US Campaign against theft of wages at McDonald’s

Source: Unite Union – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: US Campaign against theft of wages at McDonald’s


Hi Friend,

Last week, you spoke out about how fast food companies are literally stealing from their workers – not paying overtime, forcing work to be done off the clock, making workers pay for their uniforms and much more.

McDonald’s and Wendy’s shareholders are meeting in Chicago and New York, and we’re bringing your complaints directly to them.

We want to make sure that these companies know just how many people know and care about their outrageous practices – and that we’re willing to stand up and say, ENOUGH.

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So we put together this image to share on Facebook and get the word out – can you share it now?

Thanks so much,

Jonathan Westin
Fast Food Forward

P.S. – We’ve put together a Tumblr of photo testimonials from workers sharing their experiences with being stolen from on the job. Check it out and pass it along to anyone who might be interested.