The NZ Press Council double standards are as racist as Al Nisbet’s cartoons

Malcolm Evans' cartoon that framed Israel's oppression in the Palestinian territories had him sacked from the NZ Herald.

Oh aren’t the NZ Press Council a disgustingly despicable pack of double standard hypocrites?

They won’t lift a finger against the racist cartoons by Al Nisbet


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Despite public backlash, the Press Council says it won’t act on any complaints over two controversial political cartoons until the newspapers’ editors have had time to remedy the situation first.

…let’s not forget, this isn’t the first time Al Nisbet has been shockingly racist, remember this cartoon in 2001?


…the Press Council have even had their mouthpiece on TV defending cartoonists being able to say unpopular things, and how important it is for cartoonists to be able to say offensive things, freedom of speech blah blah blah.

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Really? The fucking NZ Press Council defending cartoonists right to offend? Isn’t that funny? Isn’t that just a gross double standard by these maggots?

I ask because when the NZ Herald sacked Malcolm Evans for THIS cartoon in 2003….

Malcolm Evans' cartoon that framed Israel's oppression in the Palestinian territories had him sacked from the NZ Herald.
Malcolm Evans’ cartoon that framed Israel’s oppression in the Palestinian territories had him sacked from the NZ Herald. (Image courtesy of

…the NZ Press Council didn’t defend Malcolm’s right to offend, they in fact backed up the NZ Herald in their sacking of Malcolm by rejecting a complaint from the Palestine Human Rights organization AND they supported the Herald’s ‘right’ to refuse publishing any letters on the issue.

So let’s just get this straight shall we? NZ Press Council says it’s okay for Cartoonists to offend Maori and Pacific Islanders, but if you as a cartoonist offends Israel, then not only will the Press Council support the sacking, they’ll even go as far as supporting censoring any letters criticizing that sacking.

The NZ Press Council is as racist as Al Nisbet’s cartoons.


  1. No argument here. I never imagined how politically and racially biased NZ press was until looking deeper. Fairfax media group is so heavily biased, it’s little more than a thinly veiled propaganda machine. Of course, the major shareholder, Reinhart, is the daughter of one of the most racist men in Australia, Lang Hancock, who advocated the genocide of Aborigines, particularly “those no-good half-castes” – many of whom he fathered himself. Is it any wonder they power Agenda 21 here?

    • Thank you Martyn for recalling that ugly event. To add insult to injury we have Gavin Ellis, who was the NZ Herald Editor at the time and engineered Malcolm’s sacking, ponitificating regularly about freedom of the press on Radio NZ. Shame on him, Radio NZ and the Press Council.

  2. While I’m sure Nisbet wants to invoke racist feelings with these cartoons, you have to admit at least two of the characters in both images are clearly NOT Maori or Pacific Islanders (blond/red haired). Technically it is therefore only racist in the eye of the beholder – we think we “know” who he’s getting at, so we see what what we “want” to see in these cartoons. I’m actually starting to feel racist calling it racist (which they obviously are trying to be).

    • Many commentators have missed the point of the first cartoon that the two biggest characters (and the one behind) are adults passing themselves off as kids and both are Polynesian. Reddish hair (Urukehu) doesn’t disqualify someone from being Maori, either.

  3. Heard this morning on Morning Report; John Minto interviewed. On the other side, Radio NZ lined up well known right wing columnist, Karl du Fresne. It was hardly surprising that Du Fresne launched into a rant about “political correctness”.

    That’s as far as his analysis takes him; “political correctness”. If it’s too complex, default to the “PC Argument”. No thought required.

    Ironically, Du Fresne’s appearance on Radio NZ comes two months after he accused the broadcaster of “left wing bias”.

    Anyway. Having Du Fresne argue on behalf of Nisbet and his racist cartoons seems a bit self-defeating. What else would a right wing second-rate columnist have to say?

    • Unfortunately, the key problem with the cartoons in question that makes them offensive has been totally ignored by virtually everyone who has written a comment on them. These cartoons are an attack on beneficiaries, not Pacific Islanders and Maori.

      It is showing in a nutshell all the stereotypes of beneficiaries that are held by virtually everyone in the mainstream media, most politicians on both sides of the House and even a lot of liberals. That is, that beneficiaries are ugly, obese, predominately Polynesian, boozers, gamblers and smokers who live the high life on welfare while crying poverty.

      And I have yet to hear anyone state these portrayals of beneficiaries are wrong and offensive.

  4. New Zealand’s national colour, black, is the colour usually associated with death and evil.

    Can we be surprised we have such a sick society?

  5. It is really saddening to see these cartoons condoned by the Press Council. It makes it okay for everybody else to make racist generalizations and encourages offensive behaviour to those of Maori and Pacific Islander descent.
    I’ve seen comments on social media sites saying, ‘Maori and Islanders need to learn to take jokes as jokes’, but I’ve always been taught to respect others. If the people targeted by these cartoons are not laughing then we should respect their feelings, apologize and stop publishing this propaganda.

    • Good point.

      Regardless of what the cartoon represents what we do know is many have been offended and accuse these cartoons of being racist. Those who say some should learn to take a joke and hungry children are the result of bad parents, should also remember good parents teach their kids to be courteous. Perhaps they need a refresher course on that lesson or some learning.

  6. I don’t think a cartoon like this should be censored (or anything for that matter). Instead it should be left for what it is – a testament to ignorance and stupidity.
    However, Martyn’s highlighting of the Evan’s cartoon and the press council’s hypocrisy has inspired me to set my FB profile using the Evans cartoon (a small thing really – but a great adjunct to the disgust we are all feeling at Nisbet’s cartoons). Censor that press council!

  7. Get your facts right. The Press Council doesn’t accept ANY complaint until it has been lodged with the publication concerned and that publication has had the opportunity to respond. If the complainant is not satisfied with the response, he or she can then forward the complaint to the Press Council, which will then make a ruling.
    So at this point they haven’t even had the opportunity to ‘lift a finger’ about the Nesbit cartoons, but no doubt the matter will be referred to them to make a ruling.
    As for Evans at the Herald, you seem to be suggesting that somehow the Press Council should have ‘intervened’ when the Herald dropped him as a contributor. The council has absolutely no authority to tell a publication which contributors they should take work from and which ones they shouldn’t.
    A little less hysteria and little more factual accuracy wouldn’t go astray.

    • Carla you should be upfront that you work for the Press Council, that’s first up.

      Secondly, don’t you dare come in this site and try and spin your position. Your mouthpiece was on the telly all morning claiming free speech as the cartoonist and editors right, and I hold that up with your disgusting decision in 2003 to sanction Malcolm Evans getting sacked and the ‘right’ for the Herald not to print any letters criticising that decision.

      The point is clear from the Press Council – if a cartoon offends brown people you roll out the freedom f speech defence, when a cartoon criticises Israel you throw that defence out the window.

      You are a pack of self serving hypercrites and proove that you can’t be trusted to serve any journalistic interest whatsoever. The sooner you are disbanded, the better.

  8. Oh for gods sake, suppression of speech because your overly PC feelings are hurt??? Come on. I have seen far worse that passed without comment despite being far more racist. It was just racist against whites. Grow a thinker skin. Weak…

    • Andrew, you’re way out of your depth, my friend. That comment was the sort of thing we would expect from a radio talkback host.

      Are you Larry “Lackwit” Williams, by any chance?

    • I love how it’s ‘free speech’ to publish racist cartoons but it’s not ‘free speech’ to criticise those racist cartoons. Andrew, there’s no such thing as political correctness. It’s a war cry from the ignorant used whenever they feel intellectually insecure

    • None of my cartoons have been published by the Marlborough Express. OMG THEY ARE SUPPRESSING MY SPEECH!

  9. Oh, come now, Martyn. It’s only you that can spin your position? You’ve lost any objectivity. Your daily blog is just an ignorant rant.

  10. Of course it is a racist cartoon, and again poking fun at those who cannot retaliate, but lets be real, the majority of New Zealanders would have the same views as this small minded cartoonist. I wonder was that who his message was directed at – I think not, this newspaper is scraping the barrel with it’s bullying class humour.

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