TV3: Union protests at Wellington McDonald’s

Source: Unite Union – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: TV3: Union protests at Wellington McDonald’s

The union’s Ronald McDonald protests in front of Wellington’s Bunny St McDonald’s

By Emma Jolliff

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Around a dozen protesters picketed in front of a Wellington McDonald’s this morning, in a bid to get the fast-food giant to increase its pay rates.

It’s one of many protests seen around the country by members of Unite Union – today’s action was held outside McDonald’s Bunny St outlet, right in front of the central railway station.

McDonald’s have offered their employees a 25 cent pay rise over the next two years, which only keeps up with adjustments to the minimum wage.

The union says that’s unacceptable because KFC workers have been offered more, and want McDonald’s to increase their hourly pay rates from $13.75 to $15.

They also want more certainty in McDonald’s employment contracts because most workers are casuals and are struggling with rent from week-to-week.

Protester Joel Cosgrove says McDonald’s might give discounts to police, but KFC gives free meals to workers and McDonalds doesn’t even do that.

Police didn’t attended today’s protest, unlike a similar one in Auckland earlier this month where the union claimed police acted like McDonald’s “private security”.

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