Marama Davidson – Why I am standing for Ikaroa-Rāwhiti


Marama-Davidson-3If you can, then you must.

When I share korero with whānau, with communities, with rangatahi and especially with wahine I throw up our responsibility to speak out if we have to.

Until only recently, I took for granted the cheek with which I find and create platforms to speak up for the wellbeing of our whānau and our environment. So many people, particularly women (and of all backgrounds, age groups and experiences), have flagged to me their discomfort with laying their neck on the chopping board of having a voice.

This is wrong, but not of our women. It is wrong that so much of our wairua is at risk when we attempt to ensure that our matriarchal kaupapa Māori perspective is part of the mix of our political dialogue.

So when a huge door was opened for me to stand for the Green Party in the Ikaroa-Rāwhiti byelection, what am I to do? Me – who will take all opportunities to ensure a wahine Maori voice is an integral part of our debates? I will commit myself to this honour and rare opportunity, is what I will do.

As an uri of Tūwhakairiora, as a supporter of the environmental campaigns that are being driven by our people, as a long-time campaigner for strong communities – I am totally devoted to this stand for the issues, for my people and for the Green Party in this race.

Green Party vision and policies offer our people a great platform to be able to advocate for Papatūānuku, for our mokopuna and whānau who are struggling, and for sustainable futures in good jobs and a clean environment.

I stood under the light of our Rākaunui early this morning who swathed us in her full Marama light. Māoridom is alive. We are buzzing and rearing to set this political stage on fire for the good of our ongoing stand to live as Māori. Let each candidate and party offer their best and real options for the electorate so that whānau can make a great choice for the future.

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Ngā mihi aroha ki a koutou Marama Davidson.


  1. I kept thinking it was going to be you but no-one would say! Wish I could vote for you! This by-election just turned into a real contest!

  2. Full respect to Marama, she is real warrior. I am however gutted that the Greens are standing against Mana. THis will split the vote, and neither will gain this important seat.

    It would be FAR better for the people if Greens and Mana worked together rather than against each other. Now both parties will spend time, energy, and resources, fighting each other.


    • This is a very tricky area, partly because you can’t deprive voters of the right to vote for the party they believe in. Definitely, the door should not be shut on working together on occasions like this, but parties have to start by talking to each other and if only one candidate is offered it has to be clear to the voters that the candidate is fully supported by both parties. If the Greens and Mana are ever going to be part of a coalition in Government then the more positive dialogue that has already occurred, the better.

  3. Ever so elated to see you standing in politics representing our people as a passionate and powerful speaker. All the very best Marama and the strength, determination and focus to stand tall throughout the journey ahead as has been before thee! Arohanui from Gold Coast of OZ.

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