Who are the Real Terrorists?

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“Today’s release of the Independent Police Complaints Authority Report into the Tuhoe Raids of 2007 have identified one fact; that the real terrorists that day were the Police, not Tuhoe” says MANA Leader and MP for Te Tai Tokerau Hone Harawira.
“The IPCA have correctly damned the Police for their actions that fateful day that have left a black mark in the memory of the Tuhoe people.  It is yet another hurtful reminder of what happened to the Children of the Mist in Maungapohatu almost a century ago”.
“The abuse of kaumatua and tamariki is the most sickening aspect to the whole saga.  The Police force illegally detained their own citizens.  If anybody else illegally detained someone, that would be called kidnapping.  We expect the Police to uphold the law and yet this day they saw fit to be above the law”.   
“Now Tuhoe have a report to support their claims for compensation.  The NZ Police have created a modern day grievance that breaches the Treaty of Waitangi.  This Government should be prepared for another settlement with Tuhoe and justifiably so”.

“Heads need to roll over this.  I would start with Peter Marshall for his bullshit apology. He minimised the actions of the Police and in so doing shows he’s more interested in patch protection than in upholding the public interest.  Annette King, as the then Labour Minister of Police, should resign from Parliament.  The order came from the top and with Helen Clark gone, she is next in line”.

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