Declaration – David Farrar’s Darth Vader helmet is too big for me


The Darth Vader costume David Farrar is trying to fit me into is too big.

David Farrar has delighted me by referring to me as a ‘prominent blogger

Here is the declaration I have here on The Daily Blog and here is the declaration I had on Tumeke.

I clearly point out that I am a Political consultant for left wing-organizations and go into my involvement in setting MANA up. Matthew Hooton charted that progress on forming MANA in the NBR and I even told David Farrar that MANA would launch on Backbenchers so this sudden howling of ethics is a tad twee.

For MANA I give my opinions on politics and send an invoice. I have also worked for Greenpeace when they occupied an oil factory at Marsden, I’ve spoken at numerous Labour Party functions and fundraisers. I’ve addressed the annual Union meeting and worked with Unions to produce The Union Report and fronted save TVNZ7.

Claiming I have some hidden left wing agenda is a fallacy. I am very proud and open about my left wing agenda and would suggest this is far more a mudslinging exercise because Lusk & Slater have been outed.


  1. The idiots on the “right” seem to think all “left” leaning folk should be working for free. ‘Cos, uhhhh, left = communist, so you should be giving your labour for nothing, ‘cos you’re nothing but a dirty commie and commies work for free. If not, then you, uhhhh, must be a hypocrite, ‘cos, uhhhhh, the “right” always asks for money for anything they do, even if it’s just a fart. Apparently if you’re on “the left” you don’t have any bills to pay, ‘cos, uhhhh, commies don’t pay bills. This style of “critique” reads like something from the mind of Beavis and/or Butthead.

  2. Rather desperate. No chance of any Chavez-type reforms coming any time too soon, as for the intentions revealed last weekend – well, that’s a work in progress. In my honest opinion, this country is more likely to see a fascist future than it ever would any leftist movement.

  3. Don’t worry mate.. we got your back. The mudslinging has only just begun and for National there is a shitload of dirt showing their love for cronyism and use of taxpayers dollars.

    Lusk and Key should be afraid. Give it a weeks time and this info will be out.

    Will love to see the Great White Whale oil’s response….

  4. I mean, really, if this is the best that David Farrar can do, then he’s being pathetic. I didn’t think gutter-style politics was his thing…

    Basically, I think it shows he’s firing blanks and has run out of actual issues to blog about.

  5. You should see the comments over on Whaleoil. Unbelievable. Slater’s cheerleaders sure know how to cuss real bad.

    • Just had a quick look. Man, the rightwing nutjobs are out in force. Obviously none of them have taken their meds today.

      It’s ironic that Slater has not only worked for various groups, and been paid for it, – but never disclosed it.

      At least Martyn makes no secret of it – unlike Slater.

  6. Twitter has made all the jornos and pollys talk to themselves and it’s all so criptic that noone else has any clue what they are talking about.

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