s blog,

Fightback’s leaflet explained “Why we support McDonalds workers – and why you should too.” The leaflet explained how both workers’ action and wider public solidarity are needed to overcome casualisation and low wages, at McDonalds and elsewhere.

Didn’t Dear Leader promise to increase wages? Why isn’t he on the picket lines??

Read why Mickey Savage on Waitakere News advocates Len Brown for Mayor. Mickey writes an excellent piece on Len Brown and reports on the Mayor’s attitudes toward central government politicians.  The bit about media reporting is particularly noteworthy.

In a blogpost about an extraordinary story,   ex-ACT MP, ex-National MP, and general right wing  lawyer, Stephen Franks has reportedly backed up the Green Party’s position  – National cannot bind future governments to the dodgy Skycity deal. It’s all here on Whoar, when Phillip writes  “..Sky City: Future Governments not bound by current deal – lawyer..”

What a cunning move by our Green cuzzies to retain Franks on this issue!!!

I bow to their strategic nous!!!

The Standard has a wealth of interesting and insightful stories,

  • reports that Christchurch schools for sale – to be replaced by Charter Schools. I think  every National MP may just have lost their seats in the Canterbury region.
  •  KThe National government’s divided society and analyses the recent Fairfax-IPSOS poll. Karol links up National’s policies with the Greens’ attack on Key’s Muldoonist style of governance.
  • On the same poll, analyses the data and looks at Key’s credibility hit. Whichever way one looks at it, Dear Leader is not the trusted figure he once was.
  • Poverty Watch 33, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner 2012 report “Child Poverty in New Zealand evidence for action“, and National’s response (or lack of) to  78 recommendations made in the Report.
  • The power of blogs, especially in regards to Lusk’s plans for right wing blogs to “dominate” the blogosphere.
  •  The de-registration of United Future has prompted n party membership, and how lax the Electoral Commission has been up till now. Lprent makes a valid point as to why the same stringent regulations levelled against Ciitizens Initiated Refenda are also not required for Party membership lists.
  • And Stable government? Read and decide for yourself (it’s very short).


On The Daily Blog

Clearer Perceptions and Livelier Impressions: Reflections on the publication of Al Nisbet’s Cartoons – Chris Trotter  writes,

Mr Nisbet has not emerged unscathed from his collision with the truth. His contemptible (thank you Toby Manhire for choosing exactly the right word) cartoons have sparked a nationwide debate about race and class and children and poverty from which we, as a diverse people, can only emerge wiser and stronger.

“Unscathed”? Surely thou jests, good sir! Nisbet is  now firmly esconced in the constellation known as The Racist Redneck, and he’ll never live it down.

From now on, every cartoon he does will be scrutinised with the aid of  an electron microscope; an MRI Scanner; and The Doctor’s sonic screw-driver. The slightest hint of racism will be loudly proclaimed. People will sigh and shrug and mutter to themselves, “there goes that racist twat again. He’s not even very funny.”

Marked for life, I would say.

What the left can learn from Lusk – writes Morgan Godfery, who asks,

The left can expect to keep losing if its MPs are not prepared to think in grand terms – holistically and in a principled fashion. Our MPs appear prepared to do anything to win power, but what are we going to do with it when we have it? Manage neoliberalism rather than destroy it? The left can learn a valuable lessons from Lusk – think big.

Too bloody right, mate. It’s time that the Left fought back against the Evil Empire (neo-liberals, neo-cons, and neo-RWNJs). A Green-Labour-Mana government can make a real hit by rolling back 30 years of  “free market” voodoo-economics.

After the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, timing has never been better.

Declaration – David Farrar’s Darth Vader helmet is too big for me – Martyn Bradbury writes,

I clearly point out that I am a Political consultant for left wing-organizations in my disclosure and go into my involvement in setting MANA up. Matthew Hooton charted that progress on forming MANA in the NBR and I even told David Farrar that MANA would launch on Backbenchers so this sudden howling of ethics is a tad twee.

It appears that Farrar is so desperate to deflect attention from his quasi-fascist cronies that he’s become hysterical with mud slinging?

Who is next, pray tell, Citizen Farrar?

And is it true that Citizen Farrar  has applied to head the new National Government agency, the NZ  STASI? ( STate  Agency for  Security and Intelligence)

Opting in for Food in Schools  –  Coley Tangerina writes,

When the Prime Minister announced the new “partnership” model to put free breakfasts in schools to “every school who wants it” I cringed. I mean I was already cringing at the idea of corporate sponsorship for basic human need, but I cringed harder.

Dragged kicking and screaming to feed hungry kids, do not be fooled that the Nats have suddenly developed compassion. Ain’t no compassion there, boys’n’girls. They is running shit-scared of Mana’s “Feed The Kids” Bill in Parliament. That, plus inside-polling showing a massive drop for National, and they are running around like de-capitated chooks.

Not a pretty sight.

Why Russel Norman is so right and John Armstrong is so wrong – Martyn Bradbury writes,

Armstrong can’t see the Muldoonism of Key because it’s not aimed at him. This column isn’t the articulation of critical political analysis, it’s the smokescreen defensively kicked up when a friend is besmirched.

The rules appear to be thusly;

1. The Nats can attack, deride, and besmirch the Greens, and that’s fair politics.

2. If the Greens fight back, that is nasty politics and totally uncalled for.

Get it?

Got it?


Asset sales really a transfer of wealth from the many to the few – Laila  Harré writes,

We have just five weeks to get the last 16,500 valid signatures needed to force a referendum on the government’s asset sales programme. And there are no more chances after this one.

Everyone needs to get at least one page signed. Make sure people fill it out correctly. Make sure they’re on the Electoral Roll.And for god’s sakes, if they’ve signed once – Do Not Let Them Sign Again!!! (Especially Mr D. Duck.)

Help take the “French” out of “French Polynesia” – Keith Locke writes,

A French colony in Polynesia is an anachronism in 21st century, and surely New Zealand should support a considered process of self-determination.

What – the French are still here? It’s time for our French cuzzies to pack up and go home. Colonialism is just, like, so Last Century

I’ve had a gutsful of low-life bludgers – writes John Minto,

I’ve had a gutsful of bludgers and their low-life ways. They take, take, take, from the rest of us but are nowhere to be seen when it’s time to do their bit. You could describe them as parasites or boils on the backside of the community – take your pick – either description is accurate.

Conservative minded New Zealanders wank on about dole bludgers – but it’s “super-rich kiwis dodge tax that 107 out of 193 of what the Inland Revenue Department calls “high-wealth individuals” do not even declare income of $70,000“!!

It’s a shame there’s no 0800 number we can call to dob in these parasitic bastards.

TV Review: MasterChef – Martyn Bradbury  writes,

What astounds me is the dichotomy of so many NZers who watch this kind of food porn and the 270 000 NZ children living in poverty.

Recently on TV3, during an ad break in  Think Tank, they’d promo’ed another programme later that day; Home Improvements. The Think Tank discussion issue for that morning? Poverty and homelessness in New Zealand.

Never underestimate the NZ middle class capacity for gross insensitivity.

The EDL warn of ‘Muslim Ray guns’ – TheDailyBlog Reposts

As if we needed more evidence how bone-thick right wingers can be…


Blogpost of the Day

Read why Imperator Fish sez It’s me!


Action of the Week

Our clean green delusion:
New Zealand’s untold environmental reality

Who: Mike Joy
What: Guest speaker, EHEA AGM
When: Monday, June 10, 8PM
Where: St Albans Church Hall, Eastbourne (Lower Hutt)
Mike is speaking as a guest of the East Harbour Environmental Association at their annual general meeting. He will give the facts on New Zealand’s stark environmental and biodiversity reality – the facts that are hidden from most New Zealanders.  He will discuss the reasons for this and what the declines will cost us if we don’t change.   Finally, he addresses the solutions – what we all can do help.

Dr Mike Joy is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Environmental Science at the Ecology group-Institute of Natural Resources Massey University Palmerston North.  He is an outspoken advocate for environmental protection in New Zealand and has received a number of awards including “ecology in action” award from the NZ ecological Society, and an “old blue” award from the Royal Forest and Bird protection Society, environmental New Zealander of the year from North and South magazine and this year he was voted person of the year by the Manawatu Evening Standard.


Right Wing Nuttery of the Day

Feeding kids in school is the answer? You’d have to be brainless – by Narelle Hensen. Who is Narelle Hensen? Well may you ask.

Check this out, on our very own Daily BlogThe Right has a new media voice

While you’re at it, feel free to drop a comment after Hensen’s piece. You’ll feel the better for it.


Non Racist Cartoon of the Day

consistently racist


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