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On Maui Street, read up on the latest assessment of the  Te Ikaroa-Rāwhiti by-election will affirm that Māori democracy is strong, diverse and dynamic by Jack Tautokai McDonald. Jack makes this comment about our very own Marama standing on the Green platform,

And of course the Greens have made a brilliant move in selecting Marama Davidson as their candidate for the seat, which this post goes into more detail about. She is another star candidate. It has pleasantly surprised many, and is a reflection of the growing support for the Greens among Māori. Marama will be able to use the big increase in Māori support for the Greens at the last election as a base to launch off and make even more significant gains.

Don’t forget to check out Pablo’s  differences between hate crime and terrorism on Kiwipolitico. Insightful and intelligent – this is required reading you’ll never get on the MSM.

Some Random recommended reading from QoT on Ideologically Impure

Chris Trotter has  A Place At The Table for Winston Peters on Bowalley Road. Taking aim at Winston Peters’ recent speech to  a Grey Power audience on Auckland’s North Shore, Chris analyses both our recent history with immigration and juxtaposes it with Peters’ exploitation  of this issue with his demographic audience. In short, it’s standard Winston.

I wonder if I can get a seat in Parliament by exploiting some people’s fear of chem-trails and flying saucers? Worth a go…

The Jackal posts  Another ambulance at the bottom of the cliff in regards to National’s policy on high suicide rates in our country,

When you create high unemployment, cut funding for education, increase the cost of living, increase inequality, make services harder to attain and ensure there’s an underclass that has little hope to achieve a brighter future no matter how hard they work, there’s consequences.”

Jackal makes an uncomfortable link between suicide and government policies that make life even more miserable for some in our society.

Indeed. I’m reminded of this comment by  Irish comedian, Andrew Maxwell, made soon after the 2011 London riots;

Create a society that values material things above all else. Strip it of industry. Raise taxes for the poor and reduce them for the rich and for corporations. Prop up failed financial institutions with public money. Ask for more tax, while vastly reducing public services. Put adverts everywhere, regardless of people’s ability to afford the things they advertise. Allow the cost of food and housing to eclipse people’s ability to pay for them. Light blue touch paper.”

Also on National’s policies on suicide, they are Killing us softly, so softly writes 

“This silencing, this invisibilisation will literally kill us.  This tangible example of heterosexism and cisgender normativity will literally kill us.  I’m not sure what more there is to say.  “

No Right Turn’s Idiot/Savant takes a big swipe at  The Blue appointment. Discussing the appointment of National MP, Jackie Blue to the   Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, Savant reckons that,

The tragedy here is that Blue would otherwise be a strong candidate for the job; Collins’ control-freakery and contempt for process has undermined her reputation and appointment. Collins owes her a grovelling apology.”

A good bit of digging by Savant, as he picks up anomalies to the time-table of Blue’s appointment.

Savant find’s Collin’s Objectionable Publications and Indecency Legislation Bill  Objectionable   as he points out the number of items that have been banned from the 1960s and 1970s as still “injurious to the public good”.

Savant also asks if sex education constitutes an Indecent communication with young person under 16. I kid you not – it’s there in the Bill. (Religious fundies can stop happy-clapping – a Labour-led guvmint will probably fix National’s screw-up.)

Winning the argument on food in schools – that’s how Savant sizes up the Food In schools issue and the problem of kids ging hungry. The Left has won this battle, though in comparing National’s programme with Hone Harawira’ Bill, the latter is still superior in many respects. As Savant writes,

“Still, its been a massive shift: the left has effectively won the argument on this, and forced the government to make some sort of response. While not everything we would have hoped for, it will do some good, and make it that much easier to establish a statutory programme later. “

Meanwhile, Scott at Imperator Fish congratulates National’s Hunger Plan,

“Studies have shown that many business leaders do not eat breakfast. The reasons for this vary, the most common being the need to leave the house early to beat the traffic or to get to the gym before work, and the inability of stressed executives to find time during their working day to nip out for something to eat.

Mr Key said that the Government would work with community organisations to deliver free food to boardrooms around the country, to make sure that every boss had a full belly.”

Read the whole thing – guaranteed to make you crack up…

As will The Civilian, writing in a similar vein, Government partners with Uncle Tobys to provide hungry children with Le Snak. No excerpt provided – read it yourself. Warning: do not be drinking anything when you read The Civilian’s piece!

Also, The Civilian makes a startling discovery; Poll shows public holds balance of power at 2014 election!!!

Phillip Ure on Whoar has a few interesting items;

Emma Hart on Public Address poses a question on  an issue of sexual contact between a same sex couple – where one is under-age- a criminal matter or homophobia?  It’s Complicated, and writes,

“Here’s the question that should be really hard to answer: is it wrong for an eighteen year old to have sex with a fourteen year old? Mulling this question led me to an even curlier one: should there be an age of consent? 

Our age of consent is about right, yeah? Sixteen; seems about right. Not fifteen, that’s too young – unless you’re Swedish. And fourteen is definitely too young. Germany and Italy have that dead wrong. Thirteen is ridiculous. That’s only for creepy third-world countries, like Spain. “

There’s dirty dealings and scare-mongering about in Auckland, according to blogger Matt L on the Auckland Transport Blog. Matt reckons   Misinformation about the Unitary Plan continues with an anonymous, dis-informational email doing the rounds.

You know that a cause is dodgy when it relies on anonymous emails and bogey-men to make a point.

Meanwhile, Danyl at the Dim Post makes a very simple, brief point about sacked state sector workers, the MPI, and bad paperwork. Read Blowback – it’ll take five minutes and have you nodding in agreement.

I wonder how many exporters will be voting National next year. You get what you deserve, guys…

The Standard offering today consists of,

  • writes about Priorities – a very brief post about the inadequacies of National’s food in schools programme.
  •  It’s Better than nothing writes  How did we get to this stage in New Zealand?” How indeed…
  •  Read Karol’s Note to John Key and David Shearer – it’s short and sharp. But oh so brilliant!!

  • re-posts an item from another source that shows us What “terrorism” means. Valid points and the msm will never raise them. It might freak out the advertisers.
  • The wheels are falling off, sez 

Blogpost of the Day

Marty refers to  Air Colonisation  on mars2earth when he blogs on the issue of Air New Zealand,

“Air NZ are the biggest bunch of hypocrites and cultural liars around. They have misappropriated the koru for their advertising (to make money) and as their logo yet when a Māori woman applies for a role as an Air hostess and she has ta moko on her lower arm she is told the job interview is over.”

This story first broke on Maori TV’s Native Affairs, and yes, centers around a woman turned down for a job as Cabin staff because she has a tau moko on her arm.

Which, as Marty correctly points out, is kind of weird, considering that the koru is all over the place on Air Zealand’s planes, advertising and it’s up-market-not-for-plebs Lounge…

Worse still, the HR staffer suggested the woman could apply for a job as a baggage handler…

The score thus far?

Sensitivity: nil

Racism: 10/10


Action of the Week

On Frogblog,  Gareth Hughes announces the   Kiwi Bid Launch,


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Thought for the Day

Norman - Key


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  1. As usual Paul Buchanan makes up a bunch of definitions with no references and claims everyone who doesn’t abide by them is an idiot.

    • That is an odd remark. The article is clear, the definitions straight-forward, and the argument quite reasonable. References are not required in such a blog post, and the author made no claims no anyone being an idiot. Do you have an axe to grind?

      • The definitions are clear and straightforward, but he claims they are the established definitions, whereas in fact they are just the ones he uses. The fact is the meaning of ‘terrorism’ is contested both at the popular and academic level. He ignores this and chooses to present himself as an authority.

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