Hook ups, the changing face of sexuality & Identity


Hookup-blendrFrom NYC May 2013 – Once upon a time (a long time ago) if you wanted a “hook up” (formerly a one night stand) it took a lot of work. You had to be introduced to someone or know where to go. You had to shower, maybe buy new shoes, get a haircut. You had to go somewhere to meet someone or randomly bump into someone in a public place.

Now it’s in your phone with an exact distance monitor that tells you that “John 24 5’11” 80kg Asian top” is 4m away. No surprise, no life discovery, just a hook up.

Now surprisingly a whole tribe of men; straight gay and questionable, are looking for real experiences not just sex! Yes there are men, young and old, who don’t just want hook ups.

    DISCLAIMER: Yes we are male of course we want sex.

However there is an ever growing tribe of men who want friends, partners, relationships WHY? Because we have become so instant, isolated and packaged by technology that we don’t know how to look around us anymore. How often do we stop and look at things around us as we walk anymore (if in fact you walk).

Everyday we see it, humans with their heads down, absorbed into their small screens with earplugs listening to songs they already know. Passing by that perfect person, sound, sunset, moment, gone and lost as we have become absorbed into a small screen void of ‘immediate, ineffectual, fleeting newsbytes’.

We now know everything yet know nothing.

Perhaps this is part of global consumerist corporate culture. Have our attention tuned to “how to lose 20 kg in 3 days no exercise” and “Kim Kardashian wears pink heels” Versus – tomorrow a new law comes into effect allowing higher radiation levels in USA water.

Its clever how consumerism with technology can keep the masses ‘herded’. Have we become more interested in X-Box than News Box. Mind you, lets be frank, if you don’t watch the news for a while – then turn it on – you can see right through it. P.R.O.P.O.G.A.N.D.A.

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These days it all seems too much work, too many charities, too many bi-laws, too much paperwork. We are all programmed towards exhaustion. Hence the hide in your own ‘niche environ’ so you aren’t noticed, aren’t interfered with, aren’t bothered. We are programmed to be ineffectual in a society gradually taken over by CTV Cameras and limited imagination.

Love is on prepay – Discovery only on TV.

My suggestion for hook up lines LIE use some imagination.
Be the age race size gender you wanna be. There really is no “John 24 5’11” 80kg Asian top” these are simply stats – what we really to know is John is really Thomas, whose a player (not a lover) with 3 kids and a wife, whose actually from Malaysia and enjoys wearing women’s underwear – there- that paints a better picture right!

Every child uses Facebook and Social Media yet they aren’t taught about in the classroom.

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  1. Like every new advance, using the Internet, social media, etc has its pros and cons for dating but I reckon for the most part it has helped people find partners. I can immediately think of two friends who are now happily together with children after finding each other on the Internet.Another one reconnected with someone from school through Facebook. It’s also probably a much better way of meeting someone for a more casual relationship as well. In New Zealand, before this technology was available one of the most common ways of meeting someone (especially for a casual relationship) was going to the pub which is actually a very dodgy way of meeting very dodgy people. Otherwise, it was at a party, or maybe through someone you knew. The new technology actually offers many more options and opportunities although common sense needs to be applied.

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