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290513 The Marlborough Express Al Nisbet cartoon

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It’s a  provincial rag from a white/reactionary part of new zealand posts a racist/poor-bashing cartoon..   sez Phillip Ure on Whoar.

The Dim Post sez it is Useful when,

“We seem to be perpetually blessed with a  glut of old, white men who demonstrate their bravery by mocking the poor, ethnic minorities and other stigmitised groups in the name of taking a stand against ‘political correctness’.”

Maui Street gives us  Your daily dose of racism – with Morgan making this point,

“You could also read the “White Maori” slur into the cartoon as well. It’s sad that these attitudes survive and find an outlet. Everyone is entitled to their views – even racist views – but not every view is entitled to equal weight. Running the cartoon is effectively an endorsement. In the wake of the Air New Zealand ta moko controversy, Maori aren’t having a great week.   “

Tim Selwyn  on Tumeke is all Tooned out as he makes a point about so-called Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy’s non-response to Nisbet’s racist crap.

Really, were we expecting anything better from her???

Metiria Turei on Frogblog thinks we should expect more from her and insists  Devoy should investigate complaints not pretend they don’t exist. Especially on the $200,000 a year she’s paid.

Metiria gives the address for the Race Relations Commissioner for those who want to lodge a formal complaint.

Bryce Edwards on Liberation offers not one; not two; but a whole bunch of  Images of the Food in Schools debate facing this country.

No wonder Frank Macskasy wonders why we’re treating this critical problem with such hilarity. Have we taken leave of our collective senses?? Frankly Speaking wants to know what Al Nisbet’s next little ‘gem will be? Who is next to be cartooned; crack whores? Child sex victims? Cartoonist’s families?

No Right Turn’s Idiot Savant condemns Devoy for raising the bar on what constitutes racism and  reaches the simple conclusion that she is  Not doing her job.

Brian Edward’s Media Blog asks When cartoonists go too far? and invites readers to leave their comments. One of the comments sez,

“I’ve been told Al Nisbet is unrepentant and reported as saying: “I was born in Scotland, we get stereotyped all the time. But you don’t hear Scots complaining because they’ve got a sense of humour.”

If that’s the case he should have depicted the characters as Scottish and submitted the cartoon for publication in England.”

The Standard’s, blogpost –Marlborough Express – disgraceful  – is running hot with 148+ comments (at the time of writing).

And here on the Daily Blog, Martyn Bradbury takes firm aim at Nisbet’s saying There is no place in NZ for this kind of disgusting fucking racism – for shame Marlborough Express, for shame!

No doubt, there will be more to come on this issue.

As for Al Nisbet himself – I hear Karma is looking for him.


Blogpost of the Day

The Civilian gives  us a Vulgar cartoon that offends everyone equally and ‘quotes’ the Marlborough Express,

Sure, some people might question why the Islamic star and crescent has been so readily used to label that hijacked plane,” said the paper’s editor Steve Mason. “Or perhaps they’ll take offense to the explicit spit-roasting of that young white girl? But then why would they? Why are we so offended by three people consummating their love outside in front of what appears to be two brown dwarves licking a giant pair of balls ?”

Al Nisbet – you have competition.


Special  Mention

John Campbell on TV3, juxtaposed the Nisbet beneficiary-bashing cartoons with an actual beneficiary family living in a single room in a Boarding House…  Brilliantly done. Every redneck in the country hopefully watched it.


Action of the Week

Saturday night, June 1, Wellington – Fightback against McDonald’s!

May 30, 2013

mcdonalds bunny street wellington strikeAs part of its 2013 conference Fightback (Aotearoa/NZ) is supporting a Unite membership campaign to lift pay and establish guaranteed hours of work at McDonald’s workplaces.

We’ll be distributing this leaflet to McDonald’s customers: WHY FIGHTBACK SUPPORTS MCDONALDS WORKERS

Between 7pm and 9.30pm on Saturday June 1 Fightback members and other supporters of the Unite-led campaign will be going to McDonald’s stores throughout Wellington City. We’ll be telling customers why we think McDonald’s workers should be supported by the public. This comes on the back of last week’s strike at the Bunny Street store (pictured).

If you want to join the fight meet at 6.30pm at Newtown Community & Cultural Centre @ corner of Rintoul & Colombo Sts, Newtown.

For further information or to make any enquiries email us at


Non Racist Cartoon of the Day

cartoon I don't see race


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